Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 9, 2020

Published: 10/8/2020 2:41:43 PM

Leonard H. Roberts to Julie Talbot and Matthew Talbot. John Ford Road. $50,000.


Mark E. Mosher and Heidi J. Mosher to Matthew Hagg. 217 Brattle St. $250,000.

Mark A. Smith to Michael Nunez. 232 Bryant St. $245,000.

William P Wheeler Real Estate Trust, William P. Wheeler, trustee, to Suzanne Gale and Donna Gale. 600 Cobb Road. $510,000.

Deborah J. Lebonte to Christopher R. Sullivan and Matthew P. McCarthy. 451 Hapgood St. $168,000.

Constance A. Milusich to Brooke Coleman and Patrick Connors. 831 Moore Hill Road. $370,000.

Joni Paulino to Tyler W. Brissette. 93 Oak Ave. $235,000.

Evan C. Noel and Allison R. Noel to Tod S. Dupuis and Mary A. Dupuis. 3809 South Athol Road. $184,000.

Lori Warner to Ashoryn LLC. South Royalston Road. $49,900.

Joseph F. Paul to Steven E. Gauvin. West Royalston Road. $15,000.


Susan Guy-Greene to Terrence A. Blanchard and Wendy A. Blanchard. 35 West Mountain Road. $400,000.


Bradley J. Rice to Naomi Soviecke and Nicholas J. Soviecke. 15 North St. $260,000.


Andrea G. Rudolph “aka” Andrea Grace Rudolph to Anne Marie Cardin and James R. Devlin. 1D Adams Court, Unit 20, Commons of Deerfield. $230,400.

Jennifer C. Green to Martin G. Hutchinson and Rachel A. Skorupka. 216 Conway Road. $279,000.

Katherine M. Hunter and Michael M. Hunter to Deborah Grace Rosenstein. 141 Hillside Road. $312,000.

Steve & Kathy Melnik Family Trust, Stephen D. Melnik and Kathleen Melnik, trustees, to Keegan Downie. 143 Mill Village Road. $302,000.

Julia Rolin Coffey to MYCO Properties LLC. 75 Stillwater Road. $1.


Kathleen R. Holley to Christian Glenn Holley and Mark Danforth Holley. 55 Lincoln St. $1.

Terrence A. Blanchard and Wendy A. Blanchard “aka” Wendy A. Wodarski to Casey R. Fahey. 113 High St. $318,000.

Jessica Begans and Aimee Bushman to Chalais N. Carter and Kate E. Carter. 43 Walnut St. $240,000.

David A. Gunn “aka” David A. Gunn Jr., Stephen M. Gunn, Debra J. Kelly and Judith L. Rose to Kyle W. Kurtyka and Stacy D. Kurtyka. 14 Temple Ave. $185,000.

Teressa Madden Irrevocable Trust, First Financial Bank NA, trustee, to Brenda L. Fionte and Paul A. Fionte, Jr. 20B Phyllis Lane. $271,000.

Infinite Realty Trust, David Brooks, trustee, to Dumitru Iavorschi and Svetlana Iavorschi. 12 Champney Road. $231,000.

Arlene J. Baclawski “aka” Arlene J. Becklo to Douglas C. Ewing, Tammy E. Hicks and Darlene A. Holland. Champney Road. $10,000.

Jacob W. Ford and Carlene J. Heimiller to James Shultis. 18 Haywood St. $262,000.


Albert F. Canali/Albert F. Canali, Jr., and Elizabeth M. Canali to Cheri Cummins Markle and Seth Gabriel Rosenthal. 81 Route 8A South. $235,000.


Cynthia K.L. Herzig and Rodney A. Herzig to Rodney Allen Herzig & Cynthia Karling Herzig Revocable Living Trust, Cynthia Karling Herzig and Rodney Allen Herzig, trustees. 9 Pinewood Circle. $1.

William Alexander Mackinnon Estate “aka” William A. Mackinnon Estate, Diana L. Mackinnon, personal representative, to Jason R. Cook. 85 Turners Falls Road and 83 Montague Road. $225,000.

Cheryl A. Allis to Edmund Molongoski. 1 K St. $1.


Rock Maple Realty Trust, Michael L. Humphries, trustee, to Hong Wen Cai. 158 Birnam Road. $380,000.

Dennis E. Tyler and Elaine T. Tyler to Heather Teresa Beauchesne and Jason Edward Tyler. 505 Four Mile Brook Road. $1.


Constance A. Milusich to Brooke Coleman and Patrick Connors. Moore Hill Road (plus property elsewhere). $370,000.

Ranlyn Property Investments LLC to Waldemar Cruz. 218 East Main St. $210,000.

Janet E. Holden and Mark W. Holden to Michael L. Fernet and Rachel A. Fernet. 16 Maynard St. $150,000.

Deborah Piragis to Kurt R. Kenneally. 65 West River St. $171,200.

Sally Louise Davis to Christopher I. Davis. 37 Fairman Road. $1.

Phillip B. Tomlinson to Amanda Heaton and Harold L. Veilluex. 134 Walnut Hill Road. $375,000.


Mark J. Dillon to Evan C. Noel and Allison R. Noel. 42 Flat Rock Road. $245,000.

Popple Camp Revocable Trust, Bruce P. Farley, trustee, to Brian G. Desreuisseau and Belinda E. Desreuisseau. Phillipston Road, Lot 63-2. $40,000.


US Bank NA Trust to Jonathan Potter. 4 Austin Road. $200,000.

Daniel J. Trifilo and Linda J. Trifilo to Philip D. Stevens and Erin A. Stevens. 20 Indian Stone Road. $225,000.

Richard J. Michaud and Saundra M. Michaud to Peter B. Richmond. 225 Royalston Road. $190,000.


Daureen W. Petersen Estate, Geoffrey T. Cirinna, personal representative, to Geoffrey T. Cirinna. 252 Zoar Road. $1.


Ronald D. Spencer to Ronald D. Spencer and Jamie Spencer. 24 Main St. $1.


Norman Blain and Therese M. Legere to Isaac S. Wilner. 17 and 55 West Pelham Road. $270,000.

Karen Jones to Claire Martineau and Gary Martineau. 35 Farrar Road. $10,000.


Green Tree Family LP, by partner, Hilda B. Greenbaum, partner, to Jelb Properties LLC. 3 Plumtree Road. $775,000.


Jerri Higgins to Austen Higgins-Cassidy. 57 Stone Road. $1.

Judith Ann Hall to Judith A. Hall Revocable Trust, Judith Ann Hall, trustee. 78 Wickett Pond Road. $1.


Jawk Inc. to Lauren K. Hnath and Noah R. Marchand. 2 Grey Oak Lane. $110,000.

Prime Partners LLC to Kenna Nielson and Justin Stansell. 7 State Road. $231,900.

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