Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 16, 2020

Published: 10/15/2020 12:45:11 PM

Angelina I. Gallup and Dorothy A. Boutelle to Jeffrey W. Thiem. 1920 Chestnut Hill Ave. $180,000.

Robert F. Carey and Mary J. Carey to Gregory R. Stevens and Candice L. Stevens. 271 Dorset Road. $215,000.

Dana F. Higgins Land Trust, Solvay Bank, trustee, to Matthew J. Schofield and Jonne T. Schofield. 470 Exchange St. $134,500.

Gary Giarle to Thavath Sayarath. Petersham Road. $62,500.

Thomas A. Miles and Renee Miles to Adam Mendoza and Kiara L. Mendoza. 1683A Pleasant St. $272,000.

USA HUD to Heidi Mosher and Mark Mosher. 144 Rice St. $143,248.

Brian K. Hodge Estate and Ethan Hodge to Santos L. Rodriguez and Christie Rodriguez. 140 Summer St. $215,000.


Andrea Patt “aka” Andrea N. Patt and Roger L. Patt to Brandon J. Grover and Gretchen L. Kelton. 269 Bald Mountain Road. $108,000.

Kittredge Industries LLC to Pacifico Energy North America Properties LLC. 1417 Bernardston Road. (Land also in Greenfield.) $10.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee by attorney, PHH Mortgage Corp, attorney, to Sarah Davenport. 153 East Buckland Road. $126,000.

Davin G. Ojala to Amanda G. Steele. 25 Stone Road. $264,250.

Peter F. Buell and Honor B. Judd to Michael B. Thorn. Bray Road. $83,500.


Beth M. Bandy to Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Elizabeth Zoog Marks. 7 Avery Brook Road. $223,000.


Stevens C. Marston to Joseph Mursko and Eric M. Nelson. 64 Ed Clark Road. $215,000.

CR Homes LLC to Denis F. Bordeaux. 3 Main Road. $12,000.

Denis F. Bordeaux to Colrain Town Selectmen/Colrain Town. 3 Main Road. $15,000.


Ragus LLC to Eric C. Grant and Suzanne Tromara. 46A Snowberry Circle, Unit 19A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $324,900.

Ragus LLC to Marianne Wolslegel and Thomas E. Wolslegel. 46B Snowberry Circle, Unit 19B, Sugarloaf Condominium. $324,900.


Brooke A. Doleva and John P. Doleva to Elron Irrevocable Trust, Sheila Burnett and Bert Pike, trustees. 30 Wheelock St./Lee Street. $20,500.


Carlton F. Hubbard and Kenneth R. Hubbard to Cecelia A. Hubbard. 120 Hope St. $1.

Cecelia A. Hubbard to Mark A. Zaccheo. 120 Hope St. $70,000.

Christopher Davenport to Denise Hubert. 10 Davenport Way. $60,000.

Jennifer D. Gent and Phillip P. Gent to Megan F. Healey and Patrick E. Healey. 183 Conway St. $245,000.

David J. McDonald and Irene E. McDonald to Jonathan P. McDonald and Thomas L. McDonald. 15 Gold St. $1.

Daniel J. Fisher and Laurie Ann Fisher to Brenda McKelvey. 37 Columbus Ave. $140,000.

George P. Handschuh and Audrey M. LaBonte to Kathy Jeanne McCarthy. 94A Laurel St., Unit 11A, Pine Hill Park Condominium. $179,000.

Dustin J. Little to Eric Reid and Lindsey Reid. 539 Country Club Road. $213,000.

Kittredge Industries LLC to Pacifico Energy North America Properties LLC. 1417 Bernardston Road. (Land also in Bernardston.) $10.

Karissa A. Johnson and Ryan Sander to Pauline Rose Auger and Benjamin Ross Bricker. 70 Lovers Lane. $385,000.

Charles M. Cohn Irrevocable Trust and Charles M. Cohn Revocable Trust, William Julian II, William Julian and Elizabeth Sinnigen, trustees, Robert S. Cohn, Susan J. Doran and MECPC LLC to Franklin & Main LLC. 170 to 186 Main St. $325,700.

Nikolas G. Langlois and Alyse M. Mokrzycki to Heather A. Gonis and Benjamin P. Larkin. 160 Chapman St. $136,000.

Emma P. Marscher and Stephen Marscher to Nicholas Marscher and Mollie Tobey. Mary Potter Lane. $1.


Lisa Lague “aka” Lisa M. Simpson to Sara Anna Creta and Alexander Russel Subocz. 11 N St. $177,000.

Joshua A. Bell and Amie M. Keddy to Michael A. Fournier and Dawn M. Orluske. 9 Hillside Road. $305,000.


Linda M. Capasso and Vincent P. Capasso to Robert Fox and Pamela Woodhull. 47 Highland Ave. $415,000.


David T. Flood and Victoria L. Flood to Sean MacDonald and Colleen Trevisone. 245 South Main St. $206,000.

Robert F. Rae to Amy J. Rae and Robert F. Rae. 146 Horton Road. $1.

Douglas A. Rogers to Nathan D. Burnett and Nicole Burnett. South Main Street. $500.

Casandra Clukey and Nelson E. Clukey to Nelson E. Clukey. 72 Burrill Ave. $1.


Richard T. Cook to East Coast Platinum Development. Colony Road. $18,000.

Jeffrey R. Howard and Janice R. Howard to Oubo Huang and John Huang. 50 Whitney Road. $400,000.


Faith R. Travis and William R. Travis to Maria F. Boyle and Michael G. Boyle. Ford Hill Rd. $48,000.

Dianne Rode and Robert Rode to David Arney and Laurie Sutherland. 131 Zoar Road. $247,000.


Jane M. Bussiere and Jeremy T. Bussiere to Jason M. Leonard. 1 King St. $160,000.


Brenda R. Carey to Jessica C. Dufford. 274 Locks Pond Road. $93,000.


Richard W. Strycharz Jr. to Judith E. Miller Revocable Trust, Judith E. Miller, trustee, and Thomas C. McCurry, individually. 117 North Plain Road. $365,000.

Robert L. Bagdon, Catherine Matuszko and Janet Ogrodnik to Robert L. Bagdon. 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane. $1.

Thomas O. Leavitt to Robert L. Bagdon. 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane. $1.

Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon to Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon. 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane. $1.

Rains Realty Trust, Anita S. Rains and Wilson H. Rains, trustees, to Dorian Emily Block and Adam L. Wald. 432 Hadley Road. $575,000.

Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon to Kitchen Garden LLC. 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane. $245,000.


Paula M. Mattson and Wayne A. Mattson to Stephen Roylance and Susan Roylance. Locke Hill Road. $75,000.

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