Real Estate/Changing Hands, Nov. 17, 2017

Published: 11/16/2017 5:58:19 PM

Lisa K. Clark, to Lance C. Gauthier and Marie E. Dunford. 6 Rand Road. $244,000


Anne M. King, of Quincy, to Franklin A. Taylor. Tea Street. $30,000


Theodore W. Johnson and Mary T. Milay, of Greenfield, to Cherielee Nash, of Greenfield. 20 Coombs Hill Road. $165,000

Frances L. Draeger, of Shelburne, to Duane Graves and Denise Smith. 22 Heath Road. $100,000

High Pocket Realty Trust of Fiduciary Trust Co. of Boston, J. Brian Potts, Trustee, to High Pocket, LLC. Fairbanks Road, Adams Place Road, Jacksonville Road, Calvin Coombs Road, and Franklin Hill Road. (land elsewhere). $1


David L. Laczynski, to Victoria K. Laczynski. Routes 5 and 10, and Steam Mill Road. $1

Victoria K. Laczynski, to Jason M. Billings, Jamie Billings and Randi Billings. Steam Mill Road. $70,000

Kaywin R. Tessier, to James M. Pasiecnik. Sand Gully Road. $1

James M. Pasiecnik, to Kaywin R. Tessier. Sand Gully Road. $1

Cassy A. Cohoon, to Sean R. Szawlowski and Kristi M. Szawlowski, of Hatfield. 16 Lee Road. $390,000

Denise M. Govoni and Lois E. Hunt to Owen C. Niemann and Valerie L. Niemann, of San Francisco, Calif. 12 Evans Lane. $350,000

Russell R. Eacott and Bonnie J. Eacott, to Jennifer L. Duquette, of Montague. 41 Upper Road. $200,000

David A. Rohrs and Sharon Thuillard-Rohrs, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of David A. Rohrs, David A. Rohrs, Trustee. Deerfield Industrial Park. Less than $100.

David A. Rohrs and Sharon E. Thuillard-Rohrs to Revocable Indenture of Trust of David A. Rohrs, David A. Rohrs, Trustee. 22 Stage Road. Less than $100.

David A. Rohrs and Sharon Thuillard-Rohrs, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of David A. Rohrs, David A. Rohrs, Trustee. 104 Sunderland Road. Less than $100.


Stephen M. Martel “aka” Steven Michael Martel, of Holyoke, and Jennifer C. Demers, “fka” Jennifer C. Martel, and “aka” Jennifer Corridan Martel, to Jennifer C. Demers and Justin A. Demers. 28 River Road. Less than $100.

James Robert Crosby, of San Francisco, Calif., Robert W. Crosby, of Loomis, Calif., and Jessica Beth Smith of Sacramento, Calif., to Robert W. Crosby and Debora S. Crosby, of Loomis, Calif. High Street. $1


George D. Mislak Jr. and Anne M. Mislak to Mislak Investment Trust, George D. Mislak Jr., and Anne M. Mislak, Trustees. 9 Silver Crest Lane. $1

Daniel A. Dwight and Amy D. Dwight, to Peter D. Harrington, of Savannah, Ga., and Sandra Harrington. 36 Washburn Ave. $186,900

Sandra W. Boston Trust 1994, Sandra W. Boston Trust, and Sandra W. Boston, Trustee, to Sandra W. Boston Living Revocable Trust, 2017, Sandra W. Boston, Trustee. 15 Abbott Street. $1

Sandra W. Boston Trust 1994, Sandra W. Boston, Trustee to Sandra W. Boston Living Revocable Trust 2017, Sandra W. Boston, Trustee. 83 Elm St. $1

Eddie Gonzalez and Amanda Nicole Gonzalez, to Noah B. Harrison, of Deerfield. 10 Temple Ave. $172,000

Jodie L. Brunelle “aka” Jodie L. Burnelle, to Daniel A. Dwight and Amy D. Dwight. 111 Meadow Lane. $354,000

Kristen P. Valle and Lynn M. Valle, to Barbara A. Mullen. 14 Long Ave. $190,000

David A. Williams and Cynthia A. Williams to Brian F. Williams of Santa Monica, Calif. and Rebecca L. Williams. 75-77 Devens St. $1

Henry S. Wykowski and Jennifer Sacco Cooper, to Bruno Kenedy Araujo of Quincy, Reginaldo Dias De Lima, of Rockland, and Fylipe Diogenes Almeida Teixeira, of Quincy. 86-88 Conway St. $19,900

