Walking for office

Published: 4/11/2021 8:35:08 AM

Several townsfolk have approached me in recent days saying that they’d heard that I’m running for a seat on the Selectboard. This came as news to me but sometimes I do miss things. As many of you know, I’ve served on several boards and committees over the years. I usually stand up at town meeting and make a plea for more of my fellow townspeople to either run or ask for an appointment to the several boards and committees with openings. I grew up on a dairy farm in Connecticut. My dad was forever on the Board of Finance there, so I grew up just assuming that everyone had a responsibility to their town.

I’m a newcomer to Colrain. I’ve only been in town for 35 years. Having retired a few years ago, I suppose I do have time to serve on the Selectboard. I did not, however, plan on increasing my responsibilities in town at this stage of life. It’s too late to even appear on the ballot. So I’d have to be a write-in candidate. That’s handy in a way, as write-ins don’t even need the 10 signatures of supporting voters normally required to be on the ballot.

I suppose, if elected, I would serve. As mentioned above, I just feel that we all have a duty to serve our town in some capacity other than simply paying taxes. However, the whole point of this tome (if it has one) is that I really want to encourage my fellow citizens to serve. I’ve asked the existing members of the board about how much time needs to be committed to the job. Three to four hours per week should suffice. Mostly you just need good common sense.

So am I running? Well, I’d describe it more like walking for office. I’m just encouraging others to walk faster than me — please.

Thom Griffin


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