Redemption Christian Academy seeks volunteers

  • Redemption Christian Academy is a Christian prep school located at 154 South Mountain Road in Northfield. RECORDER STAFF/SHELBY ASHLINE

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NORTHFIELD — Redemption Christian Academy has sounded the call for volunteers to oversee an expansion of campus clubs, and hopes community members might answer.

According to Redemption Christian Academy’s Program Director Marquita Wilchcombe, the Christian prep school on South Mountain Road has roughly a dozen clubs, and hopes to add at least a dozen more to expand the opportunities available to its students.

“We’re not your traditional school where you go and sit down and look at a board,” Wilchcombe said. She explained the school aims to be as hands-on as possible.

The school seeks:

• Volunteers to oversee new fencing, ultimate Frisbee, table tennis, volleyball, baseball, soccer, archery and photography clubs;

Volunteers to revive the outdoors club featuring mountain biking and kayaking, and maple syrup production on campus;

Bilingual volunteers to offer support in learning new languages, especially Russian and sign language;

Tradespeople to provide supervision at the “Maker’s Space” skills center’s robotics, computer programming, woodworking and welding classes;

Historians to teach students about the history of Northfield and its surrounding towns;

Attorneys to supervise students involved in mock trials;

Musicians to aid in growing the music department in any way, as it currently consists of only a choir group;

Craftspeople knowledgeable about candle making, glass blowing, knitting, weaving, fabric dying or any other craft to help grow the art program, which currently consists of only a general art class and ceramics class;

Volunteers to teach students about making their own cheese, yogurt and kefir;

Farmers or other knowledgeable volunteers to advise the students in how to expand their permaculture garden and otherwise how to make the school more self-sufficient;

And tutors in any subject.

Wilchcombe said the school is also interested in bringing students for tours of local businesses and farms, making for educational field trips showcasing production processes.

Plus, if community members would be interested in volunteering, but don’t think they have the time to commit to coming to campus regularly, Wilchcombe said she is open to volunteers simply teaching the staff during a few sessions, so the staff may then impart the knowledge to the students.

Wilchcombe has already received community help in overseeing budding yoga and chess clubs, and said the school is willing to help volunteers as well. For example, in exchange for providing the students with free classes, Wilchcombe said the yoga instructor will be using the campus to host a community class.

“If there is anything we can do to give back, we will do it,” she said.

To offset the costs of getting any materials for these new clubs, Redemption Christian Academy is hosting a rum cake social on March 25 from 2 to 4 p.m. All proceeds from the sale of rum cakes and homemade ice cream, as well as donations, will support the clubs. Community members are invited to donate materials as well.

Those interested in volunteering should contact Wilchcombe by phone at 518-892-1671 or by email at kikisgotgame@aol.com.