Time for change on school board

Thursday, May 17, 2018

To clarify comments regarding four of the candidates for the Gill-Montague School Committee. (Robert Whittier, Heather Poirier, Chris Pinardi, Joyce Phillips)

These candidates have no desire to return to the past. If you review their goals you will see they are committed to the school's future. It is time for change in this current school system. Administration is getting raises and we are losing teachers. And now teachers are quitting before the end of the school year. Our teachers are stretched too far.

When a sophomore is given a class in “Early Childhood Education” and his hope is for a major in science, that is a problem. There is only one guidance counselor for the high school, and it is difficult to even contact them to change this schedule. And the option to go to GCC does not work for everyone due to lack of funds and transportation. (And we’re not talking for early graduation but for high school classes)

When current committee members try to voice an opinion regarding an important issue and “the process is being pushed through too quickly for adequate research” (as noted in the Recorder), that is not working as a team, it even discourages some members not to attend. It is time for change.

It is time for all School Committee members to work together and listen to one another. The above mentioned candidates have knowledge of the school system, they have worked in the school system and are capable of working together to make changes. They have children in the schools and are concerned for the education of all students, the teachers, and staff. “Your Voice, Your Choice” Time for a change.

Jo-Ann Demers

Turners Falls