Three write-in candidates win Orange elections

Recorder Staff
Thursday, March 08, 2018

ORANGE — Three positions up for grabs during Orange’s Monday evening elections had no candidates listed as running on the ballot.

So, three write-in candidates won those elections.

Dawn Latulippe, 55, was elected to the Housing Authority for a three-year term, Maria Bull, 54, was elected as a library trustee for a three-year term and Sara Lyman, 41, was elected to a one-year seat on the Elementary School Committee.

According to Town Clerk Nancy Blackmer, only Latulippe and Bull have accepted the positions, with Lyman declining.

With 14 votes, Latulippe won her seat and will serve with Tracy S. Gaudet, 51, who was uncontested in her run for the Housing Authority’s only four-year seat.

Bull was elected with 26 votes, and will serve with Nathaniel J. Johnson, 36, who is also serving a three-year term.

Bull has already been a library trustee for three years, and said, despite being a write-in, it was no surprise she won the seat.

“I asked people to write me in,” Bull said.

Lyman had three write-in votes, but will not serve on the Elementary School Committee with Stephanie J. Conrad, Robert H. Haigh Sr. and Alexandre A. Schwanz.

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