New trends to try if you’re having boho fatigue

  • A faded, vintage rug can give a room a bohemian flare. TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE

Friday, November 03, 2017

For years, California’s boho-chic signature style was dominating every magazine spread, Pinterest board, even major retailer catalog — some may say ad nauseam. But as the proliferation of macrame wall hangings, batik pillows and Beni Ourain rugs spread like wildfire in our decor vernacular, another trend crept up in homes everywhere: monochrome minimalism. Suddenly, brightly colored, eclectic spaces were pared back with almost superhuman restraint — to the point where we were left wondering: Does anyone even live here?

Despite the recent rise of minimal, modern and Scandinavian influences in our homes, many signs point to traditional decor making a comeback in 2018. One of the most frequent resonating themes this year, from interviews with famed interior designers to polls among our Instagram followers, demanded one thing from decor trends in 2018: A broader mix of periods and styles and an approach to decor that felt more authentic and personable.

We’ve compiled a few helpful tips inspired by some of our favorite places to spice up your interior space.

Consider patterned cement tiles

Patterned cement tiles have seen somewhat of a revival of late, but few did it better than garden designer Umberto Pasti and couturier Stephan Janson in their Morocco home, where the tones of the walls, doors and door frames are loosely drawn from the tiles’ blue hues. To further accentuate the variety of blue tones, bold, complementary colored floral arrangements are strategically placed in perspective to create a striking combination.

Add a vintage rug

In Oxfordshire in the English countryside, New York expat Bridget Elworthy’s manor sways between respectfully traditional and unexpectedly modern. While the antique pieces and ornate moldings are unabashedly classic, the worn floors, faded antique rugs, and wild floral arrangements give the space a bohemian flair that feels fresh and new in its own way.

Opt for classic appliances

Classic French ranges like La Cornue or Lacanche can be a little bit of an investment, but they’ve stood the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically. This is not an appliance you’ll replace anytime soon, and it adds to the timeless flair of a kitchen. In writer Susana Bombal’s kitchen in San Rafael, Argentina, a French range is paired with patterned tiled walls that speak to the region’s traditional style.

Start with a simple base

Magazine editor Carolina Irving knows a thing or two about mixing patterns and colors — and it starts with a fairly neutral base. In her Paris living room, a light blue-and-white dhurrie rug proves to be the perfect modern base for a varied mix of pieces including a red kilim ottoman, a green ikat skirted table and paisley printed chairs.

Be bold with color

It’s easy to shy away from brightly colored walls, especially when your style is a little eclectic, but if Peter Hinwood’s London home has taught us anything, it’s that a bold seafoam green can be the perfect unexpected backdrop to a varied collection of mementos and antiques — giving each piece a more modern flair.