Real Estate Transactions: July 12, 2019

Published: 7/11/2019 5:08:52 PM
Modified: 7/11/2019 5:08:42 PM

Doreen Whitaker Monahan of Spofford, N.H., Dawn Whitaker Wrightson of Inverness, Fla. and Damon L. Whitaker to Victor Komerzan and Irina Mihailicenco of Greenfield. 138 Parmenter Road. $63,000.

Donald R. Nelson and Pamela M. Nelson to Jennifer L. Coffin and Jonathan P. Coffin of Greenfield. 224 Couch Brook Road. $356,000.


Laurie Tipton Johnson to 10 Stone Road Realty Trust of Amherst, Laurie T. Johnson, trustee. 10 Stone Road. $1.

Janet M. Voorhis to David Weiland and Virginia Brown of Shelburne Falls. Elm Street. $35,000.


Banks Residence Trust, Philip A. Banks and Mary Ellen M. Banks, trustees to Patrick Banks of Proctor, Vt. Zoar Road. Less than $100.

Bank of America NA of East Hartford to Berkshire East Ski Resort LLC. South River Road. $100.

Betsy T. Wholey Osell of Conway, and Diantha J. Wholey and Martha J. Wholey of Shelburne to Massachusetts Commonwealth, Conservation Recreation of Boston. North River Road. $25,000.


Steven D. Mayhew to Joshua P. Jones and Ashley M. Jones of Easthampton. 333 Main Road. $137,000.

Donald J. Pyskacek of Philadelphia, Pa., to Donald J. Pyskacek Revocable Trust, Donald J. Pyskacek, trustee of Philadelphia, Pa., 20 New County Lane. No consideration.


Deirdre C. Bonifaz to Deirdre C. Bonifaz and Cristobal Bonifaz. 180 Maple St. $1.

John C. Lawless and Susan J. Lawless of Charlemont to Andrew Benko and Sandra Benko of York, Pa., 861 Graves Road. $549,000.


Frank H. Karas Jr., and Christine A. Karas to Jon Galenski and Justin Galenski. Off Hillside Road, off Main Street and off Jackson Road. $354,036.

Christina L. Lacascia of Boston, and Matthew D. Lacascia and Sarah N. Lacascia of Spencer to Lacascia Family Trust, Christina L. Lacascia, trustee, of Boston. 4 Sherman Drive. $1.

James J. Joslyn to Sophie P. Horowitz and Henry S. Swift of Amherst. 56 Boynton Road West. $325,000.

Bruce A. St. Peters Investment Trust, Bruce A. St. Peters, trustee, and Marie St. Peters Investment Trust, Marie St. Peters, trustee, to Matthew C. O’Brien and Kimberly M. O’Brien of Turners Falls. 6 Robs Way. $580,000.

Ragus LLC to Bruce A. St. Peters Investment Trust, Bruce A. St. Peters, trustee, and Marie St. Peters Investment Trust, Marie St. Peters, trustee. 19B Snowberry Circle, Unit 6B, Sugarloaf Condominium. $379,900.

Gary L. Schaefer Trust of Hatfield, Gary L. Schaefer, trustee, and Barbara A. Fingold Trust, Barbara A. Fingold, trustee, to Mary G. Baronas of Amherst. 7 Hobbie Road. $385,000.

Catherine M. Latka Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, James J. Latka, trustee, to Stephanie Thomas of Montague. 14 Thayer St. $175,000.

Mary Marsh “aka” Mary C. Marsh to Marsh Investment Trust, Mary C. Marsh, trustee. Mill Village Road. $1.

Mary C. Marsh to Marsh Investment Trust, Mary C. Marsh, trustee. 146 Mill Village Road. $1.


Daniel Ware to Brooke Hastings. 280 West Gill Road. $52,000.

James H. McComb to John N. Mikolajczuk and Melanie A. Mikolajczuk. Mountain Road. $1.

Jason Asa Coombs and Carol Ann Coombs to Thomas Chabot and Allyson A. Chabot. 52 Center Road. $290,000.


Jonathan P. Coffin and Jennifer L. Coffin to Lisa D. Jean of Nashua, N.H. 364 Colrain Road. $250,000.

Marcus E. Cohn of Wayland to MECPC LLC of Boston. 48 to 50 Federal St., 60½ Federal St., 156 to 158 Main St. and 265 to 269 Main St. $1.

Demetrios F. Sotiropoulos of East Longmeadow to Henry D. Albin of Turners Falls. 29 Shattuck St. $194,000.

Donna J. Mollard to Mollard 2019 Revocable Trust, Donna J. Mollard, trustee. 19 Church St. $1.

