Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 18, 2019

Published: 10/17/2019 6:06:28 PM
Modified: 10/17/2019 6:06:17 PM

Christopher J. Chasse to Christopher J. Chasse and Rachel A. Chasse. 164 Plainfield Road. $1.

Sharon Off Dunlap Smith to Nathalie Dunlap Smith of New York. 437 Murray Road and Murray Road. $1.


Davette P. Young and William J. Young “aka” William J. Young Jr. to Michele Detour and Mary E. McEneany of Greenfield. 69 Barton Heights. $280,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp of McClean, Va., to Troy Santerre of Northfield. 186 Bald Mountain Road. $115,700.


Mark Liebowitz and Nancy Katz to Kevin M. Day and Tatyana Day of Arlington. 12 Howes Road. $310,000.


William S. Lawless and Cheryl Maynard-Lawless to Christopher M. Rose of Buckland. 81 Deer Run Lane. $350,500.


Malcolm Arthur Caron to Melissa J. Bednarski of Greenfield and Malcolm Arthur Caron. 104 Call Road. $1.

Stanley Greenberg of Annapolis, Md., to Donald Charron of Palmer. 415 Main Road. $123,500.


Nancy J. Barker Estate, David Scott Barker, Janet B. Ryan “aka” Janet Barker Rya, “aka” Janet D. Ryan “aka” Janet Dean Barker Ryan “aka” Janet Dean Ryan, personal representatives, to David Scott Barker and Janet D. Ryan. Roaring Brook Road. No consideration.


Ragus LLC to Rudolph A. Konieczny Jr., Investment Trust, Rudolph A. Konieczny “aka” Rudolph A. Konieczny Jr., trustee, and Mary B. Konieczny Investment Trust, Mary B. Konieczny, trustee. 17B Snowberry Circle, Unit 5B, Sugarloaf Condominium. $301,450.

Sheila M. Hobbie of Heath and Rachel Allison Hobbie to Rachel Allison Hobbie. 35 Hobbie Road. $1.

Don E. Matus to Jennifer Perreault and Michael Perreault of Greenfield. 94 Whately Road. $430,000.

Ragus LLC to Timothy R. Cooley and Jovi R. Graves of Greenfield. West Upper Road. $1.


Calvin M. Brown to William Kimball of Greenfield. 141 Center Road. $234,000.

Lillian N. Niedbala to Karen M. Asseng and Stephen W. Asseng of Deerfield. 26 Center Road. $230,000.

Gary M. Gaines and Judith A. Gaines to Deryl S. Young and Earl N. Young Jr., Conneautville, Pa. 61 South Cross Road. $65,000.


Store Master Funding IX LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz., to G&I IX APOLLO SWM LLC, of New York. 49 Greenfield St. $2,713,306.

Store Master Funding IX LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., to G&I IX APOLLO SWM LLC of New York. 64 Adams Road. $2,038,168.

Store Master Funding IX LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., to G&I IX APOLLO SWM LLC of New York. 53 Silvio O Conte Drive. $7,834,194.

Store Master Funding IX LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., to G&I IX APOLLO SWM LLC. 46 Greenfield St. $1,797,038.

Susan A. Ewart “aka” Susan Ewart to Abigail S. Baines and Jared Barney of Amherst. 139 Harrison Ave. $150,000.

William H. White Estate, Jason Licardi, personal representative, of Lake Grove, N.Y., to Christina Williams of Colrain. 14 Farren St. $185,000.

Nelda P. Burke “aka” Nelda P. Smith to Jonathan S. Souza and Emma Sabella. 24 Barton Heights. $249,500.

Kevin Michael Kearns and Julie Judd Kearns to Eric Christopher Dumas of Gill. 220 High St. $310,000.

John R. Maguire and Clare E. Maguire of Northfield to Todd M. O’Brien and April L. O’Brien of Turners Falls and Allison M. Springman and Daryl R. Springman Jr. of Haydenville. 71 to 73 Hope St. $105,000.

Pamela J. Peramba to Jessica D. Moody and Richard C. Moody of Deerfield. 313 Deerfield St. $150,000.

Joan H. Roach Living Trust, Joan H. Roach, trustee, to Nelson B. Beckwith Jr. and Maria C. Cusano of Somerville and Richard B. Andrew and Nicole Cusano of Shelburne. 69 Green River Road. $270,000.

Baker Investment Trust, Bernard Baker and Laura Baker, trustees, to Sebastian C. Gutwein and Lea D. Appel. 22 Cleveland St. $275,000.


