Real Estate Transactions: May 21, 2021

Published: 5/20/2021 3:27:17 PM

Matthew A. Shippee and Rhonda L. Shippee to Eric R. Burrington and Margaret J. Burrington. Old Stage Road. $215,000.

Joan Arsenault “aka” Joan B. Arsenault to Tristan L. Arsenault. 314 Norton Hill Road and Steady Lane. $16,420.

Todd T. McKenna to Kelly Erickson and Eliot W. Greenwald. 284 John Ford Road. $372,500.


190 Main Street Realty Trust, Kris Morandi, trustee, to Ozzie Perez-Cardoza and Jorge Perez-Cardoza. 477 Cottage St. $220,000.

Andrew J. Soltysik and Bryan C. Soltysik to Matthew J. Glennon. 575 Cottage St. $225,000.

Andrew T. Murphy and Alycia M. Murphy to Heather L. O’Donnell. 183 Goddard St. $330,000.

Karl Spooner and Christina Spooner to Dominick Tremallo and Jaiden A. Tremallo. 157 Harugari St. $267,000.

Gary Giarle to Cadette and Nadreau Lancast. 1709 Main St. $100,000.

Ares Old Keene Road Realty Trust, Sarah A. Ares, trustee, to Jason A. Allaire. 211 Old Keene Road. $60,000.

Thomas P. Laford and Andrea L. Laford to Sarah E. Neely and Timothy J. Robinson. 646 Pequoig Ave. $199,900.

Swift Homes LLC to Andrew Shaw and Immaculate Mukoya. 151 Silver Lake St. $120,000.


United Land of America LLC to Craig Rice and Dana Rice. Maxwell Road. $16,000.

Strautman Family Trust, Larissa Strautman, Renard Strautman and Sabina Strautman, trustees, to Trumont LLC. 42 Thunder Mountain Road. $10.


Ragus LLC to Jean Schwartz. 36A Snowberry Circle, Unit 24A, Sugarloaf Condominiums. $435,000.

William J. Koski to Tatiana B. Koski and William J. Koski. 354 River Road. $1.


Renl Nominee Trust, Robert E. Aldrich, trustee, to William D. Aldrich. 603 Leyden Road. $1.

William D. Aldrich to Mach 1 Properties LLC. 603 Leyden Road. $105,500.

Greenfield Corridor LLC, Greenfield Manager Corridor LLC and Ventures Corridor Inc. to Bema Properties LLC, CCM Properties Group LLC, Eat-CCM LLC and Mat-Cor Properties LLC. 19 Bradford Drive. $12,750,000.

John Delabruere, by attorney, Paul Delabruere, attorney, to Justin M. Lapointe. 155 Hope St. $122,000.

Robert L. Annear and Linda D. Annear to Linda D. Annear, Robert L. Annear, Daniel Cloutier and Tina Perkins. 12 Little Ave. $1.

Gheorghe Seremet and Lidia Seremet to Larisa Hotnogu and Veaceslav Hotnogu. 733 Country Club Road. $1.

Matthew W. Goglin to Jesse Gexler. 25 Keegan Lane, Unit 5C, College Park Condominiums. $135,000.

Joseph Didonato and Susan M. Packard to Peter J. Didonato and Philomena Didonato. 20 Silver Crest Circle, Unit 11, Silver Crest Condominiums. No consideration.

Peter J. Didonato and Philomena Didonato to OV Properties LLC. 20 Silver Crest Circle, Unit 11, Silver Crest Condominiums. $349,900.

Gary W. Rosenberg and Jennifer L. Rosenberg to Alexander F. Barisano and Brittany M. Barisano. Log Plain Road. $40,000.

Michael C. Stempel to Brooke M. Steinhauser. 110 Beech St. $260,000.

Mark A. Sirum and Tracy L. Sirum to Sheriann Ahearn and Carol Hamel. 23 Eastern Ave. $272,200.

David Howe and Joann Howe to Danny Mason and Jody Sieben. 37 Mary Potter Lane. $380,000.

Jeffrey S. Pope to Jeffrey S. Pope GST Exempt Irrevocable Trust, Kathryn M. Cook, trustee. 136 Silvio O. Conte Drive. No consideration.

Donald M. MacLeod to Tanya Bryant. 152 Petty Plain Road. $172,000.

Mitchell E. Clark to Maegan Boutot and Michael Andrew Mullin. 316 Chapman St. $250,000.

James A. Burgess, Jeffrey M. Burgess and Jerry C. Burgess to Lindsay M. Comeau and William A. Harron III. 54 Ferrante Ave. $270,000.


