Real Estate Transactions: June 21, 2019

Published: 6/20/2019 4:37:43 PM
Modified: 6/20/2019 4:37:32 PM

Ellen M. Milt of Plymouth to Ellen M. Milt Trust, Ellen M. Milt, trustee, of Plymouth. Ford Road. $10.

Christopher W. Farley and Juliet A. Jacobson to Ann Spanel of Cambridge. 174 John Ford Road. $400,000.


Angela L. Russek of Amherst to Bessie Jones. 83 Fox Hill Road. $209,000.


Ronald E. Miller and Carol J. Miller to Mark E. Miller of Marlborough, N.H., Carol J. Miller of Shelburne Falls and Ronald E. Miller. 8 Pine St. $1.

Courtney Zarish to Donald P. Kahn Jr. of Colrain. 39 Franklin St. $150,000.

John P. Case, Quaker M. Case, Dorothy Fleet Hill and Walter J. Popper of Cambridge, Joan S. Goldsmith of Santa Monica, Calif., Sandra Warren “aka” Sandra S. Warren “aka” Sandra W. Warren, Richard E. Turner and Ann W. Turner of Williamsburg, Nicholas D. Warren of Northampton and Rosemarie M. Case to Nicholas D. Warren of Northampton. Apple Valley Road. $1.

Nicholas D. Warren of Northampton to Benjamin S. Murray and Amy B. W. Murray. Apple Valley Road. $55,000.

Richard & Ana Living Trust of Shelburne Falls, Richard C. Hendrick and Ana O. Hendrick, individually and trustees, to William L. Jacobson and Elizabeth R. Jacobson of Shelburne Falls. 48 Crittenden Hill Road. $879,750.


Walter W. Hicks to Allen W. Hicks of Buckland, Susan J. Jenks and Judith M. Pronovost. Burrington Road. $1.


William Sheehan and Katherine Robertson to Steven P. Thomas and Jeanne E. Thomas. Academy Hill Road. $25,000.

William Sheehan and Katherine Robertson to Janet E. Maggs Investment Trust, Janet E. Maggs, trustee, and John A. Maggs Investment Trust, John A. Maggs, trustee. Academy Hill Road. $18,000.

Jill K. Conway Trust, Christopher Goldie of Toronto, Canada, Susan C. Bourque of Northampton and Mark A. Leahy of Hingham, all trustees, to Susan C. Bourque of Northampton. 328 Mathews Road. $10.

Jill K. Conway Trust, Susan C. Bourque of Northampton, Christopher Goldie of Toronto, Canada and Mark A. Leahy, of Hingham, all trustees, to Susan C. Bourque. Mathews Road. $10.

Jill K. Conway Trust, Susan C. Bourque of Northampton, Christopher Goldie of Toronto, Canada, and Mark A. Leahy of Hingham, trustees, to Susan C. Bourque of Northampton. Mathews Road. $10.

Thomas H. McCoy and Mary C. Byers to Mary C. Byers Revocable Trust, Mary C. Byers, trustee. 253 Newhall Road. $1.


John L. Knuerr of Harbor, Maine and Anne Morrell Doodale of Harbor, Maine to Vladimir V. Sinigur of Greenfield. River Road. $64,000.

Brian M. Stoll and Robin Venditti Stoll to Grace Elizabeth Evangelista and Jared Hunter Gale. 2B Meadow Oak Lane. Unit 1, Meadow Oak Condominium. $239,500.

Jeffrey V. Bronke to Ross Bandouveres and Kelley Goddard of Easthampton. 16 Beaver Drive. $295,000.


Deborah A. Taylor to Jacqualyn Crosby of Athol. 26 High St. $161,000.


Clifford Lull and Natalia Vorotnikova to Natalia Vorotnikova. 9 Vermont St. $1.

John W. Merz and Carole E. Merz to Eduard Rotari and Ludmila Rotari. 19 Sunrise Ave. $254,000.

Rozina N. Butt to Peter W. Strakose and Carrie A. C. Strakose. 12B Huntington Circle, Unit 12B, Huntington Green Condominium. $191,000.

Kyle R. Schroder and Rhiannon M. Thackeray to Michele Hoyt of Sunderland. 890 Bernardston Road. $227,750.

David Hamilton to Jeffrey Hamilton of Deerfield. 182 French King Highway. $1.

