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Though waste district offices closed, staff offer recycling, decluttering tips during pandemic

For the Recorder
Published: 4/6/2020 12:53:48 PM

Due to Gov. Charlie Baker’s stay-at-home advisory, the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District’s offices at 117 Main St. in Greenfield are closed to the public until further notice, and the regional household hazardous waste collection sheds in Bernardston, Colrain and Conway are closed.

The district offers the following advice to residents regarding trash disposal during the COVID-19 pandemic:

■Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as plastic gloves and face masks are not recyclable, and should be placed in the trash.

■Sanitizing wipes are also not recyclable. Flushable wipes and any other type of wipes should be placed in the trash, not flushed down the toilet. Such wipes are not biodegradable and clog up the works at wastewater treatment plants, whether residents have town sewer or a septic system. (The trucks that clean out septic systems bring the waste to a wastewater treatment plant.)

■When placing household trash on the curb for pickup, or bringing it to a transfer station, tie up the trash bags securely.

To learn more about what is and is not acceptable for recycling in Western Massachusetts, visit springfieldmrf.org.

Decluttering tips

During the stay-at-home advisory, some residents are cleaning out and decluttering. The Franklin County Solid Waste Management District recommends referring to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” guide at tinyurl.com/RRRN-2019 for tips on how to donate, sell and properly dispose of hundreds of items.

The following are the district’s recommendations for what to do with some common decluttering items:

■CDs, DVDs, VHS and other electronic media are not acceptable in household recycling. If selling or donating used media is not an option (some communities accept certain types via book donation programs), GreenDisk.com offers a fee-based, mail-in recycling option.

<sbull value="sbull"><text xmlns="urn:schemas-teradp-com:gn4tera"></text></sbull>Clean and dry textiles and clothing can be placed in drop-off boxes for recyclers such as Salvation Army. These organizations sell damaged textiles to recyclers to be made into insulation. Acceptable items include: all clothing and accessories including ripped, stained, missing buttons, mismatched socks, shoes and gloves; and linens such as curtains, bedding, towels, and stuffed animals in any condition except moldy or wet. Do not donate used face masks. While stores are currently closed, drop boxes are still being serviced.

■Glossy photographs, slides and negatives are not recyclable, but home-printed photographs and “cardstock” holiday cards are acceptable in recycling.

For more information on disposal of hazardous materials, recycling, composting or other solid waste issues, call the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District office, which will still be staffed, at 413-772-2438, email info@franklincountywastedistrict.org or visit franklincountywastedistrict.org.

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