Real Estate/Changing Hands, Dec. 1, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

WVUE 2015-1, by attorney, LongVue Mortgage Capital Inc., Attorney, of California, to Andrew Easton and Carly Easton. 65 Hillcrest Drive. $200,000


Emily Adee Andren, “aka” Emily Adee Andrew, of New York, N.Y., and Genevieve Adee McGregor, of Denton, Texas, to Berkshire East Ski Resort, LLC. South River Road. $100.

John R. Lynch and Norma J. Lynch, to Barbara A. Beall, of Paxton. 23 Laurel Lane. $280,000


Steep Steps, LLC, to William Watkins and Lilia Marie Vreeland. 49 Fairbanks Road. $175,000


Mary B. Parker, to Conway Community Swimming Pool Inc. Whately Road. $1

Jennifer Basil “fka” Jennifer L. Basil-Whitaker, to Jennifer Basil and Phillip Snow. 733 Graves Road. $1


James R. Talbot and Nancy E. Talbot, to Sylvia Smith, of Hatfield. 23 Crestview Drive. $792,500

Richard O. Bradford Jr. and Diane I. Bradford, to James R. Talbot and Nancy E. Talbot. 65 Sand Gully Road. $545,000

Andrew M. Fisher, of Huntington, Pa., Benjamin D. Fisher, of Charlestown, S.C., David J. Fisher and Gary C. Fisher, of Huntington Valley, Pa., and Michael M. Fisher, of South Hadley, to Robert O. Schulze and Barbara B. Schulze, of Sunderland. River Road, Lot 2. $124,900

39 Thayer Street, LLC, of Russell, to Hugh Manheim, of Whately. Thayer Street. $235,000

Sarah Carroll, of Williamsburg, to John A. Carney and Joanne M. Carney. 77 Stillwater Road. $60,000

Mary S. Yezierski Estate, Susan J. Shedd, Personal Representative, to Susan F. Scott. 4 Briggs St. $136,000


Thomas J. Murley Estate, Kathleen Potosek, individually and Personal Representative, and Charlene Siders, individually, to Bryan Hobbs and Linda Hobbs. 26 Oak St. $280,000

Michael Kohout, to Aaron St. Jean. Boyle Road. $1


Brooks A. Mostue, of Lincoln, to Patrick McGreevy and Elizabeth Mary McGreevy of Afton, N.Y. 85 Phyllis Lane. $305,000

Wilmington Trust, NA, Trustee, to Robert Mattson and Elizabeth McGrath. 20 Hancock Lane. $125,699

Marcy Helems, of New Salem, to Alexandre F. Demelo. 232 Chapman St. $116,000

David P. Rogalski and Patricia A. Rogalski, of Amherst and Greenfield, respectively, to Linda M. Lively. 90 Birch St. $189,000

Joseph A. Hamel, to Julie E. Avery, of Deerfield. 1 Camp Ave. $145,000

Joshua A. Zera and Jennifer Zera, to Kara J. Jacobsen, of Montague. 57 Forest Ave. $190,000

Adam R. Martin and Elizabeth M. Martin, to Bonnie L. Netto, of Sunderland. 76B Laurel St., Unit 7B Pine Hill Park Condo, “aka” Unit 76B Laurel St., Unit 76B Pine Hill Park Condo, and 76 Laurel St., “aka” Unit B Pine Hill Park Condominium. $146,000

Edward R. Scott, “aka” Edward R. Scott Jr., and Judith I. Scott, to Carleen R. Scott and Christine M. Scott, of Plumas Lake, Calif. 16 Sunset Square. $1

Joanne Mae Flanagan Estate, “aka” Joanne M. Flanagan Estate, Donna M. Auger, of Turners Falls, individually and Administrator, Steven Flanagan, of Turners Falls, Denise Howley, of St. Cloud, Fla., and Deborah Traknis, of Fort Fairfield, Maine, to James M. Elwell and Denise Elwell. 118 Conway St. $30,000

Kathryn Pittenger, to Benegan 2 LLC, of South Deerfield. 11 Haywood St. $150,000

Daniel A. Brown and Lisa D. Oxboel, to Molly M. Notestine. 17 High St. $270,500


Anne Marie Corbosiero, to John W. Churchill. 5 Forget Road. No Consideration

John W. Churchill, by attorney, Charles W. Churchill, Attorney, and Alissa Churchill Carley, Attorney, to Gertrude E. Churchill. 5 Forget Road. No Consideration


Earl M. Cowell, of East Hartford, Conn.. and Roberta L. Cowell, of Southington, Conn., to Scott Cowell and Wendy Cowell, of Waterbury, Conn. Wigwam Drive. $1

