Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 26, 2021

Published: 2/25/2021 5:56:29 PM

Assist Realty Group LLC to Shelby Gauthier. 742 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 3C. $124,900.

FNMA to Phelly Bukirwa. 272 Drury Ave. $100,000.

Linda L. Quigley Estate and Arthur J. Quigley Jr. to M3 Innovations Inc. 34 Ridge Ave. $84,000.

Larissa L. Brogna to Francisca M. Acheampong. 246 Riverbend St. $115,000.

Celia J. Baxter and Charles E. Baxter to Giannina Brine and Steven M. Brine. 46 Starrett Ave. $250,000.


Cheryl B. Faufaw to Calvin T. Parsons Jr. 117 Elm St. $1.

Gaffigan Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Thomas P. Gaffigan, trustee, to Augustino David Gamelli III and Katelyn Gaffigan Gamelli. 7 South St. $269,000.

Kelly A. Hanley to Sharon Diego. 49 State St. $317,000.


Sarah A. Bellows “aka” Sarah A. Slowinski to Andrew M. Slowinski and Sarah A. Slowinski. 79 Warner Hill Road. $1.

Patricia M. Lawson and Wesley R. Lawson to Elizabeth Brownell, Steven Grandpre and John Ostwald. Cherrie Pierson Road. $15,000.


John G. Perreault and Amy Dryansky to Amy Dryansky. 19 Hidden Ledge Drive. $1.


Anne Buchanan Weiss and Kenneth M. Weiss to Anne Buchanan Weiss Revocable Trust, Anne Buchanan Weiss, trustee. 12A Snowberry Circle, Unit 33A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $1.

Martin Nathaniel Kellogg Estate, Janet S. Kellogg “aka” Janet Kellogg, personal representative and individually, to Donna J. Szymkowicz. 175 Lower Road. No consideration.

REO Acceptance Corporation II LLC to Thomas F. Mitchell. 854 River Road. $6,000.

Warchol 2009 Irrevocable Trust, Philip E. Warchol, trustee and individually, to Philip E. Warchol. 26 Sawmill Plain Road. $1.

Philip E. Warchol to Marian & Edward Irrevocable Trust, Philip E. Warchol, trustee. 26 Sawmill Plain Road. $1.


Travis Johnson to Charlotte Johnson and Travis Johnson. 239 West Gill Road. $1.


Andrew Lively to Levi Kelley. 335 Chapman St. $185,000.

Walentyna P. Axton “aka” Walentyna Pomasko Axton, by attorney, George L. Goodridge, conservator, to George L. Goodridge III, attorney, and Andrew R. Hutchison. 32 Power Square. $131,500.

USA Housing Urban Development to FUMI Realty Inc. 71 Washington St. $74,250.

Melissa L. Levasseur and Paul Joseph Levasseur Jr. to Jason Sadler and Kelly Sadler. 25 Frederick Road. $210,000.

Christopher J. Edes to Benjamin Conrick “aka” Benjamin T. Conrick. 80 Beech St. $200,000.

Hanneli Greenwald and Ricky Greenwald to Adam Konner. 92 to 94 Peabody Lane. $675,000.

Timothy S. Daniels to Priscilla Daniels “aka” Priscilla E. Daniels. 15 Devens St. No consideration.

Priscilla Daniels “aka” Priscilla E. Daniels to Lodovico Erminio Fabris. 15 Devens St. $100,000.

Greenfield Public Library Foundation LTD to John F. Shultis and Marcia Shultis. Pickett Lane. $75,000.


Sarah A. Alleman Estate “aka” Sarah A. Dreher Estate and Veronica Navarrete, personal representative and individually, to Michael Todd Yoder and Regina Lynn Yoder. 17 Hunt Road. $50,000.


Lula Marie Behl Estate, Elizabeth Behl, executor, to Elizabeth Behl. 267 South Road. No consideration.

John L. Grover and Rita J. Grover to Jennifer M. Smith and Michael D. Smith. Mohawk Estates. $2,500.

Paul J. Dabrody to Paul J. Dabrody and Wendy A. Vanaken. 167 Route 8A. $1.

Kathy L. Monroe and Shawn E. Monroe to Daniel R. Chesney and Susan Chesney. 20 Swamp Road. $21,500.