Matthew R. Walsh, Kathleen E. Walsh and James K. Walsh to James K. Walsh and Kathleen E. Walsh. 8 East Hawley Road. $1.


Michael G. Muka and Irene E. Muka to Danielle C. Ethier and Jeffrey R. Ethier of Erving. 166 Kately Hill Road. $750,000.

Betsey Yetter to Linda J. Allis, Richard E. Allis and Samuel R. Allis. 310 West Leyden Road. $120,000.

William S. Harris Estate, Keng Siong Sim, personal representative, of Burtonsville, Md., to Corey Moses of Somerville. Harris Brook Road and River Road. $50,000.


Jean T. Hoff to James F. Coyne IV. 66 Davis St. $200,000.

Michael Naughton and Judith R. Naughton to David E. Jensen. Massassoit Street. $15,000.

Tammy J. Stanley to David V. Celino of Sunderland. 515 Turners Falls Road. $210,000.

Michael Naughton and Judith E. Naughton to Donald H. Turner and Terisa E. Turner. Massassoit Street. $15,000.

Kristen W. Shattuck of Mesa, Ariz., to Marcel James Viens Trust of Long Beach, Calif., Marcel James Viens, trustee, Michael S. Johnson and Amelie R. Johnson of Montague. 43C J St., Unit 3, Heritage Park Condominium. $55,000.

Bernard J. Zewinski Estate “aka” Bernard Zewinski Estate, Sandra J. Miner, personal representative, to Henry M. Shaughnessy and Jane A. Shaughnessy of Greenfield. 20 Norman Circle. $255,000.

Nicole Linscott and Shane Linscott to Nicole Linscott. 1 Randall Wood Drive. $1.


John E. Saliba of Rockingham, N.H., to Sam Robinson of Erving. William Rice Road. $24,000.

Victor J. Colo and Mary A. Colo to Thomas J. Colo of Northampton and Anne M. Colo of Deerfield. 16 Meetinghouse Lane. $1.


Rebecca M. Wong of Greenfield to Rebecca M. Wong and William C. Wong of Greenfield. Millers Falls Road. $1.


Allen B. Gage III to David Carlyle. 23 Burrill Ave. $95,000.

Daniel Bushee to Selma Olsen. 112 Winter St. $203,000.

Brenda Piro, Leo Piro and Stephanie J. Zimmerman to Brenda Piro, Stephen T. Smith and Stephanie J. Zimmerman. 18 Mechanic St. $1.

Ruth L. Shufelt to Amy L. Shufelt. 63 Battle St. $1.

Caroline J. Cullen and Earl W. Cullen to Michael Talbot and Jillian Whitney. 51 East Road. $272,000.

Patricia A. Mailloux and Charlotte M. Vaughn to Miguel Morales of Turners Falls. Marjorie Street. $20,000.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, attorney, US Bank NA, trustee by attorney, to Almas Omar and Ryan Smith Sr. 49 West Main St. $23,000.


Jeffrey A. Smith and Lee A. Smith of Holliston to Jeffrey A. Smith Family Trust, Jeffrey A. Smith, trustee, and Lee A. Smith Family Trust, Lee A. Smith, trustee, of Holliston. 120 County Road/120 County St. $10.


Frederick C. Gagnon of Greenfield to Carrie J. Bergman of South Hadley. 989 Mohawk Trail. $318,000.

C To The Third Power LLC of Hawley to Martin Ventures LLC. 10 Bridge St. $285,000.

Melanie C. Dreher “aka” Melanie H. Dreher to Seth Douglas Wilschutz and Jennifer Leigh Bauman of Cumberland, Maine. 10 Maple St. $410,000.


Derek J. Bergquist and Michelle Bergquist to Mark A. Vieira of Rutland. 11 Revere Hill Road. $189,900.

Steven C. Farley of Hopkinton to Steven & Leah Farley Family Revocable Trust, Leah A. Farley and Steven C. Farley, trustees, of Hopkinton. 172 White Road. $1.

Edward J. Gallagher of Port Orange, Fla., to Gallagher Living Trust, Edward John Gallagher Jr., trustee, of Port Orange, Fla. Tully Road. $10.


David Skorupa and Ayla Skorupa to Janice R. Doubleday. 281 Jennison Road. $1.


Hamelin Framing Inc. of Chicopee to Robert R. Keller III of Dover, N.H. 7 Grey Oak Lane. $550,000.

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