Potholes getting permanent fix in Greenfield

Recorder Staff
Thursday, March 01, 2018

GREENFIELD — Efforts to permanently fix the city’s growing pothole issue are underway by the Department of Public Works.

According to DPW Director Don Ouellette, crews are utilizing hot patch asphalt, a more permanent solution for pothole repair, in parts of the city. The repairs are expected to happen once a week for the next several weeks, Ouellette said, as long as conditions are ideal.

According to Oullette, crews are working to repair potholes with the hot patch on Davis and Forest streets. He said that additional streets that could get repairs in the coming weeks include River Street, Wisdom Way and Silver Street.

However, the work on the roadways plagued with potholes has to occur under particular conditions in order for the hot patch to both be effective and to be available.

“It has to be warm enough to use it and it has to be relatively dry,” Ouellette said Wednesday. “Today was a good day for us to do it.”

Specifically, Ouellette said that the temperature outside should be above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Your best paving projects, the warmer the temperature the better. That’s why you want to get paving done in July, August, beginning of September,” he said.

In addition to the conditions for placement of the hot patch, Ouellette said that plants that create the mixture must also be open in order for the city to use the material and their operations also depend on the weather.

According to Ouellette, there is currently one plant in Hadley that is open, though it is on a part-time basis. The city so far has received about 30 tons to this point, Ouellette said, at a cost of $68 a ton.

Ouellette explained that hot patch works through chemical bonding. He said that this occurs after the asphalt mixture is pressed into a hole, then proceeds to cool. As it cools from its initial temperature of between 240 and 280 degrees Fahrenheit, it “hardens into a more permanent patch,” he said.

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