Sunderland man facing hate crime charges after barging into neighbor’s home

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SUNDERLAND — A local man who barged angrily into a neighbors home over the weekend has been charged with a hate crime.

Bradley Deflumeri, 54, entered a Cliffside Apartments home just before 10 p.m. Friday gripping a metal pipe, “yelling and screaming, threatening to kill everyone he encountered,” according to Sunderland Police Chief Erik Demetropoulos.

“It was his belief, according to the investigation and in his own words, that ‘an Indian man said something to his wife,’” Demetropoulos said. “I’m not sure what set him off.”

Sunderland officers Brenda Tozloski and Devin Melnik quickly arrived at the complex on Route 116. By then, Deflumeri had returned to his own home, also at Cliffside Apartments, where he was arrested. Passersby identified Deflumeri to police.

“Given the fact it was such an egregious complaint, we were assisted by both Deerfield and Whately police,” Demetropolous noted. “During the investigation, they found the metal bar that was used in the initial assault, and subsequently arrested Deflumeri for a handful of charges.”

Demetropolous praised the way officers handled the situation, finding a peaceful resolution, and strongly condemned Deflumeri’s motives.

“Obviously, it’s not OK to enter someone’s house. But this is an aggravated situation because he was so angry and involved in finding this person based on race,” Demetropolous said. “It’s unfortunate people still have these thoughts.”

Deflumeri was arraigned on Tuesday and faces charges of home invasion, assault to intimidate (which is classified as a hate crime), and assault with a dangerous weapon. He was taken to Franklin County Jail. Bail was set at $1,540.