Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 13, 2019

Published: 9/12/2019 6:16:47 PM
Modified: 9/12/2019 6:16:37 PM

Michele D. Maznick to Travis Minnick and Justin Wellman of Shelburne Falls. 1327 Williamsburg Road. $301,000.

Grace E. Lesure to Kyla M. McMahon. 526 Main St. $240,000.


Steven Bathory-Peeler and Megan Bathory-Peeler of Gill to Angela Marquet and Eric Page of Leyden. 343 West Mountain Road. $60,000.

Kathleen D. Montiglio and William G. Montiglio to Kathleen D. Montiglio Investment Trust, Kathleen D. Montiglio, trustee. Fox Hill Road. $1.

Kathleen D. Barton “nka” Kathleen D. Montiglio to Kathleen D. Montiglio Investment Trust, Kathleen D. Montiglio, trustee. 376 Brattleboro Road. $1.


Patrick J. Valeski to Patrick J. Valeski Investment Trust, Patrick J. Valeski, trustee, and Dena M. Briggs Investment Trust, Dena M. Briggs, trustee. 22 Conway Road. $1.


Irene M. Fischlein Estate and Robert R. Fischlein of Shelburne to Daniel O’Quinn of Malden. 416 Main Road. $45,500.


Michele D. Maznick of Ashfield to Travis Minnick and Justin Wellman of Shelburne Falls. Williamsburg Road. $301,000.

Barbara L. Paparazzo and Louis F. Paparazzo to Jacob Aaron Carter and Theresa A. Carter. 96 Parsons Road. $226,500.

David P. Adie and Debra B. Hoyle to South River Crossing Realty Trust, Debra B. Hoyle and David P. Adie, trustees. 435 Bardwells Ferry Road. $1.


Walter H. Kleeberg,Jr. to Walter H. Kleeberg Jr. and Michelle LaVallee. 40 Hawks Road. No consideration.

Stanley P. Waluk and Mary Ann H. Waluk to Waluk Family Revocable Trust, Stanley P. Waluk and Mary Ann H. Waluk, trustees. 3 Oak Knoll Drive. $1.

Ellen W. Studdiford Estate “aka” Ellen S. Drews Estate, Judith Wright Bohall, personal representative, of Watervliet, N.Y., Mary E. Wright Estate, “aka” Mary Wright Estate of Burlington, Vt., and Jerry Wright “aka” Jeremy Wright, individually, to Randi Billings. Steam Mill Road. $35,500.


Dennis Sean Warren to Benjamin P. Goldsher. 32 to 34 James St. $261,500.

Ashley R. Mancini “fka” Ashley R. Stokes of Buffalo, N.Y., and Michael Mancini to Francine Phelps, Francis Phelps and Robert Phelps. 24 Park Ave. $227,500.

DND Properties LLC to Scenic Enterprises LLC. 348 High St. $133,000.

Gertrude Eloise Hooks of Northampton to Camilla Albani Elizeu of Billerica. 230 Davis St. $238,000.

Emmalyn Hicks to Jacqueline Mathers of Leverett. 155 to 157 Federal St. $215,000.

Amanda Rymes and John Rymes of Chichester, N.H., to Remy Miller of South Deerfield. 254 Green River Road. $235,000.

Deborah B. Hill “aka” Deborah A. Hill to Deborah B. Hill and Larry R. Hill of Winchester, N.H. 735 Bernardston Road. $1.

King Investment Trust, Rebecca D. King, trustee, to Julia Vincenza Whalen and Logan Reynolds Whalen of Northampton. 33 Allen St. $198,000.

Harris Snyder and Nola G. Snyder to Robert R. Carey of Bernardston. Barton Road. $1.

Robert R. Carey to Harris Snyder and Nola G. Snyder. Barton Road. $1.


Jeanne M. Bousquet “aka” Jeannie Bousquet to Todd T. Bousquet. 48 Papoose Lake Drive. $30,000.

Cynthia Beaudoin and Gary R. Beaudoin of West Suffield, Conn., to Shawn M. LaCross of Chicopee. 40 Waterfall Drive. $3,000.

Earl P. Carlow “aka” Earl Philip Carlow to Earl Philip Carlow Investment Trust of Rowe, Earl Philip Carlow, trustee. 3 Flagg Hill Road Branch “fka” 3 Burnt Hill Road. $1.

