Montague DPW patching potholes

Recorder Staff
Monday, January 29, 2018

MONTAGUE — Montague residents may have noticed a bumpier ride lately, thanks to rapidly changing temperatures and Tuesday’s rainstorm. This can only mean one thing: pothole season is in full swing.

In addition to previous weeks’ freezing temperatures and snow, Tuesday’s relatively warm temperature and heavy rain sped along pothole season, and Montague’s Department of Public Works is currently patching potholes around the area.

“With the past weather ... we haven’t had the manpower out there to start (fixing) them,” DPW foreman Dick Clough said. “We’re a small crew here and we’ve got a lot of road to cover.”

According to Clough, six workers split up into three crews are patching potholes with a “cold patch,” also known as DuraPatch. Many potholes, especially larger ones, are damp or filled with water. The crews get the water out, then fill the hole with the cold patch and tamp it into place by hand.

But this technique “doesn’t last forever,” according to Clough.

“It’s only a temporary fix,” he said.

Once spring is sprung and warmer weather permanently settles in, the DPW will go back around and patch potholes with a more permanent “hot patch,” or asphalt.

Most of the area’s roads are made with asphalt, which is a porous material. When asphalt gets wet, water seeps in. During a cold snap, the water expands and pushes apart the blacktop, causing rough roads.

Clough encouraged residents to call the DPW at 413-863-2054 if they know of a serious pothole that has yet to be patched.

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