Adam V. Wellen to Tania A. Wellen. 118 North Leverett Road. No consideration.

Emelyn Bashour, attorney, and Frederick J. Bashour, by attorney, to Eric J. Mulvihill. 49 Cave Hill Road. $406,405.

Douglas P. Glazier Estate, Geraldine A. Glazier, personal representative, Ronald P. Glazier and Terry P. Glazier, individually, to Elizabeth Duffy and Alycia Duffy Olanyk. Cave Hill Road. $55,000.


Linda M. Banning and William R. Banning to Linda J. Allis and Richard E. Allis. Mid County Road. $1.


Helen I. Oakes and Russell R. Oakes to Nathan Harold Cote. 146 Main Road. $120,000.


Ronald R. Lenois Estate, Ronald R. Lenois Jr., personal representative, to Casey Hoffman Sr. and Crystal-Ann Hoffman. 22 Coolidge Ave. $160,000.

Linda A. Wickline and Stearl M. Wickline Jr. to Wickline Realty Trust I, Stearl M. Wickline Jr. and Linda A. Wickline, trustees. 35 I St. $1.

Linda A. Wickline and Stearl M. Wickline Jr. to Wickline Realty Trust II, Stearl M. Wickline Jr. and Linda A. Wickline, trustees. 36 H St. $1.

Linda A. Wickline and Stearl M. Wickline Jr. to Wickline Realty Trust III, Stearl M. Wickline Jr. and Linda A. Wickline, trustees. H Street. $1.

Robert J. Bray to Jennifer S. Bray and Jonathan R. Bray. 33 Union St. $315,250.

Daniel Thomas Ryan and Douglas James Ryan to Daniel F. Graves. 28 Vladish Ave. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Kathleen Anne Helms, Daniel Thomas Ryan, Douglas James Ryan and Michael Robert Ryan. 28 Vladish Ave. $1.

Jonathan P. Faneuf to Faneuf 2021 Revocable Trust, Jonathan P. Faneuf, trustee. 36 Dell St. $1.

Michael McGrath and Michael P. Mendyk Jr. to Denise Delores Salmon-Shand. 107 Federal St. $245,000.


Krzysztof Perzan to Rachel Smith. 39 West Main St. $40,000.

Michael F. Porcari, John P. Porcari, Diane M. Porcari and Carol A. Porcari to Pamela E. Oddy. 110 Wheeler Ave. $1.

Pamela E. Oddy to Carol A. Porcari and Diane M. Porcari. 110 Wheeler Ave. $1.

George H. Newcomb to Motor City Automotive Group MA LLC. 95 New Athol Road. $1,090,000.

Gary McIntosh to 73 Willard Road LLC. 47 Horton Road. $4,000.

Bhavikaben Patel and Jignesh R. Patel to James D. Hancock. 38 Robin Road. $214,900.

Jillian R. Gaj “aka” Jillian Rocha to Paul F. Gaj. 60 Oaklawn Ave. $1.

Caitlyn Elizabeth Squires-LaCoste “aka” Caitlyn E. Squires LaCoste to Caitlyn E. Squires-LaCoste and Andre E. LaCoste. 20 Memorial Drive. $1.


Laura B. Webber and Thomas P. Webber to Izabelle J. Woods and Lori M. Everman. 26 West St. $287,500.


Matson Homes 2 Inc. to Sean P. Feeney and Kara S. Farrell. 276 Petersham Road. $376,192.


Patten Hill Farm Trust, David W. Patrick and Mara Silver, trustees, to Massachusetts Audubon Society Inc. Patten Road. $353,000.


Patricia A. Carson “aka” Patricia Carson, by conservator, and George L. Goodridge, conservator, to W.M.O. Levine and Polly Wagner. 585 Wendell Road. $85,000.

Andrew L. Cook and Lisa M. Cook to Skyway Properties LLC. 527 West Pelham Road. $274,500.


John W. Wasiuk Estate and John P. Morris, personal representative, to Maxim V. Arefyev. Northfield Road. $57,000.


Robert A. Collini and Sally W. Collini to Christopher J. Millette Jr. Lockes Village Road. $30,900.


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