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Updated daily: An approachable redesign to a classic.

The classic newspaper puzzle is now even better. Our new Crossword is thoughtfully redesigned, with intuitive controls and a Hint button for a second, easier clue. Prompts are clever, and you’ll see playful daily themes.

To play today's crossword puzzle and all other games, earn streaks, and to save your progress, sign up on our page at Puzzmo.

How to play Cross|word:

Solve Across and Down clues by typing the correct answers into the grid. The game is over when the grid is completely, correctly filled! Use two fingers to pinch and zoom if needed.

Puzzmo vs. Classic input

Puzzmo has great and intuitive controls, but If you've been playing Crosswords for a long time, you probably have some built-in muscle memory for keyboard input.

Don't like our controls?

Try Set to Classic defaults in Options.

Spacebars and rebus assists

Answers can be multiple words.The bold lines on the grid show where the spaces and hyphens are — we call them spacebars ;). They also indicate letter separations for nearly all acronyms and initialisms.

In certain special puzzles, cells can have multiple characters! Wild right? This is called a rebus answer. If the puzzle has rebus answers, we show this by splitting the cell up into sub-cells.

Are you a Crossword pro and don't want these assists? Turn them off in Options.


Score points for each correct letter input. Over time, the value for inputting correct letters decreases. Time is increased for using hints and reveals. As always, there are many ways to play Puzzmo! If speed isn't your thing, consider working towards a daily streak, or trying to solve with fewer hints.


Touch & drag on the virtual keyboard to move a cursor around on the grid (for handy and quick cell selection).

Keyboard controls

Input answers by typing.

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