Wendell’s Misfit Prom planning for first event in two years

  • This year’s Misfit Prom is themed Alice in Wendelland, and will raise money for the Swift River School. Recorder file photo

Recorder Staff
Monday, March 12, 2018

WENDELL — Several local artists are reviving the Misfit Prom, a Wendell parade, party and concert that hasn’t happened in two years.

This year’s Misfit Prom is themed Alice in Wendelland, and will draw inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s most famous book while raising money for the Swift River School.

“Wendell is really small, but we have all these amazingly creative people,” said organizer and artist Kelly Laughton, who expects several hundred people to show up for the Misfit Prom based on her experience in previous years.

“Everyone goes nuts and makes these amazing costumes,” Laughton said.

In previous years, the Misfit Prom, started in 2009, had an underwater theme, outer space theme, carnival theme and even “Promageddon,” Laughton said, and benefited local institutions like the Wendell Fire Department and library.

Now, Laughton and fellow organizer and artist Linnea Winter want to make the local school their focus. After all, Laughton said, Misfit Prom was started by artist Donna Horn “to throw a big party and give to a good cause.”

“We definitely try and keep it to a local charity,” Laughton said. “We were talking about something like the ACLU and we decided we wanted to keep it to Wendell, Franklin County at largest.”

According to Laughton, organizers don’t have a monetary goal in mind, but previous years have raised around $2,000. Tickets sold in advance at the Wendell Country Store and from the event’s Facebook page are $15, and at the event $25.

A raffle for local artwork — this year thematically-painted cornhole boards — will also raise money. The organizers are all volunteers.

“We pay the band, we take a little bit of money for things like raffle tickets and art things, but, other than that, every cent goes toward charity, whatever we choose,” Laughton said.

After talking with friends who work at the Swift River School, where there have been talks about constructing a pavilion or making better use of its outdoor property, Misfit Prom organizers chose it for their 2018 charity.

Laughton is hoping, after a two-year break, the Alice in Wendelland theme will bring Misfit Prom back with creative greatness.

“My costume is playing off of that Alice in Wonderland cake that says ‘eat me,’” Laughton, an artist herself, said.

“It’s pretty radical. I’ve devised a way to make fake frosting and I’m piping it everywhere,” Laughton said.

Attendees have typically created their own costumes in the past, Laughton said, with lavish costumes “from Jesus, to Santa, to mermaids, to Zeus” making appearances.

The day starts with a parade at the center of Wendell, which moves toward the Deja Brew Pub. Surprises like fireworks or large bonfires have greeted paraders and their fantastic floats in the past, Laughton said.

There will likely be lawn games and a photo booth, in addition to croquet, art and a performance from Rodd Cummings & The Vibrators, who have played at the event in the past, Laughton said.

“They get into the theme and learn the songs,” said Laughton, who added that artist Genevieve Gainyard is also expected to broadcast a live video presentation at Misfit Prom.

The planning for the 2018 Misfit Prom is still in its early stages, but, according to its organizers, its rebirth is definitely happening.

The 2018 Misfit Prom will be June 9, 2018, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Wendell town center.

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