The Fantasy: 13 things I know about this weekend

Published: 11/9/2018 3:06:53 PM

It’s the final week of the regular season and in the words of my close personal friend Kevin Garnett, “anything is possible.”

To be honest, there’s the potential for some letdown for various teams. It’s the week after playoff losses, the game sandwiched in between Thanksgiving contests. You’ll likely see some teams throughout western Mass. going through the motions.

Like the legendary Biff Tannen, I just stumbled upon a sports almanac with all the answers for this weekend’s games. Like Biff, I will certainly use my powers for good here. Rather than making money on gambling, I will share all these great future events in my column. You’re welcome. For your pleasure, here are 13 things that will happen with Week 10 games.

1. Greenfield’s RJ Byrd will run for a 75-yard touchdown against McCann Tech. Not 76 or 74, but 75.

2. Frontier will score exactly 24 points against Amherst.

3. Athol’s rushing attack with finish with 345 yards in a win over Chicopee.

4. Shawn Davenport will throw a touchdown pass to himself with no time left to beat Drury.

5. After burning Recorder sports editor Jason Butynski in effigy, Ware will go out and lay an egg in a 22-18 loss to Franklin Tech.

6. Mahar head coach Jim Woodward will temporarily blind the players on visiting Pathfinder with one of his Super Bowl rings, creating a diversion that allows the Senators to capture a 24-6 win.

7. Mason Barrieau’s 99-yard touchdown run against Chicopee will take merely 5.8 seconds to transpire.

8. Greenfield’s Danny Vega runs for a touchdown, throws a touchdown and catches a touchdown in his best David Patten impression.

9. Saddened by a lack of popcorn due to playing a road game, Mohawk fans hit a 9 a.m. showing of ‘A Star is Born’ in North Adams, Saturday, to stock up before heading to Drury to watch the Warriors in their 11 a.m. kickoff. 

10. With three local teams playing road games in the Berkshires, James Taylor comes out of his winter hibernation to perform the National Anthem in honor of Franklin County’s gridiron heroes.

11. Speaking of the Berkshires, both Mohawk (against Drury) and Greenfield (against McCann Tech) are heading to play in North Adams on Saturday. The teams share a bus to cut down on costs, only to detour the long way through Pittsfield to spend the saved money on 100 $5 boxes at Taco Bell.

12. Franklin Tech head coach Joe Gamache’s commitment to wearing cargo shorts year-round finally comes in handy when he scoops up a wayward yellow flag thrown by an official against Ware, and tucks it into the side pocket never to be seen again. With no flag on the field, the Eagles run the game’s final play with 12 men, successfully finish off a quadruple lateral pass that results in a touchdown.

13. All local teams win. Book it. (Or don’t, because football is a game of unpredictability and stuff.)

Season Leaders (through Week 9)

QB: 1. Dodge, Turners — 181.8 points; 2. Phelps, Greenfield — 131; 3. Hildreth, Frontier — 123.7;  4. Cox, Athol — 108.8; 5. Davenport, Mohawk — 104.9.

RB: 1. Keith, Turners — 290 points; 2. Byrd, Greenfield — 281.7; 3. DeForest, Frontier — 267.9; 4. Barrieau, Athol — 219.8; 5. Young, FC Tech — 158.7.

WR: 1. Vega, Greenfield — 129.7 points; 2. Craver, Turners — 102.5; 3. Barnes, Mahar — 84.4; 4. Whiting, Turners — 82.5.; 5. Cam Lococo, Mohawk — 46.

Last Week’s Leaders

QB: 1. Phelps, Greenfield — 19 points; 2. Hildreth, Frontier — 15.5; 3. Dodge, Turners — 14.6; 4. Cox, Athol — 14.2; 5. Chabot, Mahar — 9.9.

RB: 1. Young, FC Tech — 39.9 points; 2. Barrieau, Athol — 26.6; 3. DeForest, Frontier — 25.8; 4. Gariepy, Mahar — 22.5; 5. Bergmann, FC Tech — 18.7.

WR: 1. Vega, Greenfield — 22.2; 2. Lavin, Turners — 12.8; 3. Paine, Athol — 12.4; 4. Sak, Greenfield — 6.1.

Week 10 Rankings

QB: 1. Dodge, Turners; 2. Phelps, Greenfield; 3. Hildreth, Frontier; 4. Cox, Athol; 5. Davenport, Mohawk.

RB: 1. Barrieau, Athol; 2. Keith, Turners; 3. Byrd, Greenfield; 4. DeForest, Frontier; 5. Gariepy, Mahar; 6. Bergmann, FC Tech; 7. Young, FC Tech; 8. Castine, Athol; 9. Brozell, Mahar; 10. Lutz, Athol.

WR: 1. Vega, Greenfield; 2. Craver, Turners; 3. Barnes, Mahar; 4. Whiting, Turners; 5. Sak, Greenfield.

The Fumble picks, sponsored by (Your business here)

For the last three weeks of the season (two more weeks plus Thanksgiving), we’re going to start from scratch. We will each pick two quarterbacks, three running backs and two receivers for the final three weeks and see who will prevail in the “second season.”

JEFF LAJOIE (Week 9: 54 points)

​​​​​​QBs — Chabot, Mahar; Phelps, Greenfield

RBs — Barrieau, Athol; Bergmann, FC Tech; Lutz, Athol

WRs — Whiting, Turners; Gray, Athol

JAY BUTYNSKI (Week 9: 94.2 points)

​​​​​​QBs — Davenport, Mohawk; Hildreth, Frontier

RBs — Shippee, Mohawk; Young, FC Tech; Seney, Mahar

WRs — Barnes, Mahar; Craver, Turners 

Jeff Lajoie is a Recorder sportswriter who is slowly losing his ability to count. Email him at

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