Real Estate Transactions: April 9, 2021

Published: 4/8/2021 2:54:26 PM

Steven D. Boucher and Donna L. Boucher to Nicole A. Savoy and Cathy A. Savoy. 837 Partridgeville Road, Unit 6C. $123,900.

Ether Properties LLC to Matthew Bidleman and Anna Bidleman. 242 Petersham Road. $278,000.

Michael J. Valeri and Theresa A. Valeri to Carol Rogers and Matthew Burke. 36 Starrett Ave. $210,000.


River Maple Farm Inc. to Paul C. Skiathitis. South Street. $5,000.


Melissa J. Butler and Christopher D. Davenport to Laurie L. Laffond. 4 Old State St. $198,000.

Kevin A. Richardson to 32 Dodge Road Trust, Kevin A. Richardson, trustee. 32 Dodge Road. No consideration.

Melinda N. Cross “aka” Melinda Neff Cross to Cross Investment Trust, Melinda Neff Cross, trustee. 104 Clesson Brook Road, Hawley Road and East Hawley Road. $1.


Martha B. Pauig Estate “aka” Martha Pauig Estate, “aka” Martha Newell Bancroft Pauig Estate “aka” Martha Newell Pauig Estate and Susan Whitman, personal representative to Susan Whitman. South Shirkshire Road. No consideration.


Ragus LLC to Warren A. Lundin & June A. Lundin Irrevocable Trust, Janice E. Warner and Laurie A. Artruc, trustees. 43A Snowberry Circle, Unit 16A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $389,900.

Ragus LLC to Jeanne E. Rees Investment Trust, Jeanne E. Rees, trustee, and John W. Rees Investment Trust, John W. Rees, trustee. 43B Snowberry Circle, Unit 16B, Sugarloaf Condominium. $324,900.

Cindy L. Dzieclolowski “aka” Cindy L. Murphy to Theresa M. Avery. 10 Ridge Road. $25,000.


Chester C. Kuzontkoski to Kuzontkoski Living Trust, Chester C. Kuzontkoski, trustee. 25 River Road. $1.


Parody Builders & Sons LLC to Denise Devlin and Scott Devlin. 27 Champney Road. $60,000.

Goodwin Investment Trust, Christopher M. Goodwin and Cheryl D. Goodwin, trustees, to Stotz Realty Trust, Frances K. Stotz, trustee. 301 Country-Side Road, Unit 301, Country-Side Condominium. $217,200.

Leslie A. LaPointe and Nancy S. LaPointe to James H. LaPointe. 33 to 35 High St. $1.

Leslie A. LaPointe and Nancy S. LaPointe to Jeffrey E. LaPointe. 222 to 224 Federal St. $1.

Michael J. Cachat Jr. to Daniel F. Graves. 14 Frederick Road. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Jennifer Ballou and Michael J. Cachat Jr. 14 Frederick Road. $1.

Kristin Knoll “aka” Kristin Knoll Neal and Heather Neal to Dylan T. Neal and Taylor E. Neal. 342 Log Plain Road. $225,000.

Wayne Garfinkel to Camillo Archuleta and Sofia Archuleta. 82 James St. $180,000.

Cynthia Cutting to Glenbrook Residence LLC and Home Real Estate LLP. 34 Glenbrook Drive. $1.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., attorney, US Bank NA, trustee by attorney, to EDS Enterprises LLC. 37 Elm St. $89,000.


Kevin A. Richardson to 32 Dodge Road Trust, Kevin A. Richardson, trustee. 32 Dodge Road. No consideration.


Marjorie P. Herbert Estate, Steven E. Herbert, personal representative, to Elsbeth L. Walker. 246 Long Plain Road. $250,000.


Pioneer Stone Seals LLC to Sean M. O’Sullivan. 35 Federal St. No consideration.

Sean M. O’Sullivan to Pioneer Stone Seals LLC. 35 Federal St. No consideration.

Kenneth J. Kurtyka to Justin T. Miller. 379 Turners Falls Road. No consideration.

Edward E. Marion Estate, Christopher J. Marion “aka” Christopher J. Marion Sr., personal representative, to Jake Curry. 450 Turners Falls Road. $221,000.

Marcia D. Norwood, Gary N. Stone Sr., individually and personal representative, and Richard K. Stone Jr. “aka” Richard Keith Stone Jr. to Andrei Taraburca. 472 to 476 Federal St. $175,000.

William B. Stratford to William B. Stratford and Celina J. Stratford. 21 Dry Hill Road. No consideration.

Theresa J. Dempsey and Karen A. Zajomski to Theresa J. Dempsey. 110 Montague St. $1.


David A. Pariseau to Rae Lanoue and Todd Lanoue. 377 Petersham Road. $320,000.


DR Realty Trust, Daniel J. McHugh and Roger H. McHugh, trustees, to Timothy F. McHugh. 103 Enfield Drive. $15,000.

WM Realty Holdings NH LLC to Wu Yan and Yunxiang Zhong. 167 East Main St. $75,000.

David R. Chapman and Linda R. Chapman to Nathaniel C. Dillenback and Robert C. Dillenback. 65 East Myrtle St. $1.


Rosario Silvestro and Leda Silvestro to Gwen E. Richardson and Matthew D. Corey. 48 North Main St. $521,000.


Alice L. Hageman to John E. Cupples and L. Adrienne Cupples. 15 Kings Highway. $100.


Anne Marie Kittredge to Nora L. Gurley. 196 Montague Road. $340,000.

Timothy L. Cook to Timothy L. Cook and Anna N. Cook. 113 January Hills Road. $1.


Mary E. Flynn, Jaron Lyons and Adam Sutton “aka” Adam M. Sutton to Margaret A. Heinle Trust, Margaret A. Heinle, trustee. Bullard Pasture Road. $44,000.


Catherine Burchenal Green “aka” Catherine Burchie Green to Catherine Burchenal Green “aka” Catherine Burchie Green and Anthony Vacca. 20 Laurel Mountain Road. No consideration.

Harold R. Swift Jr. Estate and Harold R. Swift III, personal representative, to Martha E. Swift Testamentary Trust, Harold R. Swift III, trustee. Christian Lane, Westbrook Road and Depot Road. No consideration.

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