Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 6, 2020

Published: 11/5/2020 3:15:23 PM
Modified: 11/5/2020 3:15:11 PM

Todd Harbour to Delrico Gomes. 8 Chestnut St. $70,000.

Jonathan M. Marsh and April M. Marsh to Jonathan M. Marsh. 85 Everett Ave. $15,000.

Peter L. Tourigny and Kimberly A. Tourigny to Kevin Wessel and Jillian Wessel. 104 Goddard St. $289,000.

Kay L. Magrone and Frank Magrone Jr. to Marco C. Romeiro and Silvana Romeiro. 129 Lakewood Drive. $275,000.

Matthew Cambell to Scott R. Howland and Jennifer M. Howland. 1251 Main St. $215,000.


Beverly A. Phelps to Jared N. Weeks. 590 Brattleboro Road. $435,000.

Troy Santerre to Design Solution LLC. 193 and 199 Bald Mountain Road. $1.


Susan M. McDonald to Michael R. Duffey. Bray Road. No consideration.


Kimberly J. Gerry and Todd M. Gerry to JuJus Palace LLC. 159 Main St. $300,000.

John Hansen Jr. and Mary A. Hansen to John Hansen Jr., John P. Hansen and Mary A. Hansen. Legate Hill Road. No consideration.


Sharon E. Meyers and William J. Meyers to Joshua Benson. White Road. $60,000.


Georgette L. Devine to William M. Chester Jr., 2018 Descendants Trust, Thomas Tyler Read Plain, trustee. 378 Cricket Hill Road. $450,000.

Hay Investment Trust, Sandra K. Hay, trustee and individually, to Rhonda J. Pease and William D. Pease. 34 River St. $187,000.

Andrew Desguin to Andrew E. Desguin Revocable Trust, Andrew E. Desguin, trustee. 473 North Poland Road. No consideration.


Linda M. Phillips Estate, Lisa Trischitta, personal representative, to Stephen L. Grybko. 22 Sugarloaf St. $255,000.


Rhonda J. Pease and William D. Pease to Laura Smith. 12 North St. $183,900.

Frank A. Fellows and Vicki Fellows to Flis Collective LLC. 3 and 5 West Main St. $345,000.


Ann Marie McCune to Rebecca M. Witter and Roger A. Witter. 93 Barney Hale Road. $289,500.


Bernard V. Mann Trust, Bernard V. Mann, individually and trustee, to Bernard V. Mann, Ruth J. Mann and Tina M. Schneider. Colrain Road. $1.

Bernard V. Mann and Ruth J. Mann to Bernard V. Mann, Ruth J. Mann and Tina M. Schneider. 794 Colrain Road. $1.

Bernard V. Mann and Ruth J. Mann to Heidi L. Boliski, Denise I. Downs, Bernard V. Mann and Ruth J. Mann. 19 Shattuck St. $1.

Patricia Schryba Estate, Daniel F. Graves, personal representative, to Louis E. Soucie. 86 Newell Pond Road. $155,000.

Eric J. Covey and Heather C. Poulin to Elisabeth Porter “aka” Elisabeth K. Porter. 52 Prospect St., Unit D, Highland Park Condominium. $125,000.

Brian A. Hale to Lillian K. Fowler and Brian A. Hale. 6 Warner St. $10.

Walter F. Kasper, by attorney, Evelyn D. Kasper, individually, and Evelyn Kasper, attorney, to Sandra Haynes and Beverly A. Phelps. 284 Silver St. $195,000.

David B. Patteson and Nancy M.C. Patteson to Tamara J. Erickson and Thomas J. Erickson. 185A Old Albany Road. $732,620.

Sheila A. Lagrenade and Richard W. Wilby Jr. to Stephen Cadarette. 448 Bernardston Road. $50,000.

Edward J. Terault to Sarah K. Lanzillotta and Jake M. Meginsky. 30 Woodleigh Ave. $199,000.

Karen M. Fritz-O’Hare to Elizabeth De Neeve and Andrew Duncan. 58 Smead Hill Road. $269,000.

Gail M. Bienvenue to Gary Fieldman. 9 Greenway Lane. $310,000.

Iryna S. Lyvytska, Oleksandr Lyvytsky and Sergiy P. Lyvytsky to Alla Lyvytska and Sergiy P. Lyvytsky. 9 Monroe Ave. No consideration.

Regina E. Curtis to Trevor Donald Woodworth. 298 Deerfield St. $104,000.


Ellen H. Pendergast and John Prodis to Sweet Nestled LLC. 112 Old Mountain Road. $227,000.

