Real Estate/Changing Hands, Dec. 22, 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Raili Cohen, of Contoocook, N.H., to Scott DiGeorge and Donna DiGeorge. 180 Bald Mountain Road. $80,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Trustee, by attorney, NationStar Mortgage, Attorney, to D. Scott Holden, of Northfield. 157 Merrifield Road. $118,750

Ian P. McGinn, to Manuel D. King and Mary S. King. 40 Hoe Shop Road. $130,000


Douglas N. Decoigne and Deborah M. Decoigne, to Dewayne Matthews and Sarah Diemand, of Easthampton. 75 Charlemont Road. $335,000

Donald G. Paye Investment Trust, Donald G. Paye, individually and Trustee, and Carole A. Paye Investment Trust, Carole A. Paye, individually and Trustee, to Michael J. Michonski and Katherine M. Haydock. Conway Road. $1,250.


Tom B. Thompson and Barbara J. Thompson, to D. James Graham and Melissa E. Graham, of Salem. Route 2. $35,000

Paul R. Hicks and Joanne C. MacLean, to Paul R. Hicks and Tammy E. Hicks. 1255 Route 2. No Consideration


Thomas H. Lewis, of Granville, Vt., to Edwin Spencer and Kay Spencer, of Soquel, Calif. 624 Cricket Hill Road. $512,000


Michael A. Wickline, of Conway, to Norman R. Uzdavinis, of Sullivan, N.H., Todd M. Uzdavinis and Rebecca J. Uzdavinis. Old World Road. $1

William F. Kieras, to Leonard T. Grybko Jr. and Diane S. Grybko. 68 North Main St. $145,000


Leonard H. Clark and Cynthia L. Clark, to Joseph C. Reed, Sr. Monica M. Reed and Kelly L. Giguere. 10 &16 West Main St. $30,000


Abir Salah Yousef Mohammed, Mufeed Odeh and Abir Salah Yousef, to Elizabeth M. Degerdon and Lisa N Degerdon. 317-A West Gill Road. $39,000


Gordon E. Cranston Jr. Estate, Gordon E. Cranston III, of Haydenville, Individually and Personal Representative and Rachael Roberts, of Goshen, Personal Representative, to Paul E. Montplaisir, of Tuners Falls. 42 Washington St. $150,000

Lorraine D. Hayer Estate, Jeffrey M. Hayer and Christine H. Repasy, individually and Personal Representatives, to Merrill Joseph Gagne, of Belchertown. 93 Highland Ave. $465,000

Donald J. Fortin and Vanessa L. Fortin, US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee by attorney, Orlans PC, Attorney, to US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee. 221 Hope St. $145,842

City of Greenfield, Town of Greenfield, to Donald Miller. Washington Street and Deerfield Street. $1


David John Zahniser and Elizabeth Lund Zahniser, to Jordan J. Lively and Lydia M. Mead. 4 East Main St. $225,000

Conlan Living Trust, Don R. Conlan and Marilyn L. Conlan, Trustees, to Don R. Conlan and Marilyn L. Conlan. 72 Branch Hill road. $1

Don R. Conlan and Marilyn L. Conlan to Quiet Forest Real Estate Trust, Don R. Conlan and Charles W. Inzer, Trustees. 72 Branch Hill Road. $1

Roger P. Heroux and Therese R. Heroux, Diane M. Kachinski and Barbara A. McNerney, to Charles G. Peloquin and Angeline M. Peloquin. 30 Wigwam Drive. $20,000


Debhra J. Brazeau, to Neil E. Brazeau. 38 Amherst Road. Less than $100.

William T. Nanartonis, to William T. Nanartonis Trust, William T. Nanartonis, Trustee. 143 Montague Road. $1


John J. Mackin, Jr., of Greenfield, to Stillwater Properties, LLC, of Deerfield. 3 Bridge St. $150,000

Daniel J. Sullivan and Darlene M. Sullivan, to Kelley M. Sullivan. Montague Road. $1


Debra J. Annis and Debra J. Reilly, to Richard H. Oliver and Lori-Jo Oliver. 144 Neilson Road. $236,000


Fannie Mae, by attorney, Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney, to Pamela B. Barnett, of Greenfield. 170 East Road, Unit 1, East Road Condominium. $67,500

Manuel D. King and Mary S. King, to Kevin L. Rheault and Adrianne H. Rheault. 118 Congress St. $192,400

Alan M. Vieu and Sara J. Vieu, to Alan M. Vieu. 71 Oak Drive. $1


Esther D. Clement, of Danbury, Conn., Maria Greig-Williams, of Williamstown, Althea D. Kelley, of Flushing, N.Y., and Davenport Smith, of Hampton, N.H., to Ancient Glacier, LLC, of Shelburne Falls. Deerfield Avenue/Memorial Way. $4


EDS Enterprises, LLC, of Montague, to Philip Parker and Isabel Costa of Swanzey, N. H. 5 Birch Drive. $263,200

Carlos I. Fontes, to Fontes Family Trust, Carlos I. Fontes, Trustee. 359 Montague Road. $1

Stocker & Reily Funding Trust, Eric A. Stocker and Barbara F. Reily II, Trustees, to Stocker & Reily Funding Trust, Eric A. Stocker and Barbara F. Reily II, Trustees. New Boston Road. Less than $100


Joseph E. LaPerle and Mary E. Powers, of Hatfield, to Powers LaPerle Family Trust, Joseph E. LaPerle and Mary E. Powers, Trustees. 172 North Main St. $1

Judith M. Ksieniewicz, to Robert J. Gale and Julia Mary Gale. 1B Berry Lane. Unit 1B Buttonball Meadow Condominium. $324,900

Stocker & Reily Funding Trust, Eric A. Stocker and Barbara F. Reily, II, Trustees, to Stocker & Reily Funding Trust, Eric A. Stocker and Barbara F. Reily II, Trustees. No road listed for Sunderland. Less than $100.

Daniel J. Sullivan and Darlene M. Sullivan to Kelley M. Sullivan. (no property address given). $1


Laurence D. Fitzmaurice 1999 Revocable Trust, Laurence D. Fitzmaurice, Trustee, of Wellesley, to Laurence D. Fitzmaurice. Gale Road. $1


Wayne A. Cournoyer, Antoinette A. Cournoyer and Anna Verdi-Cournoyer, to Wayne G. Cournoyer, Todd F. Cournoyer and Colette M. Cernak. 34 Conway Road. $1