Real Estate/Changing Hands, Oct. 6, 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Deborah G. Thomas, to 78 Acres Trust, of Chilmark, Sara Wise, Trustee. 1379 West Road. $485,000

Jeffrey B. Farrell, to Jeffrey B. Farrell and Bruno Bouissiere. 23 Barnes Branch Road. $1


Stephen Nestanpower and Ruth M. Shipton Levy, to Nestanpower Levy Revocable Trust, Stephen H. Nestanpower and Ruth Shipton Levy, Trustees. 10 Dewey St. $1

Marsha E. Pratt, to Martin D. Powers. Fox Hill Road. $10,095


Kurt M. Pearson of Erving, to Richard J. Hillman and Gale M. Hall-Hillman. 21 Stone Road. $80,000


John L. Rioux, and Pixie J. Holbrook, to Hanna B. Sherman Revocable Trust, of Lexington, Hanna B. Sherman, Trustee. 377 Bardwells Ferry Road. $435,050


Andrea Morawski and Michael R. Morawski, Jr., of Whately to Michael R. Morawski, Jr. and Cynthia J. Morawski, of Whately. 149 Long Plain Road. $140,000

Helene W. Petrovic, “aka” Helen W. Petrovic, to GM Real Estate, LLC, of Hadley. 247 Greenfield Road. $270,000

Elizabeth Nathalie Clarke, of Hatfield, to Jeffery B. Johnson and Lisa M. Johnson. 42 Thayer St. $192,000

William L. Ervin Estate, “aka” William Ervin Estate, and Edgar A. Markey, Personal Representative, of Carmel, Maine, to Colin R. Hutt. 1 Hillside Road. $260,000

Self-Declaration Trust of Dawn E. Murry, Dawn E. Murry, Trustee, to Barbara G. Alden, of Greenfield. 56B Lee Road, Unit 37, Commons of Deerfield. $218,000


Bruce R. Clark, of Emery, S.D., to Malgorzata E. Lach, of Amherst. 10 North St. $75,000

Ralph W. Semb, to Ralph W. Semb and Erik R. Semb. 11 Northfield Road. $1


Kimberly J. Koshinsky of Shelburne Falls and Brian P. Koshinsky to Brian P. Koshinsky. 16 Green Hill Road. $1


Troy Santerre, of Northfield, to Joshua Aaron Zera. 36 Meadow Lane. $205,000

Jamie B. Spofford and Sarah T. Spofford, of Brunswick, Maine, to Lori L. Caples. 8 Plantation Circle. $219,900

Daniel H. Tencza and Janice S. Tencza, to Janice S. Tencza. 1134 Bernardston Road. $1

Carolyn J. Heiden, to James A. Allen and Margaret J. Allen. 27 Pond Street. $170,000

Tom L. Hecklinger and Cynthia A. Freistat, to Bradford A. Milnes and Joan A. Milnes. 42 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 19, Silver Crest Condominium. $295,000

Ethel R. Mulvaney, to Rosemarie A. Butcher. 33 Mill Street.

Less than $100. Michael H. Delaney, to Gabriel M. Stafford. 52 Log Plain Road. $153,000

Amy B. Fleury and Patricia A. Murphy, of Chesterfield, to Edward C. Newport, of Easthampton. 111 Haywood St. $175,000

Daniel E. Jacome and Jimena T. Jacome, to Jennifer Johnson, of Larchmont, N.Y. 17 Silver Crest Circle, Unit 16, Silver Crest Condominium. $277,500

Forrest D. Meader, to Mark A. Meader, of Idyllwild, Calif., and Forrest D. Meader. 426 Davis St. $1.00

Barbara L. Alden “aka” Barbara G. Alden, to Brian J. Gannon and Shawnna R. Gannon, of Orange. 30 Stetson Drive. $246,000

Gary A. Newcomb and Jodi P. Falk, to Andrew Bainbridge Nighswander of Florence and Jessica Lynn Pasalacqua. 15 George St. $279,900

Michelle Blanchard, to Michelle Blanchard and Cord J. Blanchard. 56 Graves Road. $1


John R. McDonough and Martha R. McDonough, of Yulee, Fla., to F. R. O’Donnell and J. H. Sundell-Thomas, of Turners Falls. 29 Judd Road. $208,000


Barbara R. Bourdeau-Vincent, “nka” Barbara R. Bourdeau, to Kenneth R. Downes, of Shelburne Falls. 3 Oakman St. $1