Bryan W. Clark and Kristin O’Gorman to Bryan W. Clark. 12 Pudding Hollow Road. $1.


David R. Langlais to Brent Michael Braman. Mohawk Estates. $5,000.

David R. Langlais to Hope L. Bussiere and Shaun P. Bussiere. Mohawk Estates. $5,000.

Clark S. Jarrett IV Estate, Miranda K. Moore, personal representative, to Andrew C. Jarrett. Arrowhead Drive. No consideration.


Merritt H. Rennyson III Estate, Janet S. Taft, personal representative and individually, to Jonathan S. Klate and Narayan H. Liebenson. 10 Hannabrooke Drive. $149,000.

Stultz Revocable Living Trust, Richard S. Stultz and Joanne Stultz, trustees, to David W. Stultz. 81 Depot Road. $1.

Ann K. Zimmerman Declaration of Trust, Ann K. Zimmerman, trustee, to Jacob Park and Eliza Strickland. 83 Juggler Meadow Road. $582,582.


Lewis R. Muka Estate, Michael G. Muka, personal representative, to Irene D. Muka Testamentary Trust, Michael G. Muka, trustee. 209 South County Road. No consideration.

Patricia A. Dempsey to Patricia A. Dempsey Revocable Trust, Patricia A. Dempsey, trustee. 87 Bell Road. $1.


Rachel Kristin Ainsworth and Seth Robert Ainsworth to Travis Charles Whittle. 7 Bridge St. $230,000.

Lawrence G. Fairbrother to Lawrence G. Fairbrother Revocable Trust. 10 Greenfield Road. $1.


Christopher E. Weir to Luzmin Fernandez-Saldana. 87 Hinsdale Road. $258,700.

Lindsey P. Parker to Devon M. Parker. 804 Millers Falls Road. $1.

Jo Ann M. Coutu “aka” Joann M. Coutu, Albert P. Krejmas, Joseph J. Krejmas “aka” Joseph J. Krejmas Jr. and Elaine Tyler to Agnesa Marin and Viorel Marin. 1058 Millers Falls Road. $295,000.


Heidi A. Herk “aka” Heidi A. O’Brien to Edward J. O’Brien and Heidi A. O’Brien. 231 Brookside Road. $1.

Heidi A. Herk “aka” Heidi A. O’Brien to Edward J. O’Brien and Heidi A. O’Brien. 235 Brookside Road. $1.

Warren A. Jenks Jr. to Moses S. Ajunwa. 414 East River St. $110,000.

Kurt C. Enko and Susan M. Enko to Carline L. Lemoine. 120 Fountain St. $294,900.

Jason C. Pollack to Jason C. Pollack and Jessica A. Pollack. 22 Center Drive. $10.

Stephanie C. Cross to Denise MacAllister. 10 Second St. $117,000.

Frances D. Hadsel to Stephanie C. Cross. 100 Adams St. $219,000.

Rabbit Run Properties LLC to Barry Thomas Davilli & Debra N. Graham-Davilli Revocable Trust, Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham Davilli, trustees. 197 Oxbow Road, Unit 2, Oxbow Road Condominiums. $146,000.

Aaryn J. Aiken to Barry Thomas Davilli & Debra N. Graham-Davilli Revocable Trust, Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham-Davilli, trustees. 197 Oxbow Road, Unit 1, Oxbow Road Condominiums. $146,000.

JGC Realty Trust, Anita Carbone and Joseph G. Carbone, trustees, to AMCJGC LLC. 154 Quabbin Blvd. No consideration.


Odette M. Hinton to Joshua M. Cayea and Tamara L. Castagnaro. 15 Common St. $450,000.

Popple Camp Realty Trust, Bruce P. Farley, trustee, to Joshua T. Cooley. 66 Popple Camp Road. $225,000.


Barbara A. Rouillard and Rachael E. Donnelly to Greg Schmidt and Sherri Borreson. Mystery Lane. $25,000.

Matson Homes 2 Inc. to David J. Wislocki and Nicole R. Wislocki. 288 Petersham Road. $380,852.


Janice R. Cress Revocable Trust, Leah D. Cress “aka” Leah D. Wills, trustee and individually, and Lauren M. Cress to Casey Cusson and Jeremy LaJoie. Anderson Road/Mercy Anderson Road. $5,000.

Sharon M. Rogalski to Giard Family Trust, Sharon M. Rogalski, trustee. 266 Colrain Shelburne Road. $1.


Ayesha Lateef to Kell N. Julliard and Harold Norris. 67 Baker Road. $272,000.

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