Voices of Audubon, week of Nov. 13

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Here are this week’s bird sightings from the Voice of Audubon for western Massachusetts:

A brant was briefly seen at the settlement pond in Westfield. Then, a pink-footed goose arrived and stayed most of the week. A barnacle goose and one or two cackling geese continue.

Two northern shovelers were reported in Westfield, and a northern shrike was seen in Montague.

Ten surf scoters, four white-winged scoters, more than 300 black scoters, two long-tailed ducks and a red-necked grebe were seen at the southern end of the Quabbin Reservoir.

Eight brant, six red-necked grebes and a white-eyed vireo were found in Turners Falls, and a flock of 35 brant flew south over Deerfield. A flock of 19 brant were seen in Hadley along with black-bellied plovers and golden plovers. A single cattle egret was seen briefly in Gill.

Other uncommon and lingering species reported include northern pintails, American wigeons, gadwalls, greater scaups, lesser scaups, ring-necked ducks, long-tailed ducks, ruddy ducks, buffleheads, red-throated loons, black vultures, northern harriers, sandhill cranes, green herons, great egrest, and American coots.

Also seen were killdeer, greater yellowlegs, pectoral sandpipers, blue-headed vireos, tree swallows, phoebes, blue-headed vireos, American pipits, snow buntings, palm warblers, yellowthroats, dickcissels, vesper sparrows, Lincoln’s sparrows, fox sparrows, clay-colored sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, towhees, rusty blackbirds and pine siskins.