Gary C. MacClean “aka” Gary C. MacLean and Maria L. Toyofuku to Ben E. Bakker and Kristan J. Bakker. 36 Cave Hill Road. $354,000.


Virginia M. Rockwood to Russell Brooks and Perry Bowen Carter. East Hill Road. $153,000.

Eric D. Page to William R. Bander. 178 Eden Trail. $348,000.


Beverly A. Morin and Edward J. Morin to Morin 2009 Irrevocable Trust, Michael E. Morin and Ann Marie Viens, trustees. 65 Randall Road. $1.

Morin 2009 Irrevocable Trust, Michael E. Morin and Ann Marie Viens, trustees, to Michael E. Morin. 65 Randall Road. $1.

Edmund J. Demers Estate, Linda A. Liebenow, personal representative, to Andrea M. Dennett and Lawrence R. Dennett. 68 Dell St. $150,000.

Charles & Gertrude Bohonowicz Nominee Trust, Gary M. Bohonowicz and Doreen M. Tilley, trustees, to Gary M. Bohonowicz and Doreen M. Tilley. Industrial Road. $1.

Nathaniel I. Cook to Rachel A. Bleiweiss-Sande. Ripley Road. $55,000.

Peterson M. Cunha to Elizabeth Ramlow. 77 Fifth St. $132,000.

Yolanda Zo Campbell to Marcus Jason Campbell. 30 Third St. $1.

David Michael Wilson to Jeremy Demers. 66 South Prospect St. $225,000.

Joan A. Damon “aka” Joan A. Kushi and Karle E. Kushi to Sheryl A. Crowe, Jeffrey D. Damon and Timothy J. Damon. 44 Montague St. No consideration.

George F. Bush to George F. Bush Living Trust, George F. Bush, trustee. 82 Fourth St. $1.

Douglas Simon to Katie Esposito. 249 Wendell Road. $233,500.


Martha L. C. Smith and Walter A. Smith to Steven T. Whittaker. 54 Pine St. $229,000.

Jere S. Nelson Estate “aka” Jeri Nelson Estate, Nicholas Peduzzi, personal representative, to Rabecka L. Mitchell. 15 Holly Ave. $156,000.

Douglas A. Baker and Lawrence E. Giard to Douglas A. Baker. Strowbridge Road. $1.

Douglas A. Baker and Lawrence E. Giard to Lawrence E. Giard. 133 School St. $1.

Douglas A. Baker and Lawrence E. Giard to Lawrence E. Giard. 129 School St. $1.


Susan L. Connaughton Declaration of Trust, Susan L. Connaughton, trustee, to J. Kevin Connaughton and Susan Libby Connaughton. 42 Boyden Road. No consideration.

Rebecca M. Witter and Roger A. Witter to Donald Risatti and Joy Risatti. 113 New Athol Road, Unit 43, Pioneer Place Condominium. $248,000.

Patrick J. McCarthy to Kenneth Wolanin. Fairman Road. $10,000.

Lesley J. Henley to Joseph T.D. Henley and Katherine A. Henley. 410 West River St. $1.


Dennis Fearebay and Lorinda Fearebay to Kevin Lindfors. Nelson Road. $22,500.

Danielle M. Alton and Seth Alton to Zachary Gomez. 76 New Salem Road. $365,000.

Charles Pinder and Hope Sholes-Pinder to Gregory Schumaker and Lauren Schumaker. 84 South St. $360,360.


David R. Thompson and Lisa M. Thompson to Altagracia Guzman. 40 South Royalston Road. $240,000.


Richard J. Ormond to Richard J. Ormond. 15 Tower Road. $1.

Richard J. Ormond to Fedder Sol. 15 Tower Road. $1.

York Investment Trust, Laurene L. York, trustee, to 4 Pleasant Street LLC. 874 Mohawk Trail. $350,000.


Sterling A. Lamet 2014 Trust, Eugenia E.S. Lamet, Maryelise S. Lamet and Rebecca L. Lazure, trustees, to Steven 168 LLC. 16 Carver Road. $322,500.


Clifford V. Bowen and Lenore F. Bowen to Alex William Balulescu. 50 Plumtree Road. $230,000.


Cappelluzzo-Anderson Trust, Linda A. Anderson, trustee, to Edgewater Construction Inc. West Street. $42,000.


Jenny Miriam Morrison to Meredith H. Morrison. 168 Chestnut Plain Road. $1.

Meredith H. Morrison to Jenny M. Morrison “aka” Jenny Miriam Morrison. 186 Chestnut Plain Road. $1.

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