David Adie, of Shelburne and Jaimye Ingraham, of Greenfield, to David D. Peterson and Margaret W. Peterson, of Milford, Conn. 62 Ingraham Drive. $265,000

Andrew D. Musacchio and Susan C. Musacchio, to Thomas P. Paris and Nicholas T. Paris. 43 Swamp Road. $200,000


Kathryn Daviau, to John J. Czajkowski and Claire C. Carlson. 33 Camp Road. $100,000


Lawrence E. Gaudette, to Terry F. Pease and Anne Pease. 23 Norman Circle. $187,500

USA Housing Urban Development, of Washington, D.C., to Cody C. Clark. 209 Wendell Road. $72,000

Roger L. Jacobsen and Kara J. Jacobsen, of Greenfield, to Sylvia Mollard, of Northampton. 3 DeWolf Road “aka” Old Federal St. $345,000

James A. Gallagher and Brenda L. Gallagher, to Artem A. Bagirov and Yana Bagirova. 113 Montague St. $238,000

Paul A. Distefano Jr., to Paul A. Distefano Jr. and Terry Jo Distefano. Center Street. No Consideration


Richard H. Soucie and Bobbie-Jo L. Soucie, PennyMac Holdings, LLC, by attorney, PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, Attorney, to PennyMac Holdings, LLC. 185 Packard Road. $114,991

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Ohio, to Robert Treutlein and Susan Treutlein, of New Salem. 50 Eddy St. $60,500

Robert L. Shufelt and Ruth L. Shufelt, to Amy L. Shufelt. 23 Jones St. $1

Peter Anjos, of Cumberland, R.I., to Mark R. White and Lauren A. White. 15 Cloukey Ave. $185,000

Laura Waters Lynch, of Farmington, Conn., to John F. Flynn and Meghan Hubler, of Farmington, Conn. 89 Shore Drive. $1

Clifford Bartlett and Lianne Bartlett, to Clifford Bartlett. Ward Road. No Consideration

Town of Orange, to Peter Hebert. 131 Lake Mattawa Road, “aka” Point on Lake Mattawa. $69,000

Peter Hebert, to Christine L. Carter, of Gardner. 131 Lake Mattawa Road, “aka” Point on Lake Mattawa. $1

John J. Hachem and Josephine Hachem, of Rutland, to Brian J. Teason, Christine M. Teason and Denny W. Teason, of East Orleans, 12R Eagleville Road. $215,000

Steven T. Canning, to Steven T. Canning and Rhonda Canning. 380 East River St. $1


Scott R. Sylvester and Victoria L. Howell-Sylvester, of Colrain, to Yellow Dog Realty, LLC. 1116 Mohawk Trail. $205,000

John T. Walsh, to Peggy J. Warwick and John T. Walsh. 91-93 Main St. $1

James G. Stacy, to Williams F. Mazanec III, and Shelly A. Roberts. Zerah Fiske Road. $20,000


Alexandra A. Sladen Trust, Alexandra A. Sladen, individually and Trustee, and Margaret E. Manson Trust, Margaret E. Manson, individual and Trustee to Frederick E. Steinway, of Amherst. 99 Sand Hill Road. $435,000

Anthony A. Sirum and Amelia A. Sirum, of Montague, to Evan D. Jones. 60 Lake Drive. $150,000

Elizabeth P. Perkins “aka” Elizabeth Perkins, to Elizabeth P. Perkins Irrevocable Trust, Elizabeth B. Perkins. Trustee. 16 Gass Lite Lane. $1

Mikkel Thorup, to Locks Pond Minority Trust, Mary Ryan, Trustee. 369 Locks Pond Road and 11 Lake Drive. $1


Margers Raudzens, of Danvers Ma., and Livija Kent, to James Perot and Melissa H. Perot. 1D Berry Lane, Unit 1D, Buttonball Meadow Condominium. $240,000

James L. Cuomo, to Daniel L. Whitlock and Samantha Buck, of Florence. 370 Montague Road/380B Montague Road, Unit 370 B Pond Ridge Condominiums. $86,000

Steven Ozcelik and Nuray Ozcelik, to Francisco O. Perez and Reyna E. Palacios. Plumtree Road. $100,000


John Kiley, to John V. E. Ridgway and Cynthia S. Jacelon. 34 Dusty Road and Laurel Lane. $150,000


Tracy L. Keyes, of Deerfield and Steven R. Keyes, to Steven R. Keyes. 5 State Road. $1