Patrick J. Valeski of Buckland and Dena M. Briggs to Patrick J. Valeski Investment Trust, Patrick J. Valeski, trustee, and Dena M. Briggs Investment Trust, Dena M. Briggs, trustee, of Shelburne Falls. 108 Sumner Stetson Road. $1.


Glen Benson and Kathie Benson to Jason P. Tuell and Isabel B. Whiston. 44 Keets Brook Road. $370,000.

Irene E. Muka and Michael G. Muka to Donald R. Adams and Kathleen Adams of Lutz, Fla. Kately Hill Road. $24,090.

Harry Neville and Margaret R. Neville to Neville Investment Trust, Margaret R. Neville and Harry Neville, trustees. 19 W S Black Road. $1.

Irene D. Muka and Lewis R. Muka to Lewis R. Muka. 209 South County Road, South County Road and County Road. $1.


Kevin F. Humphrey to Kevin F. Humphrey and Kathleen C. Salinetti. 8 Burnett St. $1.

140 Second Street LLC to Shirley White of Greenfield. Second Street. $25,000.

Tim DeChristopher to Shirley White of Greenfield. 138 Second St. $25,000.

Heather L. Gagne to Justin M. Johnson and Melanie R. Johnson. 54 Oakman St. $206,000.


Stephen D. Bergeron and Laura J. Bergeron of Ellington, Conn., to Stephen D. Bergeron and Laura J. Bergeron of Connecticut. 89 Michael Lane. $1.


James J. Robinson of Ashfield and Diane W. Bedrosian-Robinson to Diane W. Bedrosian-Robinson. Old Turnpike Road. $1.

Lynne Walker Mellas “fka” Lynne F. Mellas to Joseph A. Marchello “aka” Joseph A. Marcello. $95,000.

Edward M. Orcutt Jr. and Leann M. Orcutt to Howard Hastings and Virginia Hastings. North Lane. $25,000.


Sarah S. Ryan to Timothy A. Newton. 33 Summit St. $174,000.

Ivaldete F. Deassis to Lawrence River LLC. 208 East Main St. $44,900.

K & C Real LLC of Bernardston to Julienne Guillaume, Marc Guillaume, Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki and Anira Dahlstrom-Hakki, of Greenfield. 17 to 19 West Main St. $225,000.

Andre Brousseau of Wells, Maine, Darien Brousseau of Athol and Susan Earley “fka” Susan Strong to Gail Lopez, Loren Scott and Yvonne Scott. 690 East Main St. $97,800.

Alanna L. Barnes and Joshua J. Burke of Sandwich to Alexander Mihalich. 255 South Main St. $182,000.

Mariann T. Herk to Benjamin J. Herk and Mariann Herk. 33 Adams St. $1.

Randolph C. Brier of Baldwinville, Sandra J. O’Connell of Stow, Victoria A. Cortright and Judith L. Duarte to Victoria A. Cortright, Judith L. Duarte and Sandra J. O’Connell. 165 Tully Road. Less than $100.

Stephanie M. Favreau and Zachary J. Favreau to Adam Joseph Felton. 25 Wheeler Ave. $173,000.

June B. Webster Estate, Diane L. Johnson and Debra L. Webster-Prevost, personal representatives, to Joseph John Daley. 239 West River St. $225,000.


Myra F. Bennett “nka” Myra Bennett Carlow and Earl Philip Carlow to Myra Bennett Carlow Investment Trust, Myra Bennett Carlow, trustee, and Earl Philip Carlow Investment Trust, Earl Philip Carlow, trustee. 42 Ford Hill Road. $1.


Edward J. Brzezinski to Edward J. Brzezinski and Beverly E. Brzezinski. 546 West Pelham Road. $100.


Frank Anthony Russo and Brenda Duby Russo to Susan M. Wright. 17 Sycamore Road, Unit 17, Buttonball Meadow Condominium. $290,000.

Margaret J. LaRochelle to Rebecca Uzdavinis of Whately. Howard Hepburn Drive. No consideration.


Gary N. Stone and Lola Jean Stone to Lola Jean Stone. 124 Haydenville Road. $1.

Suzanne Arnopolin Trust, Suzanne Arnopolin and Ronnie Williams, trustees, to Beth R. Lukin and John M. Lukin of Westmoreland, N.H. 7 Mieczkowski Circle. $409,000.


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