Police log, Greenfield and Montague: Aug. 19-Sept. 6

Published: 10/8/2019 2:23:42 PM
Greenfield, Aug. 18

12:31 p.m. – Resin shed on Wells Street broken into within the past week. Chain saw, battery charger, air compressor stolen. Rear sliding door to residence also broken away from the door jam.

1:35 p.m. – Report of an accident with injuries in the southbound lane of Interstate 91, north of Exit 26.

2:32 p.m. – Family from Summer Street was leaving for vacation and reported lost camo-colored backpack somewhere on Silver Street or Federal Street. Important travel documents inside.

9:27 p.m. – Someone on High Street would like it logged that his tenants have found bags of calcium chloride and lime by the bulkhead that neither of them had put there. No other issues.

9:55 p.m. – Caller reports a male and female walking toward Wells Street involved in an altercation. Male was seen possibly choking the female at one point. Search area; GOA.

10:48 p.m. – Report of unwanted person(s) at Taylor’s Tavern & Restaurant. Officers sent. 

Montague, Aug. 18

5:08 p.m. – Reporting party at Fourth Street and Avenue A reporting they found a small black, white and brown dog with some white on the face. The dog is wearing a collar that has “Hamilton” on it. Reporting party stated that a lady asked if that was their dog and that a male on a bike is on Avenue A looking for the dog that matches the dog they have. Reporting party stated that at this time they are going to continue to look for the owner and if they are unable to locate them they will call back and bring the dog to the shelter here in town. Officer Joshua Dobosz advised.

Montague, Aug. 20

9:58 a.m. – Officer Joshua Dobosz was flagged down by business owner on Third Street reporting possible breaking-and-entering that occurred last night.

4:41 p.m. – Reporting party states that two males are going door to door asking about electric bills. The involved males do have valid permits for soliciting. No problems.

9:53 p.m. – 911 caller on Montague Street reporting they have an active fire in their basement. Fire and police departments responding. Engine 1 on scene. Police advising both residents out of the home and are uninjured. Officer Joshua Dobosz remaining on scene for traffic control.

Montague, Aug. 21

8:24 a.m. – Walk-in reporting a large tree was struck by lightning and came down in his yard. PD and FD responding. Sgt. Joshua Hoffman requesting tree warden to assess damage.

5:57 p.m. – Reporting party said two young males were breaking glass in the skate park. Reporting party stated they have both taken off on scooters; one has short blonde hair and the other male has short brown hair. Officer Nathan Pervere is going to speak with father of the young males. Pervere advised the males have cleaned up the mess.

7:30 p.m. – Reporting party reporting across the street from the bank there is a fire in the backyard and can see black smoke. Turners Falls Fire Department advised and responding. Officer Nathan Pervere advised there is some building material on fire and is unattended.

Montague, Aug. 22

8:05 p.m. – Reporting party reporting that his electric wheelchair was stolen while he was on Newton Street fixing a garbage disposal. It’s black, with a cane holder. Sgt. Joshua Dempsey advised and will be checking the downtown area. Reporting party called back and spoke with landlord and they are going to check the camera and if anything comes up they will call back. Reporting party called back requesting to speak with the sergeant on duty, states he has some new information on who might have taken the wheelchair. Sgt. James Deery advised and will call the reporting party back. Sgt. Dempsey spoke with reporting party and passed on the information to Sgt. Deery. Reporting party called back again, advising his landlord viewed the camera footage and could see a male with a black tank top and black shorts, but could not see his face. Sgt. advised and is heading out there now to check the area for the wheelchair. Advised he has checked all over the area, including parts of Erving, and railroad tracks, all bridges, etc. Advised units will have to check back during daylight. Reporting called back again, requesting Sgt. Deery respond to his apartment, states another male just found his wheelchair near the green footbridge on Dorsey Road in Erving, and brought it back to him. Reporting party stated the wheelchair was fully operational, was advised that an officer would follow up with him tomorrow.

Greenfield, Aug. 19

9:29 a.m. – Caller on Montague City Road reports two bikes stolen from his residence, purple in color Huffy and another light blue.

