Real Estate Transactions: March 1, 2024



Published: 02-29-2024 11:05 AM


12 Main St. $450,000. B: Grace A. Kennerly and Michael A. Clapham. S: Martha J. McCutchen Estate and Deborah K. McCutchen.


6 Greenfield Road. $26,500. B: Bluebird Real Estate Investing LLC. S: Jennifer J. Lewis.

100 Main Road/Route 112. $30,000. B: Paul Gulla. S: Walker Investment Trust and Darlene M. King.


11 Church St. $342,000. B: Timothy W. Momaney and Sydney G. Upham. S: Lemieux Family Trust and Verne S. Lemieux.

17 Maple Ave. $326,000. B: Cole G. Larose. S: Lewis Investment Trust and Tien N. Brunelle.

5 North St. $247,000. B: Kenneth A. Rounds. S: Michael J. Richardson and Lynda Richardson.


7 Congress St. $685,000. B: Greenfield Elizabeth Home Inc. S: 325 Canton St. LLC.

110 Cottage St. $278,000. B: Robyn D. McKelvey and Michael A. McKelvey. S: Dauntless Path LLC.

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81 High St. $522,500. B: Zoe D. Smith and Allison H. van der Velden. S: Steven Lanciani and Joyce Lanciani.

231 Hope St., Lot 1. $120,000. B: Congamond Management LLC. S: Wicked Deals LLC.

231 Hope St., Lot 2. $40,000. B: Congamond Management LLC. S: Wicked Deals LLC.

231 Hope St., Lot 3. $40,000. B: Congamond Management LLC. S: Wicked Deals LLC.

41 Norwood St. $286,500. B: Spencer Telega. S: Ronald Bosch Estate and Charles Frieders.

40 Princeton Terrace, Lot 40. $160,000. B: Andrew S. Berg and Cameron Mortimer-Berg. S: Nadezhda A. Vozniuk.

100 Silver St. $385,000. B: Michael J. Marotto and Sarah Marotto. S: Katherine Buttolph Revocable Trust and Matthew B. Jackson.

167 Wells St. $45,000. B: Justina Smith. S: Justina Smith and Carter J. Robertson.

200 Wisdom Way. $170,000. B: Mark Wightman. S: Damon Blake.


24 Flagg Hill Road. $80,000. B: Flagg Hill Farms LLC. S: Earl Philip Carlow Investment Trust and Earl P. Carlow.


295 Shutesbury Road. $118,000. B: Frederick P. Hartwell and Marie Hartwell-Walker. S: Barbara J. Raymond.


113-115 Avenue A. $600,000. B: Avenue A Group LLC. S: 113 Avenue A LLC.

7 Avenue C. $189,900. B: EDS Enterprises LLC. S: Ann Engley and April Engley.

13 Franklin St. $70,000. B: Jason M. Secord. S: MEB Loan Trust IV and US Bank NA.

257 Wendell Road. $540,000. B: Diana L. Tobin and Robert J. Tobin. S: AGT Homes LLC.


West Street. $80,000. B: Adam B. Brougham and Marcy A. Brougham. S: Kathleen P. Starkey.


Lyman Road. $45,000. B: Charles E. Fisher. S: Julian Jaworski.

21 Meadow St. $370,000. B: Joshua Willis and Raquel L. Chlosta. S: MW&MW Realty LLC.


125 East Road. $400,000. B: Anne M. Pole. S: Steven S. Barnes Jr. and Lori A. Barnes.

Magoon Road. $25,000. B: Matthew R. Teto. S: Matthew R. Teto and Cynthia L. Teto.

237 Magoon Road. $70,000. B: Matthew R. Teto. S: Matthew R. Teto and Cynthia L. Teto.

63 Main St. $901,000. B: James B. Berry and Laura J. Berry. S: Lorretta A. Estabrooks and Diane L. Tilden.

82 Mechanic St. $120,000. B: Schwowens Properties LLC. S: Mary Chaplin.

Randall Pond Industrial Park. $18,000. B: 153 Quabbin Blvd. LLC. S: Town of Orange.


Route 101 and Templeton Road. $10,000. B: Jeanne V. Reponen. S: Leo R Reponen Revocable Trust and Jeanne V. Reponen.


50 Pond Road. $50,000. B: Sheri A. Kelly and Katie E. McKay. S: David J. McKay and Brian C. McKay.

58 Tatro Road. $290,000. B: Joshua W. Giard. S: Albert R. Williams Estate and Valerie A. Williams.


North Laurel Drive. $225,000, B: Thomas C. Miller and Roberta Z. Miller. S: Richard S. Stein Estate and Carol J. Avonti.

94 Pratt Corner Road. $487,500. B: Allen H. Pease Jr. and Lesley Pease. S: The Suter Family Revocable Trust and Marialis J. Suter.


Hadley Road. $325,000. B: 282 Hadley Road LLC. S: Charles W. Smiarowski Land Trust and Charles W. Smiarowski.


282 Haydenville Road. $529,000. B: Nicole L. Pietraszkiewicz. S: Brenden J. Monahan.

62 Long Plain Road. $605,000. B: Kathleen P. Harrington and David F. Harrington. S: Nicole L. Pietraszkiewicz.