Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 20, 2020


Published: 11/19/2020 1:46:53 PM
Modified: 11/19/2020 1:46:43 PM

Michael V. Cochran and Michelle J. Cochran to Coreen P. Winters. 742 Daniel Shays Hwy Unit 1c. $108,000.

Mathew White and Emily White to Michael L. Nadeau, 292 Dorset Road. $282,000.

Peter A. Gerry to: Dodge Contracting LLC. Old Silver Lake St.Lot 1. $40,000.


Christopher P. Porrovecchio and Sarah N. Porrovecchio to Sharon S. Deane. River St. $2,000

Joanne L. Bird to Joanne L. Bird and Jeremy Ivan Bird. 282 Martindale Rd. $1

Troy Santerre to Alexandra Margosian. 199 Bald Mountain Road. $232,500


Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency to Paul DeGeorges and Tara DeGeorges. 33 Sears St. $220,500


Betty A. Hicks to Diane C. Hicks. 15 Harmony Lane. $1

Betty A. Hicks to Jeffrey N. Hicks. 112 Hicks Road. $1

Betty A. Hicks to Jessica L. Hicks.112 Hicks Road.. $1

Betty A. Hicks to Lori L. Hicks. 64 Hicks Rd./Riddell Rd. $1

Deborah Fantucchio and Paul R. Fantucchio to Deborah Ann Fantucchio Revocable Living Trust, Deborah Ann Fantucchio, Trustee & Paul Raymond Fantucchio Revocable Living Trust, Paul Raymond Fantucchio, Trustee. 559 Tea St. $1.


Janice M. Currie and Michael R. Currie to Matthew R. Currie and Michael J. Currie. 771 Shelburne Falls Road. $1.

Annette Ricardi and Thomas P. Ricardi to Ricardi Irrevocable Trust, Thomas P. Ricardi, Jr, Trustee. 71 North Poland Road. $1.


Robert E. Dantonio to Brandon T. Dantonio, Courtney G. Dantonio and Cara B. Parent. 85 South Mill River Road. $1.

George Frederick Kane Estate, Nathaniel F. Kane, Personal Representative to Margaret-Anne Kane Testamentary Trust, Nathaniel F. Kane, Trustee. 404 Long Plain Road. No consideration

Lisa C. Alber and Robert C. Alber to Robert C. Alber. Upper Road. $1.

Ragus LLC to Alan E Kurkulonis and Diane L. Kurkulonis. 31B Snowberry Circle, Unit 11B Sugarloaf Condominium $324,900

Ragus LLC to Mary-Ellen Just and William P. Just. 31A Snowberry Circle, Unit 11A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $440,489.00


Carolyn Abramo “aka” Carolyn M. Abramo, Thomas McHugh and Vincent J. McHugh, Jr. to Nicholette J. Vassar and Paul D. Vassar.. 43 Vassar Way.$413,000


Brycar LLC to SCF RC Funding IV LLC. 191 Shelburne Rd/189 Shelburne Road. $1,000,000.

Lucy A. West, Richard V. West “aka” Richard V. West Sr. to Christopher Coeur and Jenny Coeur. 371 Davis St. $139,200

Emmy Y. Phelps and Jesse E. Phelps to John A. Macleod and Muriel D. Macleod. 26 Mary Potter Lane. $365,000

John W. Gravenmeir and Marie A. Vidal to Jennifer Beckham and Todd Beckham. 658 Bernardston Rd. $365,000

First Congregational Church of Greenfield to Agape Moldovian Baptist Church.43 Silver St. $670,000

Archelon Properties LLC to Meghan S. Carroll and Katharine D. Walker. 61 Silver St. $239,375.


Diana Dunn Kallio to William J. Jackson Investment Trust, William J. Jackson, Trustee and Marcia Plant Jackson Investment Trust, Marcia Plant Jackson, Trustee. Cemetery Road. $10,000.


Karol Bradford and Hildie Osley to Karol Bradford and Hildie Osley. 17 Worcester Ave.. $1

Alan E. Kurkulonis and Diane L. Kurkulonis to Beaven F. Burkett and Martha A. Burkett. 38 Taylor Hill Road.$459,000

Andrew W. Stevens and Anne R. Stevens to Julianna R. Stevens. 128 Seventh St.$1

Julianna R. Stevens and Jonathan R. Tosch to Seventh Street Realty Trust, Thomas M. Richardson, Trustee. 128 Seventh St.$295,000

Danny J. Mason and Jody S. Sieben to James G. Martineau.105 G St., 107 G St./G St., 105-107 G St. $800,000 (multiple towns)

Kathleen Hinkel Maiolatesi to Kathleen H. Maiolatesi Declaration of Trust, Kathleen H. Maiolatesi, Trustee. 60 West Chestnut Hill Road$1.

Grouts Corner Realty LLC to Zachary French. 6 Grant St. $254,900

Aronson Morgan Bailey to Jennifer L. Grincavitch. 58 High St. $245,000


Richard G. Parsons Estate, Judith Underwood, Personal Representative to Casey Dellapenna. 340 Caldwell Road. $150,000


Kristen M. Meausky Bailey, Joshua T. Knechtel and Kristen M. Knechtel to Kristen M. Meausky Bailey. 471 East River St. $1

Kristen M. Meausky Bailey to Kristen M. Meausky Bailey and Keith E. Bailey. 471 East River St. $1

Sandra Elaine O’Neil to Peter Halfkenny. 273 Oxbow Rd. $102,000

David M. Aldrich and James R. Aldrich to David Lawrence Eadie and India Christine Eadie. 581 East River St. $198,000

Sophia Rose Cantrell to Elder Madrid. 106 Cheney St. $65,000

Pamela J. Whiteley to Pamela J. Whiteley Revocable Trust, Pamela J. Whiteley Trustee, 225 Pleasant St. $1

Lunette M. Prue to Bruce Pratt, Kimberly Pratt and Lunette M. Prue. 90 Creamery Hill Road. $1.

Chrislyn Newton and Kyle Newton to Victoria Ann Brooks and Steven Scott Gelinas. 4 Shingle Brook Road. $218,000

Lisa M. Parker and Scott A. Parker to Chrislyn Newton and Kyle Newton. 98 Bartlett Lane. $330,000

James E. Hause, Jr. to James E. Hause, Jr. and Serena L. Hause. 520 South Main St. $1.


Colleen Carey Avallone “aka” Colleen Carey to Colleen Carey Avallone and Robert Joseph Avallone. 37 Brittingham Hill Road. $1.


Catherine Martin and Richard B. Martin to Matthew Cone and Najara B. St. Paul. 19 Main St. $240,000.


Danny J. Mason and Jody S. Sieben to James G. Martineau. 79-81 Mechanic St. $800,000 (multiple towns)


Ronald M. Rodak to Roger R. Gosselin and Ronald M. Rodak. 116 North Main St. $1.

Jonathan L. Wooley and Rachel S. Wooley to Kyle Ferdinand, Peter Ferdinand and Mario Ramirez. 304 Plumtree Lane. $290,000.

Susan J. Bitters, Susan Lamoureux and William J. Lamoureux to Arianne G. Abela and Noah D. Horn.75 Russell St. $440,000


George Frederick Kane Estate, Nathaniel F. Kane, Personal Representative to Margaret-Anne Kane Testamentary Trust, Nathaniel F. Kane, Trustee. 404 Long Plain Road. No consideration.

Kyle J. Monahan to Susan Monahan. State Road. $1.

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