Warwick magician to hold fire department fundraiser


  • Eaden Marti, magician and mentalist of Warwick, will be performing sleight of hand and mind reading at Warwick Town Hall. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WARWICK — Seventeen-year-old Eaden Marti has been a junior firefighter with the Warwick Fire Department since he was 14, but until earlier this year on March 4, he had never seen a structure fire.

Marti was on the first fire engine to arrive at 405 Richmond Road at around 12:45 a.m. Though firefighters originally thought they were responding to a wood stove fire, Marti was shocked to see the house engulfed in flames.

The three-alarm fire resulted in the death of 42-year-old Lucinda Seago and four of her children, Peter Seago, 7; Demetria Seago, 9; Martin Seago, 12 and Nicholas Seago, 15. Scott Seago, the father, and Vivian, a daughter, survived.

Though Marti said he didn’t know the family personally, the tragedy had a significant impact on him and the rest of Warwick.

“It still bothers me,” he said. “It still bothers everybody … There was nothing we could have done, but it’s still hard to deal with.”

But the fire also made Marti start thinking about ways he could make a difference as a member of the Fire Department.

“It made me realize there’s a lot that the Fire Department needs,” he said. Marti decided he wanted to raise money to help the department construct an addition on its new station, which will house office and training space.

To gain donations, Marti is hosting a magic show, called “Alternative Perception — The Magic Show in Your Head,” at Warwick Town Hall on Saturday, Nov. 25, starting at 6:30 p.m. The 45-minute show will include a lot of mind reading and psychological influence routines, Marti said, as well as some magic tricks.

Marti has been practicing magic since he was 6 years old, even traveling to Bryn Mawr College outside of Philadelphia to participate in the world-known Tannen’s Magic Camp. Starting next August, he’ll attend the University of Massachusetts Boston to study theater, perhaps pursuing magic as a career.

Warwick residents might remember Marti as one of the performers at a June dinner theater, also at the Town Hall, where he received his first standing ovation. Marti said some of his material will be the same, but with new routines, too.

“This’ll be my first show here that’s just me for 45 minutes on stage,” he said.

Marti said his performance, particularly new materials, is funded by a $400 grant from the Warwick Cultural Council. As such, admission to the show is free, but Marti hopes the audience will enjoy his show enough to donate to the Fire Department.

Though Marti said he doesn’t have a specific fundraising goal, Warwick Fire Chief Ron Gates said the department still needs about $40,000 to finish building the station’s addition. Thus far, the foundation has been poured and plumbing installed, Gates said.

While the show is appropriate for all ages, Marti said it’s geared toward those ages 12 and up, and will involve plenty of audience participation.

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