Frontier Regional School graduation: ‘We’re going to leave an impact’

  • Frontier Regional School held  its graduation ceremony Saturday at the FRS football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Frontier Regional School held its graduation on Saturday at the FRS football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Class President Emmett McGranaghan addresses the graduating class at Saturday morning’s commencement.  STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Noah Babb, vice president of the National Honor Society, addresses his peers at the Class of 2020 graduation ceremony.  STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Frontier Regional School held its graduation Saturday at the school’s football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Frontier Regional School held its graduation Saturday at the FRS football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Frontier Regional School held its graduation Saturday at the FRS football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

  • Frontier Regional School held its graduation Saturday at the FRS football field. STAFF PHOTO/MARY BYRNE

Staff Writer
Published: 8/9/2020 8:17:42 PM

SOUTH DEERFIELD – It may not have been the end to senior year they “dreamed of,” but when the graduating seniors look back on their years at Frontier Regional School, they’ll have a lot to remember. 

“We were a lot to handle … we were, and still are, what feels like the most energetic class that has ever existed,” said graduating senior Noah Babb, vice president of the National Honor Society. “In the future – when you look back at your time in high school – I'm sure you’ll remember all the little things you did to cause chaos.”

Standing before his classmates at Saturday morning’s commencement on the Frontier Regional School football field, Babb reflected on the futures of the people in the seats before him. Some will join the workforce, he said. Some will join the military; others, still, will continue their education at the college of their dreams. 

“No matter where we’re going, we’re going to leave an impact,” he said. “Standing here today, I see the faces of almost 100 graduating seniors. Of these seniors, each and every one of them has a story to tell.” 

Class President Emmett McGranaghan also spoke of the impact his classmates will one day leave on the world. 

“After everything we’ve learned at Frontier, I'm confident that each and every one of us are capable of doing amazing things,” McGranaghan said. “To all Frontier staff, I speak for everyone in the Class of 2020 when I say we are grateful to you for always believing in us and never giving up on any one of us, and giving us everything we need to be our true selves to the fullest extent.”

He reflected on a senior year full of challenges.

“Despite all of the cumbersome obstacles we have faced, we are here and we are legendary,” he said. “We managed to pull off the best senior prank of all time by having whopping 55 senior skip days in a row, and we also passed.” 

In March, their senior year was unexpectedly cut short as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed resulted in the closure of schools throughout the state and across the country.

But now, he said, it’s time for he and his peers to be adults. 

“Now is the time for us to use our voice to speak up for yourself, others and justice,” McGranaghan said. “With all that we have seen and experienced in this world, we know that change is desperately needed in our society. We will be the generation to bring this change to the world.” 

McGranaghan said he is confident in his peers because they have been given “the most powerful tools” from the community that raised them. 

“One lesson I believe we have learned here at Frontier is perhaps the most important of all – that we need to understand one another,” he said, “and that when we are connected, we can overcome anything.”


Jared William Abt, PavelAgapov, Dylan David Apanell, *Kayleigh Rose Aucoin, *Noah Michael Babb, Cassidy Rae Bardwell, Samuel Charles Battisti, *Bryan P. Baumann, *Trevor Fox Beaudet, Corbin Hall Blight, Collin Michael Boudreau, Evelyn Edith Rose Boyden, Josiah Willard Boyden, *Porter Ellis Clancy, Meaghan Elizabeth Cohoon, *Garrett Charles DeForest, *Corriann R. Delaney, *Ethan Louis DeMaio, Zoe Elizabeth Demko, Natalie Elaine Denkiewicz, *Marie Katherine Diemand, Jack Donohue, *Samuel Matthew Felton-Emrick, *Madison Riley Fifield, Amanda Leigh Fuller, Riley Catherine Glenowicz, Gabriel Steven Gochinski, Madison Elizabeth Grover, Samuel Louis Hebert, Douglas C. Herfurth, Donovan J. Hoffman, *Ryan Michael Elias Huit, Nicholas Raskevitz Jarvis, Elliot D. Johnson, *Gabriel Hammer Jones-Thomson, *Adrienne Marie Josephs, Anthony Joseph John Jutras, Hannah Lee Kantor, Alexa Marie Kassis, Juliet Summer Keefe, Naishi Ann Kelton, Thomas Joseph Kurkulonis, *Christopher LewangLaBarbera, Jakob E. Lagoy, Samantha Marie Lamere, RoshanLamichhane, *Grace Olivia Lee, Chyna Kali Lewis, Daniel Lima, Andrew J. Logan, Spencer C. Mabius, *Samuel Aidan Mackin, Chloe Madison Marrapese, Jack Martin, Jonathan Steven Mason, K.C. Austin Mattson, Logan Alexander McCarthy, *Emmett James McGranaghan, Rearkeous M. McMillan, Victor Santiago McNutt, Samantha Jean Meunier, *James Louis Morgan, *Benjamin Joseph Morse, DragosNichita, Kai NaluNietoGonzaʹlez, *Sofia Mitsuko Patten, Anna Elizabeth Patterson, *Mackenzie Pitittieri, Claudia ElettraRajballie, Zackery L. Renaud, Emily Alice Roberts, Brett Louis Robinson, Maxfield Christopher George Rubin, Abigail Sampson, *Erin Olivia Senn, Stephanie Lynn Sisson, *Lily Claire Spencer, *Victoria Lucas Speth, Jeffrey Leonard Stiles, Chelsea R. Stoddard, Jalen Emily Sullivan, Fisher Ansted Talbot-Hills, Christian Daniel Tillona, Kimani-Adana Topolski, Michael William Trueswell, *TenzinTsundue, Olivia Grace Vecellio, *LiaViviVichi, Connor J. Waitkus, *Owen Anthony Walkowicz, Daniel Michael Wehry, Destiny Marie Wells, Grace Kathryn Wesoloski, Charlie Wilson, Hunter Robert Wolfson, Tyler Michael Worden, Jessica Paige Wrisley.

