Dispose batteries at Hilltown transfer stations

For The Recorder
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The folks at the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative are hoping that residents will help lead the charge in getting old batteries out of the waste stream where they pose a threat to the environment and public health.

The Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC) provides free recycling services for rechargeable batteries and cell phones at all HRMC member-town transfer stations.

Member towns include: Ashfield, Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Westhampton, Williamsburg and Worthington.

Button and lithium batteries, as well as rechargeable batteries and regular batteries from cell phones, laptops, iPods, rechargeable razors, battery charged toothbrushes, flashlights and hand-held vacuums may be brought in.

Please note that each battery should be individually placed in a plastic zip-lock bag before being stored together with other rechargeable batteries in order to reduce the very real risk of fire.

Button batteries should be placed on a clear piece of packing tape with a second layer of tape used to secure the batteries so that they do not come in contact with one another, yet can still be identified at the transfer station.

Non-button type lithium batteries should be individually bagged.

Domestically manufactured alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt) made after 1996 no longer contain mercury and can be disposed of with your household trash.

For more information on batteries and the handling of other items, see the “What do I do with” link on the HRMC website at hrmc-ma.org.