Bruce G. Thomas and Margaret A. Thomas of Oxford to Emmalyn Hicks. 56 Cheapside St. $167,000.

Douglas O. Drew, Julie McGahan Drew “aka” J. Andrea Drew and Andrea Drew to Drew Family Irrevocable Trust. 17 Dunnell Road. $1.

Ethan S. Phelps, Hannah G. Phelps and William C. Phelps to Daniel F. Graves. 2 to 4 Prentice Ave. “fka” 100 to 102 Montague City Road. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Ethan S. Phelps, Hannah G. Phelps and William C. Phelps. 2 to 4 Prentice Ave. “fka” 100 to 102 Montague City Road. $1.

Greenfield KMW LLC to Ilie Taraburca. 91 Verde Drive. $115,000.

Jasper Lapienski of Amherst and Michael C. Rosa to Carl Freeman of Harwich and Jasper Lapienski of Amherst. 34 Washington St. $10,600.


Ilene H. Sears by attorney, Kathryn E. Sears, attorney, of North Carolina, to Ilene H. Sears Revocable Trust Agreement, Kathryn E. Sears, trustee, of North Carolina. Pudding Hollow Road. $1.

William Curtis Smith Estate “aka” William Smith Estate “aka” William C. Smith Estate, and Paul Grennon, personal representative, to Marie J. Wargo. 282 West Hawley Road. No consideration.


Mark Williams to Mark Williams and Ashley M. Gilbert. 5 Clearwater Drive. $1.


Patricia Thiebe to Doris J. Chamberlin and William P. Chamberlin of Tucson, Ariz. and Kristen E. Chamberlin of Florence. 23 Cider Mill Road. $300,000.


William L. Payne to Quentin K. Reynolds and Margaux A. Reckard of Gill. 11 Montague St. $261,500.

William R. Cowan Sr. to William R. Cowan Sr., and Margaret E. Cowan. 5 Poplar St. $1.

Charity E. Lehman Estate, John A. Drozdowski, personal representative, of Worcester to Bonnie M. Bongiovanni and Kristine A. Jordan. 72 Millers Falls Road. $132,000.

Claudia K. Vearling and Kristie M. Timberlake to Nicholas J. Henry and Ciara A. Henry. 3 Madison Ave. $200,000.

Savage Legacy LLC to 253 Property Management Co. LLC. 10 Industrial Blvd. $990,000.

Susan C. Lawless of Charlemont to Lisa Richotte. Turners Falls Road. $35,000.

George L. Payzant Estate, Mindy T. Thach, personal representative of Winter Haven, Fla. to Kheng Huon Payzant. 284 Montague City Road. No consideration.


John Hovnanian and Marylou App Hovnanian to Amy K. Hildenbrand of Greenwood, S.C. 177 Main St. $315,000.


Christopher J. Donelan and Maureen Donelan to Christopher M. Jean and Samantha L. Jean. 186 Walnut Hill Road. $391,000.

Donald D. Cornwell of St. Peters, Mo. and Sharlene M. Rose of Long Island, N.Y. to James E. Cornwell and Judy M. Cornwell. 1 Prescott Lane. $1.

Louise O. Flagg and Rodney A. Flagg to Colleen L. Curtis and Robbi L. Curtis. 189 Daniel Shays Highway. $1.


Little Mohawk Properties LLC of Charlemont to Seamus Strong and Alyssa Lynn Gerry of Charlemont. 417 Little Mohawk Road. $368,000.


David R. Foster and Marianne R. Jorgensen of Cambridge to Gregory Milton Darms and Christi Dianne Payne of Amherst. 204 West Pelham Road. $377,500.


US Bank Trust NA, trustee by attorney, of Hudson, Hudson Homes Management LLC, attorney, to Robert H. Adair of Hadley. 17 North Plain Road. $190,000.

Ronald E. Bell and Elizabeth A. Bell of Amherst and Jonathan M. Bell of South Hadley to Peter J. Clough and Lindsay A. Clough of Hadley. 352 South Silver Lane. $251,000.

Ellen Smith of Suffield, Conn. to AGT Homes LLC of Millers Falls. Russell Street. $85,000.


Homewright LLC to Mary Ellen Ziemba. 152 New Salem Road. $140,000.

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