Real Estate Transactions: March 5, 2021

Published: 3/4/2021 2:38:10 PM

Susan B. Todd to Christopher W. Farley and Juliet A. Jacobson. John Ford Road and Plainfield Road. $1.

John E. Cloutier to John E. Cloutier and Aaron Cloutier. 744 John Ford Road. No consideration.


Daniel B. Hallett and Susan J. Mitchell to Bruce P. Beane. 98 Concord St. $140,000.


Dana Francis Taggart Jr. Estate “aka” Dana F. Taggart Jr. Estate “aka” Dana F. Taggart Estate, Mary Beth Taggart, personal representative, to Mary Beth Taggart. 9 Pine Grove Drive. No consideration.


Alix M. Minton Estate “aka” Alix M. Quan Estate, Michael Quan, personal representative, to Susanna M. Graham. Rand Road. No consideration.


Farhoud Moshfegh to Dubravka Moshfegh. Center Heath Road. $1.

Joseph Albert Paes Jr. Estate “aka” Joseph A. Paes Estate, Janet McLaurin and Michael Paes, personal representatives, to Joseph A. Paes Family Trust, Janet McLauren “aka” Janet McLaurin, trustee. Maxwell Road. $1.

Joseph A. Paes Family Trust, Janet McLauren “aka” Janet McLaurin, trustee, to United Land of America LLC. Maxwell Road. $6,500.


Bernard E. Hopkins Jr. to Joshua L. Slysz. 116 Route 112. $22,000.


Aimee L. Anderson, Laurie A. Heilman, Robert A. Langevin Jr and Katrina L. Ruby-Chirco to Amy LaBrake. 97 Ashfield Road. $14,000.

Barten Investment Trust, David A. Barten, trustee, to David A. Barten. 194 Upper Baptist Hill Road. $1.


Wayne Conlon and Susanne Conlon to Wayne Conlon, Susanne Conlon and Laurie Conlon. 5 Hillcrest Ave. $1.

Ragus LLC to James R. Osofsky Living Trust, James R. Osofsky, trustee. 36B Snowberry Circle, Unit 24B, Sugarloaf Condominiums. $324,900.

Elizabeth Ann Schmitt and Robert Schmitt to Clay Real Estate Holdings LLC. 30 Elm St./Elm Circle. $400,000.

Kenneth J. Bartus to Kenneth J. Bartus Declaration of Trust, Kenneth J. Bartus, trustee. 36 Elm Circle. $1.

Duane E. Rivard and Melanie P. Rivard to Eric Ehle and Tiffany Ehle. 16A Boynton Road, Unit 1A Mountainview Condominiums. $215,000.


Shirley E. Flagg to Joanne E. Flagg. North Cross Road. $1.

Allan R. Flagg Funding Trust and Shirley E. Flagg Funding Trust, Douglas E. Flagg, trustee, and Shirley E. Flagg, trustee and individually, to Douglas E. Flagg and Sherie Flagg. 395 Main Road. $1.

Joseph E. Tighe to Jeffrey P. Klein. Center Road. $40,000.


Carol Heikkila Estate, John Heikkila, personal representative, to Michael A. Kocot. 39 Factory Hollow Road. $76,000.

Elizabeth J. Dickau to Michael A. Kocot. 39 Factory Hollow Road. $76,000.

Eileen F. Brown to Hui Chen and Min Lu Lu. 78 Peabody Lane. $365,000.

KJTS LLC to BSD CARE LLC. 33 Riddell St., Unit 6, Riddell Condominiums. $120,000.

KJTS LLC to BSD CARE LLC. 33 Riddell St., Unit 7, Riddell Condominiums. $230,000.

Madelyn Bonnot and Curtice R. Griffin to Madelyn Mix Bonnot & Curtice R. Griffin Living Trust, Curtice R. Griffin and Madelyn Mix Bonnot, trustees. 128 Mountain Road. $1.

H. Robert Birdsong to Benegan 2 LLC. 124 Petty Plain Road. $296,900.

Denison E. Stowe and Fraser R. Stowe to Fraser R. Stowe. 7 Fairview Lane. $70,000.

Ailene Mador “aka” Ailene M. Mador and David B. Mador to Brenda M. Boswell and Cynthia J. McGoldrick. 161 Barton Road. $1.


Holly B. Steward “aka” Holly B. Neipp to Christopher B. Goodhind and Holly B. Neipp. 26 Forget Road. $100.

Elizabeth A.E. Thwing and Kirby R. Thwing Jr. to Elizabeth A.E. Thwing. 6 Pond Road. No consideration.

Elizabeth A.E. Thwing and Kirby R. Thwing, Jr. to Kirby R. Thwing. 15 Pond Road. No consideration.


Debra Dahlmeyer, Diane Dahlmeyer, Frederick Dahlmeyer, Jeanne Dahlmeyer, Debra Defelice Jeanne Koerber and Diane White to Fred H. Pazmino and Susan E. Pazmino. Jacksonville Stage Road. $35,000.


Heather L. Costello “aka” Heather L. McGrath and Joseph P. Costello to Joseph P. Costello. 5 Amherst Road. $1.

Joseph P. Costello to Heather L. Costello “aka” Heather L. McGrath and Joseph P. Costello. 5 Amherst Road. $1.

Ellen Doris Smith and Nancy V.A. Smith to New England Forestry Foundation Pooled Timber Income Fund and New England Forestry Foundation Inc, Trustee. Old Mountain Road. $1.

Ellen Doris Smith and Nancy V.A. Smith to New England Forestry Foundation Inc. Old Mountain Road. $1.


Richard D. Sawin and Sallie A. Sawin to Sawin Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Richard D. Sawin Jr. and Sallie A. Sawin, trustees. 41 Old Stage Road. $1.

Michael Stafford to Gabriel M. Stafford, Lily Stafford, Nicole R. Stafford and Samuel W. Stafford. West Chestnut Hill Road. No consideration.

Richard Keith Stone Jr. Estate, Gary N. Stone Sr., personal representative, to Gary N. Stone Jr. 461 Federal St. $110,000.

Gary N. Stone Jr. to Gary Stone’s Remodeling LLC. 461 Federal St. No consideration.

Pilgrims of Saint Michael Inc. to Gaetan Jacques and Carole Roy. 32 Central St. $221,000.


Christine C. Fannin to Bailey N. Fluet and Dylan James Matilainen. 27 Stone Hill Road. $236,500.

Bruce E. Wetherby and Linda E. Wetherby to Alfred O. Ohlson II. Cooleyville Road. $15,000.


Gabrielle R. Winant and Thomas E. Winant to Conan Gentile and Brianna O’Connor. 52 Lois St. $100.

Nancy A. Sulham and Nathan E. Sulham to Brent Erik Sulham. 181 Wheeler Ave. $160,000.


Brenda L. Coleman to Atakan Kadi. Nichewaug Road. $45,000.


William J. Bernhardt to Zoar Road Trust, William J. Bernhardt and Sarah Bernhardt, trustees. 332 Zoar Road. $1.


Caleb G. Truesdell, Catherine D. Truesdell “aka” Catherine D. Verheyen to Sylvia Buzzell and Suzanne Elizabeth Rataj. 58 Old Egypt Road. $302,000.


J2K Realty LLC to Dennis O’Loughlin and Harmonie O’Loughlin. 190 North Silver Lane. $485,000.


Justine Buckley, Glenn Dickson and Milva McDonald to Justine Buckley and William Buckley. 737 Wendell Road. No consideration.


Edgewater Construction Inc. to Jacob D. Brooks and Michelle E. Leh. 71 West St. $285,000.

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