12:15 p.m. – Caller at Reed Apartments at 24 Franklin St. reported two suspicious males, both white with long hair and baseball caps and baggy cargo shorts, in his parking lot while he was outside sweeping. He said one of the males checked the doors at 34 Franklin St., another of his buildings, attempting to gain entry, and he asked what their business was there. They didn’t have an answer and then he said they both looked like drug addicts and he said one of them “squared up” at him. He’s like more police presence in the area. He stated that they left his parking lot and were headed toward Main Street. He hadn’t seen them before but doesn’t want it to become a recurring issue.

12:39 p.m. – Caller at Leyden Woods Apartments management office stated that a vehicle hit and snapped off the “Handicapped” sign as the driver was pulling off. Photos were obtained of the vehicle, skid marks, and damage to the sign post and sidewalk. Driver is reported as being the father of one of the tenants at Juniper Court and is reported as still being on scene, possibly with a bloody lip. Man hit sign at Bayberry Court. Left the area. Note left for him as his door to contact management.

3:08 p.m. – Report of a breaking-and-entering into a motor vehicle at Highland Park. Window pushed down and broke inside the door. Laptop stolen.

7:24 p.m. – Report of raccoons on the roof at 20 Pond St. for the past few nights, concerned they may get into the home.

Greenfield, Aug. 20

8:52 a.m. – Store manager from Dollar General reporting previous theft from last night. Repeat customer but has not been back in yet today. Manager has the camera footage from the incident in question. Gave info to manager for trespass notice, watched video last evening of the involved male stealing a rack of Snickers candy bars and a large amount of children’s clothing.

Greenfield, Aug. 21

5:18 p.m. – Report of a domestic disturbance on Wisdom Way. Reporting party stated that she heard a man and a woman yelling, items being smashed, and a child crying. Reporting party wished to remain anonymous. No problems or disturbance at time of police arrival. Five-year-old at residence having temper tantrum and adults are loud talkers who were killing house flies with newspapers.

Greenfield, Aug. 23

2:24 a.m. – Caller reports a man standing across the street yelling for the past 10 minutes. House of Correction contacted for a female for search. Twenty-minute ETA provided. Arrest made: Tara Nicole Shippee, 45, of 1 Bouker St., of Greenfield, for assault and battery on family/household member.

Greenfield, Aug. 22

5:50 p.m. – Reporting party states a male just attempted to throw himself into traffic to get hit by a car. 

6:16 p.m. – Reporting party said employee is using company credit cards improperly; reportedly using gas cards to fuel people’s cars in exchange for cash.

Greenfield, Aug. 25

1:31 p.m. – Caller reports a male party wearing a hat and carrying two signs is yelling and screaming in Greenfield Town Common. Found to be a church group from Holyoke. He the screamer was advised to preach at a lower level.

5:45 p.m. – Two-car accident at 99 Restaurant, no injuries, no airbag deployment, no steam, smoke or fluids. Officer has man en route to station. Party not compliant at this time. Arrested: Byron L. Banas, 28, of 164.5 Conway St., Greenfield, for OUI-liquor, negligent operation of motor vehicle, reckless operation of motor vehicle, speeding rate greater than was reasonable and proper, possession of a Class E drug, a marked lanes violation, failure to stop/yield, failure to stop emerging from driveway or alley onto street, and three counts of possession of open container of alcohol in motor vehicle.

Greenfield, Aug. 26

3:26 a.m. – Employee at Dunkin’ on the Mohawk Trail reports the safe is missing from the business. Doesn’t see any evidence of a break-in. Under investigation.

9:38 a.m. – Stolen motor vehicle has been recovered at 1 Vernon and 9 Pine streets. Vehicle found locked. No fuel. Lights were left on. Battery dead.

2:27 p.m. – Manager of Wendy’s at 138 Federal St. requesting police presence. She will be calling in an employee who she has found to be stealing from the cash drawers. She has her on camera doing so. Supervisor would like police presence while employee is terminated. Manager has not yet determined if charges will be sought.

3:06 p.m. – Report of a hypodermic needle found on Water Street.

