Turners Falls High School Honor Roll, Fourth Quarter

Published: 07-03-2023 11:27 AM


First Honors: Michael Berdugo, Moises Borrayes Velasquez, Ella DeLorenzo, Lily DeLorenzo, Madisyn Dietz, Brody Girard, Christopher Halla, Cameron Johnson, Michaela Klempner-Siano, Noah Kolodziej, Vaughn LaValley, Estes Lemerise-Reinking, Shayly Martin Ovalle, Janelle Massey, John O’Malley, Mario Pareja, Khalifa Seck, Nathaniel Trinque and Naomi Wilson-Hill.

Second Honors: Jackson Cogswell, Trinity Davis, Ethan Eichorn, Elsee Galvez Martin, Rojelio Galvez Mendez, Clara Guidaboni, Allister Kolakoski, Curtis Kretchmar, Cole Marshall, Evelyn Moore, Oliver Norwood, David Ortiz, Kevin Perez Cueto, John Ramirez Martin, Miles Riley, Kainen Stevens and Michael Waite.

Third Honors: Abigail Wickline, Alexis Truesdell, Yolvin Ovalle Mejia, Kai Giard and Dylan Brunault.


First Honors: Mia Marigliano, Ella Guidaboni, Marilyn Abarua Corona, Tatiana Carr-Williams, Madison Liimatainen, Sofia Moreno, Samantha Carr and Gary Smith.

Second Honors: Starrli Bell, Elliot Cook, Pamela Gomez, Khiarieliex Huertas Hernandez, Kailey James-Putnam, Teagan Lavallee-Finch, Alexander Quezada Abarua, Sasha Scott and Ledwin Villafana Abarua.

Third Honors: Elizabeth Reipold, Anthony Prizio, Brian Penagos, Gabriel Page, Sheni Ovalle Roblero, Zane Niedzielski, Aaliyah Gover and Cameron Anderson.


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First Honors: Jack Trombi, Avery Tela, Jillian Reynolds, Raygan Pendriss, Ricky Pareja, Joseph Mosca, Cody McDonough, Ella Kolodziej, Anne Kolodziej, Aiden Kelly, Syna Katsoulis, Logan Johnson, Fiona Hutchison, Katelyn Grise, Taylor Greene, Kyleigh Dobosz, Michael Boyle, Grayson Bowse, Kamryn Berry and Ian Bastarache.

Second Honors: Cameron Burnett, Kiri Corbin, Noah DeLorenzo, Jaade Duncan, Reyli Galvez-Martin, Khrystina Gomez Thorne, Audrey Lapinski, Owen LaValley, Jasmine McNamara, Ayleen Ovalle Perez, Jacob Reich, Geovannie Shand, Dylen Shinall and Isabella Vachula-Curtis.

Third Honors: Ella O’Keefe, Megan Leveille and Anthony Arabia.


First Honors: Madison LeBorgne, Nikolas Martin, Makayla Gray and Abigail Moore.

Second Honors: David Stowe, Antonia Prizio, Matyah Sutton, Christopher Morton, Jelani Jean Charles and Alexander Johnson.

Third Honors: Andrew Janerico-Fisher, Jakob Murray-Lavin and Zachary Malcolm.