*National Honor Society

Academic awards

Superintendent’s Award — Gabriel Jones-Thomson; Baystate Franklin Medical Center Student Summer Ambassador Award — Lily Spencer; Outstanding Excellence in the Visual Arts Award — Douglas Herfurth, Lia Vichi; Excellence in Digital Literacy and Computer Science Award — Kayleigh Aucoin, Zoe Demko, Roshan Lamichhane, Spencer Mabius, Logan McCarthy, Kai Nieto González, Tyler Worden; National School Orchestra Student Award — Kayleigh Aucoin; Director’s Award for Band — Samuel Hebert; Patrick S. Gilmore Award — Fisher Talbot-Hills; Louis Armstrong Jazz Award — Noah Babb; John Philip Sousa Award — James Morgan; Frontier English Language Arts Senior Award — Marie Diemand, Ryan Huit; Senior French Award — Corriann Delaney; Senior Latin Award — Ryan Huit, Emmett McGranaghan; Senior Excellence in Spanish Award — Marie Diemand, James Morgan; Health Education Award — Mackenzie Pitittieri; Mathematics Achievement Award — Trevor Beaudet, Porter Clancy, Corriann Delaney, Ethan DeMaio, Samuel Felton-Emrick, Ryan Huit, Samuel Mackin, James Morgan, Kai Nieto Gonzaʹlez, Erin Senn, Tenzin Tsundue; Excellence in Physical Education Award — Evelyn Boyden, Kai Nieto González; Outstanding Life Science “Cellfie” Award — Noah Babb; Outstanding Physical Science “Magneto” Award — Ryan Huit; Social Studies Award for Excellence in Political and Civic Education — Grace Wesoloski; Frontier History Award — Marie Diemand; Social Studies Award for Excellence in Psychology — Abigail Sampson; Silver F Award — Noah Babb, Bryan Baumann, Evelyn Boyden, Porter Clancy, Garrett DeForest, Corriann Delaney, Natalie Denkiewicz, Samuel Felton-Emrick, Adrienne Josephs, Emmett McGranaghan, Mackenzie Pitittieri, Emily Roberts, Erin Senn, Lily Spencer, Victoria Speth.