Park Place V Realty Trust, of Agawam, Raymond F. Pieczarka, Trustee, to Marcie L. Brunelle, of Millers Falls. 80 Sanderson St. and High Street, Lot 12. $65,000


Matthew P. Lively to Matthew P. Lively and Rita Gray. 37 Number Nine Road. No Consideration

Rita Gray, to Rita Gray and Matthew P. Lively. 4 Sherman Drive, “aka” 175 Jacksonville Stage Road. No Consideration

David D. Peterson and Meg W. Peterson, of Milford, Conn., to Joshua A. Shearer and Crisabeth M. Shearer of Plainfield. 84 Burrington Road. $260,000

Great Northern Management Corp., “aka” Great Northern Management Corporation 401K, of Ipswich, to Narciso P. Banoey and Zenaida A. Banoey, of Quincy. 14 Mohawk Beach Drive. $73,000


Valley Land Fund, Inc., of Hadley, to Rattlesnake Gutter Trust. Long Hill Road, “aka” Long Hill Natural Area. No Consideration

Rattlesnake Gutter Trust, to Paul A. Bourke. Long Hill Road. $5,000


Gregory F. Doyle, “aka” Gregory F. Doyle III, and Susan B. Coan, to Gregory F. Doyle III, Investment Trust, and Susan B. Coan Investment Trust, Gregory F. Doyle III, and Susan B. Coan, Trustees. 120 George Lamb Road. $1

William R. Banning, of East Hampton, Conn. to William R. Banning and Lynda M. Banning of East Hampton, Conn. Mid County Road. No Consideration


E&M Land & Property, LLC, of Ava Maria, Fla., to Joshua D. Burkett of Greenfield. 80 Third St. $45,000

140 Long Plain Road Realty Trust, of Amherst, Point Guard Management, Inc., Trustee, to Andrew Cavanagh and Katherine M. Crivelli. 557 Turners Falls Road. $287,500

Alexander W. Phillips, by US Bank, NA, to US Bank, NA. 81-83 Fifth St. $61,500

Carmen A. Zangri, to Zangri Investment Trust, Carmen A. Zangri, Trustee. 7 Carlisle Ave. $1

Matthew S. Lonergan, Maria A. Lonergan and Amy N. Lonergan, of Greenfield, to Mary K. Crawford, of Greenfield. 63 Fifth St. $144,000

Albert J. Kopinsky Estate, John A. Kopinsky, of Ludlow and Deborah Checkum, of Perkiomenville, Pa., Personal Representatives, to Ryan J. Rudd and Tarah A. Rudd. 127 Greenfield Road. $255,000

Francis E. Jackman “aka” Francis Jackman, Donna Jean Jackman, “aka” Donna J. Jackman, William J. Deso Jr., and Florence M. Deso, to William J. Williams, IV, and Susan M. Williams. 171 Wendell Road, “fka” 161 Wendell Road. $290,000


Richard T. O’Brien to Jonathan S. Haynes. 408 Daniel Shays Highway, Daniel Shays Highway. $137,000


Old Vernon Realty Trust, of Greenfield, Jason Brooks, Trustee, to Mark R. Breor Jr., and Emma L. Johnson. 536 Old Vernon Road. $243,500


Elizabeth Buccaroni, “nka” Elizabeth Lemcke, to Elizabeth Lemcke and Mark Lemcke. 61 Oak Drive. Less than $100.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, of McLean, Va., by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, Attorney, to Luanne L. Goguen. 399 East River St. $127,700

James B. Vescovi and Cinthia E. Vescovi, to Cinthia E. Vescovi. Packard Heights and 4 Victor Ave. No Consideration

North Quabbin Brook Realty Trust, of Northfield, Rifet Hasanbasic and Peter A. Gerry, Trustees, to Liza M. Hurlburt. 428 South Main St. $105,000


Wilson O. Hill Jr., of Belchertown, to Scott Poulin, of Palmer. West Pelham Road. $35,000

Northwest Realty, LLC, of Westfield, to Michael S. Billups and Paula C. Billups, of Malden. Leonard Road. $53,000


Valley Building Co. Inc., of Hadley, to Chad M. O’Rourke. 503 Hadley Road. $500,000

David C. Furlong and Saloma M. Furlong, to Timothy N. Wilcox and Caroline C. Pam. 6 School St. $395,000


David A. Rohrs and Sharon Thuillard-Rohrs, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Sharon Thuillard-Rohrs, Sharon Thuillard-Rohrs, Trustee. Laurel Lake (Long Pond) Less than $100.


Paul A. Diemand, to Deer Paths Inc. Locks Village Road. $15,500

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