3:49 p.m. – Reporting party lost a wallet past Saturday, possibly at Big Y. Larger black wallet. Has already canceled her credit and debit cards.

4:09 p.m. – Caller concerned about welfare of hamsters being sold on Craigslist. Given animal control officer, call also printed for ACO.

6:05 p.m. – Caller reports male in “Scream” movie costume carrying a knife on Pierce Street. Not sure if it’s real or fake. Ten-year-old with a plastic comb.

7:12 p.m. – Caller on Deerfield Street reporting neighbors who are constantly yelling and hitting their dog, keeping it tied up outside all day, as well as verbally threatening him when he confronts them about it.

9:33 p.m. – Caller reporting two males shoving one another in the parking lot at the Stop & Shop gas station on Bernardston Road, with one having the other in a chokehold and a female wrapped in a blanket who seemed upset. Parties were with an older white sedan.

Greenfield, Aug. 27

11:11 a.m. – Caller from Community Health Center of Franklin county wants to make police officers aware that a patient of hers had made a threat against an officer. Located and sectioned 12’d.

3:06 p.m. – Manager of Hangar Pub and Grill on Federal Street would like to speak with an officer about a threatening phone call made to her place of work last night. Unidentified male, 30 to 50 years old, called her numerous bad names and said she would meet her match outside of work some time. Number was blocked and reporting party cannot think of anyone that would want to threaten her.

5:12 p.m. – Motor vehicle on fire on Stanley Street.

7:10 p.m. – Reporting party on Leyden Road report her 17-year-old is out of control; after an argument he smashed a glass coffee table with a motorcycle helmet and is now outside smashing her vehicle, a Ford Mustang. Caller locked inside the house. Seventeen-year-old arrested for assault on family/household member and vandalization of property-defacement of real or personal property.

11:40 p.m. – Caller reports she picked up a bat on the sidewalk on Olive Street and it bit her. ACO advised.

Greenfield, Aug. 28

7:29 a.m. – Caller reports parenting fighting at Newton Street School. Officers sent. Parents fighting in front of the children at the school. Gone on arrival. Officers will follow up. 

10:34 a.m. – Caller on Silver Street reported what could be a “sick” skunk in her backyard. Concerned only because it’s been in the area for over a week and a half and spraying constantly. Caller was having work done in her backyard recently and couldn’t be finished because of the presence of the skunk. Also, there is a basketball hoop there and the possibility of children being sprayed.

9:11 p.m. – Reporting party on Wilson Avenue states that he returned home and found his upstairs neighbor intoxicated and going through his dresser drawers in his bedroom. Reporting party states that after he got the neighbor to exit his apartment and mentioned calling the police, the man threatened him. Reporting party does not want charges pressed at this time; just wanted report filed.

Greenfield, Aug. 29

12:09 a.m. – Reporting party states that her neighbors are harassing her again. Reporting party states that she has hardly eaten today and cannot get to bed because of it. Reporting party states the neighbors even give her a hard time when she plays music on her phone. The music isn’t loud and it is good music, unlike their music. Reporting party is going to try again to get some sleep and would like this call logged.

11:20 a.m. – Caller reported a while male, approximately 5-foot-5, wearing a blue tank and blue shorts, white socks and dark sneakers, behind the Dumpster at Domino’s on Federal Street, watching the students outside at the high school. Gone on arrival.

12:53 p.m. – Complainant reported a normal $3 transaction this morning followed by an abnormal $1,003 transaction, both to “Act Blue,” who informed they couldn’t refund and her bank told her to report.

3:34 p.m. – Caller on Power Square believes that she is being watched through her bathroom ceiling fan. Advised to inspect fan and contact police if found to be tampered with.

Greenfield, Sept. 1 

7:36 a.m. — Taaniel Herberger-Brown, 37, of Sunderland, was arrested after a caller reported that he that he was knocking on her door. The charges include defacement of real or personal property and disorderly conduct.

Greenfield, Sept. 2

10:14 a.m. – Report of a hypodermic needle in the Chapman/Davis streets lot. Located and disposed of.