Alber Hearing Scholarship — Coriann Delaney, Victoria Speth; Marshall Aronstam Memorial Scholarship Award — Abigail Sampson; Barbara Banas Memorial Award — Victoria Speth; Stephen M. and Martha H. Barrett Scholarship — Abigail Sampson; Jeffrey C. Bednarski Memorial Scholarship — Noah Babb, Ethan DeMaio; Sgt. Gregory Belanger Memorial Award —Tenzin Tsundue, Grace Wesoloski; George E. Bell, Jr. & Louise S. Bell Memorial Scholarship — Mackenzie Pitittieri; Greg Bielski Memorial Award — Roshan Lamichhane; Big Y Scholarship — Emmett McGranaghan; Michael G. Cavanaugh Award — Rearkeous McMillan; Class of 1969 Scholarship in Honor of Michael Ferriter — Adrienne Josephs, Brett Robinson, Lia Vichi, Grace Wesoloski; Conway Festival of the Hills — Emmett McGranaghan, James Morgan, Mackenzie Pitittieri; Conway Sportsman’s Club Scholarship — Emmett McGranaghan, Grace Wesoloski; Deerfield Lion’s Club Memorial Award — Brian Baumann; Deerfield Lion’s Club David Karkut Memorial Scholarship — Brett Robinson; Deerfield Police Relief Association Walter Dacyczyn Memorial Award — Brian Baumann, Lily Spencer, Grace Wesoloski; Carol DiIorio Memorial Award — Gabriel Jones-Thomson; John T. Frigard Memorial Award — Emily Roberts; FRS Character in Athletics Award — Brett Robinson; Frontier Regional School Committee Award — Gabriel Jones-Thomson; FRS Teachers’ Association Edna Beattie Award — Lily Spencer; FRS Teachers’ Association Stephen Sanicki Memorial Award — Abigail Sampson; FRS Teachers’ Association William Steinecke Memorial Award — Chloe Marrapese; Daniel Gilmore Memorial Scholarship — Gabriel Jones-Thomson, Samantha Meunier, Lily Spencer; Vi Goodnow Memorial Award — Victoria Speth; Attorney George P. Gromacki, Class of 1950 Memorial Award — Bryan Baumann; Leonard T. Grybko Sr. Scholarship — Coriann Delaney; Hale Clapp Post #3295 VFW Scholarship — Trevor Beaudet, Samuel Mackin; Matthew Herman Scholarship — Tyler Worden; Caleb Charles Kinney Memorial Scholarship — Tenzin Tsundue, Grace Wesoloski; Knights of Columbus #15197 Stanley Kawecki Memorial Scholarship — Bryan Baumann, Anna Patterson; Timothy Patrick Merritt Scholarship — Bryan Baumann; Kathy Moser Memorial Award — Kayleigh Aucoin; Nancy Olszewski Memorial Scholarship — Chloe Marrapese; Charles A. Pielock Memorial Award — Owen Walkowicz; Polish American Citizens Club Scholarship — Bryan Baumann, Riley Glenowicz, Adrienne Josephs, Chloe Marrapese, Lily Spencer, Grace Wesoloski; The Recorder Scholarship — Brett Robinson; The Republican Lodge AF & AM Russell H. Kimball Memorial Scholarship — Brett Robinson; Laurie Ann Richards Memorial Scholarship — Victoria Speth; Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship — Riley Glenowicz; Myron “Rocky” Rokoszak Memorial Award for Academics and Athletics — Natalie Denkiewicz; Myron “Rocky” Rokoszak Memorial Award — Garrett DeForest; Mary Ryan Memorial Scholarship — Kai Nieto Gonzalez; David L. Scott Memorial Scholarship — Evelyn Boyden; Michael R. Skibiski Memorial Award — Ryan Huit; John F. Skroski Memorial Award — Dylan Apanell, Marie Diemand, Brett Robinson; South Deerfield Women’s Club Scholarship — Adrienne Josephs, Christopher LaBarbara, Chloe Marrapese, Grace Wesoloski; Alice Spindler Award for Excellence in English — Gabriel Jones-Thomson; Sunderland Men’s Club George Pomeroy Award — Gabriel Jones-Thomson;

Sunderland Volunteer Fireman’s Association Award — Victoria Speth; Sunderland Women’s Club Mildred Goodyear Math, Science and Technology Award — Gabriel Jones-Thomson; Sunderland Women’s Club Kimberly Zewski Community Service Award — Benjamin Morse; SWM Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship — Garrett Deforest; Union #38 Teachers’ Association Scholarship — Chloe Marrapese; Mary A. Valiton Memorial Scholarship — Jalen Sullivan; Fred Wells Scholarship — Dylan Apanell, Bryan Baumann, Natalie Denkiewicz, Adrienne Josephs, Thomas Kurkulonis, Christopher LaBarbera, Chloe Marrapese, Emmett McGranaghan, Samantha Meunier, Brett Robinson, Abigail Sampson, Olivia Vecellio, Lia Vichi, Grace Wesoloski; Whately PTO Award — Madison Fifield; Yankee Candle Scholarships — Bryan Bauman, Coriann Delaney, Natalie Denkiewicz, Marie Diemand, Gabriel Jones-Thomson, Christopher LaBarbera, Samantha Meunier, Maxfield Rubin, Lily Spencer, Tenzin Tsundue, Lia Vichi, Grace Wesoloski; Jenie Brozowski Zarimba Memorial Award — Porter Clancy; Daniela Zinn Memorial Scholarship — Lia Vichi

John & Abigail Adams Scholarship Tuition at a Massachusetts State College — Jared Abt, Noah Babb, Trevor Beaudet, Evelyn Boyden, Porter Clancy, Ethan DeMaio, Marie Diemand, Madison Fifield, Elliot Johnson, Gabriel Jones-Thomson, Adrienne Josephs, Thomas Kurkulonis, Samuel Mackin, Logan McCarthy, Emmett McGranaghan, James Morgan,Benjamin Morse, Dragos Nichita, Kai Nieto-Gonzalez, Emily Roberts, Erin Senn, Lily Spencer, Victoria Speth, Tenzin Tsundue, Lia Vichi, Destiny Wells.

Mary Byrne can be reached at or 413-772-0261, ext. 263. Twitter: @MaryEByrne


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