Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 10, 2021

Published: 9/9/2021 3:39:36 PM

326 Main St. $545,000. B: Christopher Paine. S: Christopher J. Pike and Frederick P. Pike.


111 Brickyard Road, Unit G3. $139,000. B: Charles H. Morrow. S: Carolanne Lovewell.

344 King Road. $265,000. B: Angelique B. McFarland and Angelique McFarland. S: Walter Aspell and Virginia R. Aspell.

784 Partridgeville Road. $302,625. B: Sharon McAdam-Bennett. S: Charles J. Weaver and Kelly Weaver.

837 Partridgeville Road, Unit 3A. $126,000. B: Cassandra Irons. S: John H. Lafrenier.

539 School St. $140,000. B: Jet Investment LLC. S: BD Waterford Real Estate Holdings LLC.

130 Western Ave. $20,000. B: William F. MacDonald and Tracey J. MacDonald. S: Chris A. Soucie.


396 Brattleboro Road. $325,000. B: Justin Hewes and Jonathan D. Hanna. S: Alexandra E. Budine.


63 Sandgully Road. $895,000. B: Lucas C. Grafton and Emily C. Pearce. S: Gregory M. Gardner and Caryn E. Gardner.

98 Sandgully Road. $351,400. B: Halie E. Theoharides. S: Zachary M. Cross.


82 Barton Road. $282,500. B: Nicolae Pacuraru and Lidia Pacuraru. S: Kenneth E. Purington.

26 Brookside Ave. $246,000. B: Stacey L. Geneczko. S: Jannette K. Wiseman and William E. Wiseman.

304 Plain Road. $265,000. B: Kelli Kydd and Breanne Kydd. S: Jason Butynski and Heather M. Butynski.

47 Princeton Terrace, Unit 47. $140,000. B: Susan M Louisignau International Trust, Susan M. Louisignau, trustee. S: Kelley B. Ives.


21 Shawnee Drive. $6,000. B: Jack Senecal and Conor Patrick. S: Mark Pelton.

4 Waterfall Drive. $90,000. B: Joseph A. Smith and Cheryl L. Smith. S: Nicole E. Nartowicz.


25 6th St. $25,000. B: John Anctil. S: Town of Montague.

104 Millers Falls Road. $155,000. B: Brian E. Frank and Steven D. Beckwith. S: Mary M. Powling.

24 O St. $20,000. B: Tricia Carignan. S: William J. Carignan.

427 Turners Falls Road. $182,500. B: Michael Young. S: Thomas R. Cain.


27 Lovers Lane. $530,000. B: JWKE Inc. S: David G. Briand.


109 Hinsdale Road. $300,000. B: Steven J. Kelley and Janet M. Kelley. S: Lynn M. Mancha Revocable Trust, Lynn M. Mancha, trustee.

97 Main St. $365,000. B: Lisa B. Yin and Douglas A. Barker. S: Gloria A. Funkhouser.


53 Burrill Ave. $280,000. B: Gabrielle J. Martin and Justin T. King. S: Debra Comeau and Ronald Comeau.

19 East Main St. $120,000. B: Brenda Cope. S: Michael J. Magee and Constance Pike.

158 Governor Dukakis Drive. $3,650,000. B: Power Fund Real Estate LLC. S: Quabbin Orange Realty LLC.

117 Hayden St. $180,000. B: Edwin Figuroa-Torres. S: Richard A. Jones.

396 Mayo Road. $150,000. B: William S. Page Jr. and Diane M. Page. S: Paul G. Bachelder.

105 North Main St., Unit B. $85,000. B: Andrew J. Bergmann. S: Lawrence J. Senio and Theresa J. Senio.

76 Prospect St. $155,000. B: Destiney L. Michelin and Matthew P. Grant. S: Charles D. Anderson III.

28 Wheeler Ave. $92,000. B: Brien McLaughlin. S: Speedwagon Investors LLC.

272 Wheeler Ave. $210,000. B: Joseph H. McDaneld and Shari L. McDaneld. S: Ronald Reid-Leshane Jr. and Heather Leshane.


282 Petersham Road. $448,900. B: Evan Butler and Jasmine Butler. S: Matson Homes 2 Inc.


15 Stone Hill Road. $160,000. B: Thomas E. Oleary and April R. Oleary. S: Woodward International Trust, Lindalee Adelt, trustee.


Morse Village Road, Lot 2A. $51,000. B: Kaylee Degrace. S: Pioneer Valley Redevelopers LLC.

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