Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 29, 2019

Published: 11/29/2019 11:01:14 AM

Donald J. Cormier and Tammy L. Cormier “fka” Tammy L. Swan-Cousineau to Keith L. Gagnon of Leyden. 23 Harwood Drive. $235,900.

John C. Patch and Sandra A. Patch to Patch Investment Trust, John C. Patch and Sandra A. Patch, trustees. 11 Harwood Drive. $1.


Ragus LLC to Joan C. Carter and Lewis G. Carter. 19A Snowberry Circle, Unit 6A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $307,050.

John M. Southergill and Meredith T. Southergill to Jade R. King. Eastern Avenue. $1.

Jade R. King and Jessica King to Robert Greenspan and Diane Norman of Hadley. 50 Eastern Ave. $248,000.

Jade R. King and Jessica King to Robert Greenspan and Diane Norman of Hadley. Eastern Avenue. $1.


Kenneth Bousquet of Granby to James Theriault of Springfield. South Green River Road/Green River Road. $1.


Dolores E. Levasseur to Travis Johnson. 239 West Gill Road. $31,600.07.

Carolyn H. Kendrow Estate and Dolores E. Levasseur, personal representative, to Travis Johnson. 239 West Gill Road. $63,199.93.

James R. Clark and Christine A. Clark of Greenfield to Brian D. Campbell of Millers Falls. 32 River Road. $169,900.

Greenfield Co-operative Bank of Greenfield and B&G Golf Associates LLC to Denise A. Elwell and James M. Elwell of Greenfield. 231 West Gill Road. $275,000.

Robert L. Miller of Hubbardston to Namngis LLC. 277 French King Highway. $260,500.


Mark St. Hilaire of Lehigh Acres, Fla., to Molly L. Viens. 4 Keegan Lane “fka” 25 Keegan Lane, Unit 4E, College Park Condominium. $150,000.

Maryellen L. Perry to Bobisfat LLC. 322 High St. $145,000.

Elizabeth A. Henry to Sean W. Thomas of Long Island, N.Y. 100 Maple Street. $178,000.

Sarsynski-Richardson Investment Trust, Peter D. Richardson and Julie A. Sarsynski, trustees, of Deerfield to Brandon H. Poe and Lynnette F. Poe of Hatfield. 12 Eastern Ave. $339,000.

SLL Realty Trust, Nancy L. Chattin, trustee, to Martha R. Swanson Investment Trust, Martha R. Swanson, trustee. 106 Countryside, Unit 106, Country Side Condominium. $215,000.

Bernard F. Prescott Estate, Alan K. Prescott, personal representative, to Kelsey E. Wall of Shelburne Falls. 84 Ferrante Ave. $144,097.

Henry Orren Chapman of San Francisco, Calif., to Sarah Chapman. 8 to 10 Western Ave. Less than $100.

Michael E. Ekblom and Elizabeth Garofalo to Carol R. Robinson. 238 Davis St. $190,000.

Darlene A. Fleming and Edward M. Fleming Jr. to Michael E. Ekblom and Elizabeth Garofalo. 385 Barton Road. $315,000.

Maureen A. Lynch to Lynch Investment Trust, Maureen A. Lynch, trustee. 60 to 62 Homestead Ave. $1.

Marion W. Roman to Roman Investment Trust, Marion W. Roman, trustee. 41 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 35, Silver Crest Condominium. $1.

Reed A. Baldwin and Stephanie N. Baldwin to Garry M. Longe and Karen M. Truehart. 1001 Bernardston Road. $225,000.

Mark A. Weis to Rebecca L. Maslyn and Robert T. Maslyn of Alexandria, Va. 10 Francis St. $269,000.

Steven P. Koblinski to Joan C. Morel. Princeton Terrace, Unit 37, Meadowview Manor Condominium. $104,000.

F. Douglas Anderson to HSBC Bank USA NA, trustee. 36 Plantation Circle. $97,326.32.

Jeremy R. Mailloux to Jeremy R. Mailloux and Stacey M. Mimnaugh. 36 Linden Ave. $1.

Marjorie MacDonald-Pura and Robert L. Pura to Gretchen E. Green of Canton, Mich. 138 Highland Ave. $1.

Gretchen E. Green to Daniel F. Graves.138 Highland Ave. and Highland Avenue Extension. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Gretchen E. Green. 138 Highland Ave. and Highland Avenue Extension. $1.


Arlen J. Carlson of Enfield, Conn., to James R. Baumbach and Karen M. Baumbach of North Adams. Mohawk Estates. $1,100.

Arlen J. Carlson of Enfield, Conn., to James R. Baumbach and Karen M. Baumbach of North Adams. Mohawk Estates. $1,100.


David Chapin, by attorney, Shelley Bryant, personally and by attorney, to Urban Veneer LLC of Arvada Colo. 15 Hemenway Road. $70,000.


Jennifer Anne Paris to Greenfield Center LLC of Brentwood, Tenn. 63 North County Road. $825,000.


Raymond J. Brule to Brule Irrevocable Trust, Raymond J. Brule, trustee. 9 South High St. $1.

Joseph T. Golonka Estate, Joseph W. Golonka, personal representative, to Pauline Dean of Brattleboro, Vt. 7 Montague St. $252,000.

Francis P. Popkowski to Aleksandr Agapov and Anna Alekseeva of Greenfield. Newton Street. $5,000.

Kevin W. LaPean and Nancy E. LaPean to Emily Dattilo and Jacob LaPean. 76 Swamp Road. $1.


Robert D. Watkins III to Robert D. Watkins III and Monica L. Watkins. 143 Fay Road. $1.

Robert Vassallo and Thomas W. Vassallo to Thomas W. Vassallo and Christina T. Vassalo. 4 West St. $1.


Margaret L. Ackert “aka” Margaret L. Charette to Jack A. Ackert and Margaret L. Ackert. 120 Mechanic St. $1.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Coppell, Texas, and Mr. Cooper to Robert Chase of Malden. 99 West Orange Road. $11,500.

RLTY Development Orange LLC of Boston to 3 Quabbin Orange LLC of Randolph. Quabbin Boulevard. $87,500.


Judith C. Truesdell to Richard J. Ormond. Tower Road. $1.

Catherine H. Smith of Northampton to Matthew J. Boron and Stacy L. Boron. 226 Cooper Lane. $495,000.

Eli Segal, by attorney, Thomas S. Fantini, attorney, “aka” Tom Fantini “aka” Thomas Fantini “aka” Thomas S. Fantini to Thomas S. Fantini, Preston Peardon and Donna Wang. 280 Colrain-Shelburne Road. $180,000.


Amanda W. Pizzollo and Jason Pizzollo to Josephine Ciepiela and Thomas Drake. 404 Pelham Hill Road. $195,000.


Kim E. Nickel-Dubin of West Los Angeles, Calif., to Amanda E. Wygant. 168 Plumtree Road. $330,000.

Missy V. Ehrgood and Thomas A. Ehrgood to Thomas A. Ehrgood Jr. Revocable Trust, Thomas A. Ehrgood Jr., trustee, and Missy V. Ehrgood Revocable Trust, Missy V. Ehrgood, trustee. 54 North Plain Road “aka” North Plain Road. $1.


Bradford I. Boone and Roy Eugene Parry to Bradford I. Boone. 315 Wendell Road. $10.


Cappelluzzo-Anderson Trust, Linda A. Anderson, trustee, of Sarasota, Fla., to Michael F. Desorgher of Greenfield. West Street. $38,000.

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