Kenneth R. Downes to Barbara R. Bourdeau. 3 Oakman St. $1

Janelle E. Rivers of South Hadley, to Lilith G. Wolinsky, of Erving. 312 Montague City Road “aka” 312 Main St. $151,000

Leilia E. Knight of Holyoke and Heather G. Knight, to Melanie M. Voudren and Shannon E. Voudren, of Northfield. 163-165 Millers Falls Road. $285,000

Andrew T. Craig, to Andrew T. Craig and Julie A. Craig. 17-19 K St. $1

Dorothy E. Sazama Trust, Robert J. Zamojski and Rosemary H. Zamojski, Trustees, to John T. Koehler of Greenfield. 19 Davis St. $198,275


Frank S. Turner Jr., “aka” Frank S. Turner, and Jessie A. Turner, to Turner Investment Trust, Frank S. Turner and Jessie A. Turner, Trustees. 194 Main St. $1

Frank S. Turner Jr., “aka” Frank S. Turner, and Jessie A. Turner, to Turner Investment Trust, Frank S. Turner and Jessie A. Turner, Trustees. 171 Warwick Road. $1


Daniel M. Kimball and Betty E. Kimball, to Stephen P. Johnson. 180 Athol Road. $159,000

Michael S. Shelton and Jeanne M. Shelton, to Christopher C. Girouard. 42 Hamilton Ave. $157,000

Scott A. Boutell, of Athol, to Nicole R. Boutell. 131 Mattawa Circle. $1

Ward A. Johnson Estate, Wayne M. Johnson, Personal Representative, to James Frederick Day, of Tolland, Conn., John Edward Day, of Berlin, Conn. and Tracey E. Fandetti, of Rocky Hill, Conn. 89 Royalston Road. $175,000

Jeffrey S. Thompson and Lindsay R. Meador, of St. Louis, Mo., to Michael H. Marsh & Sally Ann Marsh of Templeton.79 Oak Drive $207,500

Vanessa Maruschak and Sandra-Hoy Maruschak, of Lacey, Wash., to Oscar Rodriguez and Christine Rodriguez. 72 Oak Drive. $220,000

Charles J. Champagne and Maryann Champagne, to Wilson Auto Parts, LLC. 125 Eagleville Road. $575,000


Robert R. Fischlein and Nancy J. Fischlein, to Fischlein Investment Trust, Robert R. Fischlein and Nancy J. Fischlein, Trustees. 36 Main St. $1

Richard J. Feury and Linda G. Feury, to Richard J. Feury Investment Trust, Richard J. Feury, Trustee, and Linda G. Feury Investment Trust, Linda G. Feury, Trustee. 34 Mechanic St. $1

Richard J. Feury and Linda G. Feury, to Richard J. Feury Investment Trust, Richard J. Feury, Trustee, and Linda G. Feury Investment Trust, Linda G. Feury, Trustee. 21 Maple St. $1


Dilma R. Barbero, of Stratford, Conn., to Jay Barbero, of Trumbull, Conn., Roy L. Barbero, of Monroe, Wash., and Laura M. Marino, of Stratford, Conn. 10 Cove St. $1


Travis J. Lamothe and Amy B. Lamothe, “aka” Amy J. Lamothe, to Samuel K. Icklan and Madeline R. Nussbaum, of Northampton. 260 North Main St. $252,500

Bruce W. Thompson Sr. “aka” Bruce W. Thompson, to Thompson Irrevocable Trust, Bruce W. Thompson Jr., Trustee. 21 Sycamore Meadow Road. Unit 21, Buttonball Meadow Condominium. $1

Richard A. Ress and Laureen M. Ress, to Ress Family Revocable Trust, Richard A. Ress and Laureen M. Ress, Trustees. 137 Plumtree Road. $1

Sanjoy Mazumdar, of Hadley, to Danielle S. Michaud, of Amherst. 308 Plumtree Road, Plumtree Road Lot 2, 380 Silver Lane, Silver Lane Lot 3, “aka” South Silver Lane. $1

Danielle S. Michaud, to Sanjoy Mazumdar. 308 Plumtree Road & Plumtree Road Lot 2. $1

Danielle S. Michaud, to Sanjoy Mazumdar. Silver Lane-Lot 3, 380 Silver Lane “aka” South Silver Lane. $1

Donald S. Mathison, to Donald S. Mathison Trust, Donald S. Mathison and Edward T. Heaphy Jr., Trustees. 36 Reservoir Road. $1