Marjorie E. Gamage Estate, Keith W. Gamage, personal representative, to Natalia Kina of Easthampton. 288 Deerfield St. $120,000.

STS Properties LLC of Shelburne to Mark A. Zaccheo. 8 Mohawk Trail and Mohawk Trail. $36,000.


Richard M. Lima of Ludlow to James E. Angell and Marion F. Roberts of West Springfield. 4 Papoose Lake Drive “aka” Papose Lake Drive. $3,000.

David J. Muenkel and Kathleen Muenkel to Melinda K. Lannon of Greenfield. 221 Number Nine Road. $165,000.


Brayton F. Wilson and Mary Alice B. Wilson to Krista J. Gile of Sunderland. 20 Juggler Meadow Road. $357,000.


David B. McKenney & Theresa M. McKenney Family Trust, McKenney Family Trust, David B. McKenney and Theresa M. McKenney, individually and trustees, to David B. Lampron Jr. and Anna M. Lampron. 77 Swamp Road. $400,000.

Allyson A. Chabot “fka” Allyson A. Greene and Thomas Chabot to Nicholas M. Cogswell. 58 Oakman St. $210,000.

Judy Travis of Ormond Beach, Fla. to Galen D. Huckins and Emma D. McCumber. 19 Central St. $258,000.

Brenda Joy Kaubin to Brenda Joy Kaubin and John H. Anderson. 3 Denton St. $10.

Rodney E. Bergiel of New York, N.Y., to Rodney E. Bergiel and Judy Eng of New York, N.Y., 7 Oakman St. $1.

Dimitriou Irrevocable Trust, Ioanis Dimitriou, trustee, to Nicholas B. Worthley and Courtney M. Silva. 11 Sunset Drive. $244,000.

Judith Healey “fka” Judith Putala of Leyden and Kathleen Joy of Connecticut to Michael Shanahan and Courtney Trosin of Greenfield. 88 Turners Falls Road. $166,000.


Miles E. Eastman and Debra A. Eastman to William A. Spooner and Malgorzata Spooner. Wendell Road. $50,000.


Samuel Browning Jr. and Karin Browning to Jefferey F. Deane. 47 New Plain Road. $60,000.

Jean E. Kozlowski to Christine A. Cuskelly of Orland, Maine. 571A Millers Falls Road. $10.


Bryan J. Mansfield and Betty A. Mansfield of Athol to Donald R. Lebel and Lisa M. Lebel. 113 New Athol Road, Unit 27, Pioneer Place Condominium. $188,000.

Ronald Satrowsky to Kenneth M. Donaway Jr., and Laurie Jean Donaway of Pepperell. 118 Pleasant St. $175,900.

Marina Goloborodko of Dudley to Mark Cardarelli. 40 High St. $14,000.

Peter A. Gabrenas and Regina L. Gabrenas to Travis J. Bryce and April J. Rix. 212 Mayo Road. $179,900.


Black Walnut Realty Trust of Amherst, Ramona Balicki, trustee, to Robert D. Forman and Elizabeth B. Tonne of Dallas, Texas. 67 January Hills Road. $382,000.

Peter V. Nyzio and Amy E. Chalifoux-Nyzio to Ellen M. Shaw-Smith and Robert D. Smith of South Hadley. 25 Lake Drive. $270,000.

Walter J. Kruczek and Vivian F. Kruczek of West Springfield to Town of Amherst. Shutesbury Road. $1.

Thomas Williams and Bonnie Adams to Tyler B. Lucas and Tania F. Fogg of Hadley. 37 Carver Road. $384,000.


46 Old Amherst LLC of Hadley to Valley Building Co Inc. of Hadley. 46 Old Amherst Road. $585,000.

Krista J. Gile to Samantha Pelis. 232 Russell St. $369,000.

William A. Saltman and Joanne S. Saltman of Belchertown to Massachusetts Commonwealth, Conservation Recreation of Boston. Montague Road. No consideration.


Charles W. Johnson and Lyn A. Johnson to Joshua M. Johnson of Erving and Matthew W. Johnson of Athol. 110 Wendell Road, off Wendell Road, Fisk Road “aka” South Holden Road. $1.


Daniel I. Levangie to Daniel I. Levangie and Gina M. Lombardi. 113 Jennison Road. No consideration.


David J. Maxcy and Marianna Massed “fka” Marianna McKim to Massed-Maxcy 2019 Revocable Trust, Marianna Massed “fka” Marianna McKim and David J. Maxcy, trustees. 141 Conway Road. Less than $100.

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