Real estate transactions: Aug. 5, 2020


Published: 8/6/2020 2:29:15 PM

Chad Blackbird and Mandy Blackbird to Stephanie L. Auger, 1220 Petersham Road. $178,000.

Neil Dodge and  Judith M. Dodge  to Steven E. Savoy & Cynnthia Savoy, S. Main St, $6,000.


Alice J. Pelletier to William R. Pelletier, Michael J. Pelletier and Debra Lynn Pelletier. 817 Lampblack Road. $1.


Melanie C. Dreher to Melanie C. Dreher Revocable Trust, Melanie C. Dreher, Trustee. 53 North St. No consideration.

Gina M. Kendrick and Jonathan E. Kendrick to Carly S. Vernon. 34 Sears St. $260,000.


Sandra S. Maki to Jane O. Frydenlund and John E. Frydenlund. 4A Duncan Drive, Unit 43, Meadows of Deerfield. $219,000.

Kwon In Sook, Yun in Sook and Yun Jae Woong to Jinbyoung Nam and Hwa Yi Sun. 82 Stillwater Road. $385,000.

Leonard M. Finkowski and Audrey M. Finkowski to Ronald C. Wetherby. 3 Wequamps Drive. $257,500.


Alice J. Pelletier to William R. Pelletier, Michael J. Pelletier and Debra Lynn Pelletier. 817 Lampblack Road. $1.

Jeffrey L. Graham to Iancu Placinta. 18 Laurel St. $75,000.


Linda Potter to Patricia A. Morrison and Richard H. Morrison. 146 Colrain Stage Road.$70,000.

Patricia M. Archambault and Ryan M. Archambault to Erin S. MacLachlan and Adam M. Williams. 43 Underwood Hill Road. $275,000.


Megan Fogarty and Thomas H. Stevens to Megan Fogarty. 12 Skerry Road. No Consideration.


Davis R. Bates III, Nancy A. Bates and Richard A. Bates to Richard A. Bates. Brattleboro Road. $1


George Zdru to Thomas Peter McAlarney. Manley Phelps Road. $1.


Thomas N. Tompkins to Christian David Rountree and Laura Elizabeth Rountree. 282 Greenfield Road. $330,000.

Guo Li Xin and Qiu E. Liu to, Yuerong Chen. 58-62 L. St. $295,000.

Fenwick LLP to Maple Street Productions LLC. 20-22 Maple St. $261,300.

Justin D. Killeen to Graciela Vega. 158 Old Sunderland Road.$316,500.

Andrei Agapov and Galina B. Agapov to James Robert Carr. 115 Federal St. $265,000.

William Steffen and Anna-Claire Steffen to Pamela B. Kennedy. 30 X St. $215,000.

Stephen Gamache and Ashley J. Williams to Eric M. Cole 2020 Irrevocable Trust, John D. Funk and Amy G. Cole, Trustees. 9 James Ave. $191,000.


MTGLQ Investors LP by Attorney, New Penn Financial LLC, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, & Newrez LLC, Attorney to Christopher A. Scott and Susan A. Scott. 40 North Lane. $220,000.

Richard F. Taferner by Attorney, Grace Anne Hoefig, Attorney, to Heather Taferner. 155 Main St. $1.

Heather Taferner to Adrienne L. Beaupre and George C. Bremner. 155 Main St. $247,200.


US Bank NA, Trustee by Attorney, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, Attorney to Anthony McCormack-Corda. 182 North Main St. $112,000.

Anthony McCormack-Corda to Anthony McCormack-Corda and Alyssa Sansossio. 182 North Main St. No consideration.

John L. Desrosiers and Rebecca LaFountain to Gabrielle R. Winant and Thomas E. Winant. 52 Lois St. $35,950.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Trustee by Attorney, PHH Mortgage Corp. Attorney to Alyre P. Saulnier. 221 West Main St. $89,723.

Treva M. Frank to Bonnie Frank. 221 West River St. $1.

US Bank Trust NA, Trustee by Attorney, Selene Finance LP, Attorney to Jeffrey Earl Burke, Marie Ann Larabee-Chandler and Lisa Marie Songer-Burke. 145 Fryeville Rdoa. $178,500.

Bruce English and Phu-Gui Feng to Bruce English and Phu-Gui Feng. Camp Rd. $1.

Jonathan R. Army to Russell T. Peppard and Andrea J. Gudat. Rosemont Ave. $1.

Ruth S. Shaw Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Meredith S. Larson, Trustee to Jason Yates. 270 Wheeler Ave. $225,000.


Robert B. and Verna J. Reid T. and Elizabeth A. Parissi to James L. Duncan, 57 Old Barre Road. $180,000.

Richard L. Est and Barbara M. to Kerry E. Sera and  Ryan Serra, 25 Phillips Drive. $550,000


Melanie C. Dreher to Melanie C. Dreher Revocable Trust, Melanie C. Dreher, Trustee. 106-108 Bridge St. No consideration.

David E. Thompson and Martha L. Thompson to Thompson Realty Trust, Martha L. Thompson and David E. Thompson, Trustees. 88 Frank Williams Road.$1.


Julian F. Janowitz Revocable Trust, Honor Judd, Trustee and Julian F. Janowitz Estate, Honor Judd, Personal Representative, to Robert Samuel Clay and Brittany Morgan Janis. 711 Wendell Road.$540,000.


MonikaM. Van Dalsen Revocable Trust, Danny E. Van Dalsen and Monika M. Van Dalsen, Trustees to Joseph W. Elias and Li Xu Elias. 123 North Plain Road. $435,000.


Tracey Weed to Tracey Weed and David Weed. 138 Richmond Road. $38.


Joan Afferica “aka” Joan M. Afferica to Joan Afferica Revocable Living Trust, Joan Afferica “aka” Joan Bialer, Trustee. 70 Old Stage Road/Old Stage Road/Jennison Road. $1.


Kyle J. Monahan to Joel S. Monahan. 305 Haydenville Road.$250,000.

David M. Dove and Laurie C. Dove to Jaclyn J. Jones and Perrine Meunier-Jones. 129 Conway Road. $310,000.

Michael F. Szady, Carol A. Therrien “aka” Carol A. Therrien-Szady to Casey A. Hensel and Ashley E. Marcinkowski. 33 Egypt Road. $376,900.

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