12:01 p.m. – Clinical & Support Options resident observed on the ground by officer on Federal Street. Same advised he was looking at ants. No other issues.

1:13 p.m. – Employee at Ryan & Casey Liquors reported a larceny of a speaker worth approximately $250 several days ago, stated she has the subject on camera.

Greenfield, Sept. 3

3:06 p.m. – Reporting party lost a red hard-case wallet with multiple IDs and cards inside. Advised party to contact her credit card and bank.

3:08 p.m. – Reporting party lost a gold wedding band with diamond chips on the top.

Greenfield, Sept. 4

6:43 p.m. – Report of a group of chickens pecking in the roadway. Caller concerned they may be hit by passing vehicles. Chickens crossed the road without any issues.

8:57 p.m. – Caller on Wildwood Avenue states that her son texted her saying that a group of teens was going to beat him up. There is now a white car out front with multiple teens inside. Reporting party heard one occupant state, “We’ll just wait till he gets home.”  After about 10 minutes, the vehicle left. Reporting party states her son may know who these people are but will not tell her. Advised to have child follow up with police if he feels more comfortable. Patrolled area. Unable to locate.

Greenfield, Sept. 5

11:29 a.m. – Walk-in stated that he lost his billfold within the past three to four days. Provided his number in case it is returned.

Greenfield, Sept. 7

5:39 p.m. — Benjamin Rodriguez, 21, of Greenfield, was arrested for assault and battery on a police officer after police were called to tend to a fight on Conway Street.

10:13 p.m. — Robert Muzzy, 38, of Greenfield, was arrested for speeding and operating under influence after a traffic stop.

Greenfield, Sept. 8

1:17 p.m. – Reporting party states that he has found a few bags of heroin on Third Street near his home. Items retrieved.

Greenfield, Sept. 9

10:13 a.m. – Report of vandalism at Mill House Apartments over the weekend. Camera footage of suspect to be emailed.

10:15 a.m. – Garage door of Kennametal tagged with spray paint. Business is checking their security cameras for possible footage.

11:05 a.m. – Walk-in brought fireproof safe that she had found in the woods behind her property (in the Leyden Woods area). Took custody of safe, which had been pried open, and contents, including Social Security information.

11:32 a.m. – Report of a hypodermic needle on Silver Street. Disposed of properly.

12:12 p.m. – Man reporting his red wagon that he uses to bring his trash to the curb was taken sometime earlier today after the trash was picked up. Man believes it was thought to be a “free” item as it was next to the street; however it wasn’t out for the taking.

Montague, Aug. 31

1:11 a.m. – Received a call from an interpreter service for a deaf resident on Fourth Street. She is reporting to the service that there is a male with curly black hair and a female having sexual relations outside, directly behind the reporting party’s apartment. Officer reports no one is in the area.

Montague, Sept. 3

8:14 p.m. – Reporting party reporting a male defecated on the floor at Walgreen’s on Avenue A and has now locked himself in the bathroom, and the manager is standing outside the door. Officer Jamal Holland said all is clear. Male has been moved along. No further police action required.

Montague, Sept. 4

11:27 p.m. – Male 911 caller reporting he was assaulted by three people approximately one hour ago at the intersection of Franklin and East Main streets. Man states he was kicked in the ribs. Reporting party knows one female party involved by first name, also that she drives a small blue car and lives in Erving. Female known to him because she visits the reporting party’s neighbor often and they have had interactions. Turners Falls Fire Department and AMR ambulance en route for evaluation of injuries. Patient refuses treatment.

Montague, Sept. 6

5:41 a.m. – Report of a minor motor vehicle accident. One car crossed the yellow line, striking another. Both parties still on scene.

5:33 p.m. – Reporting party at Family Dollar on Avenue A said that two girls about 20 to 30 minutes ago stole some earrings from the store and they have it on tape. Reporting party stated they spoke with Food City and they also stole something from there as well. Reporting party stated that one is wearing a pink sweater, jeans and has short hair, the second girl is wearing a black tank top, jeans and has short hair and they are outside of Food City. Mothers coming to pick up girls.

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