My Turn: Immigration crisis created by the West


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Resistance to immigration into the U.S. is pointless. With a native fertility rate of 1.84, the only choice is between importing population, or de-populating the country. But with whom?

People seem to be most comfortable with people like them and distrust those who differ. Groups of people, whether club, social network, community or country, conservative or progressive, wishes that the people it associates with will be like them, so the “preferred” immigrants to the U.S. would be from capitalist progressive democracies, but those countries are all plagued with the same problem of dwindling population that the U.S. faces. Even those stalwarts of Catholic fecundity, Poland and Ireland, no longer produce enough children to maintain their own populations, let alone export them. All of the progressive capitalist democracies are forced to import people from cultures outside their own.

Every group of people tries to exercise control over who joins them. Greenfield was no exception. In its early days, it, along with other Massachusetts towns, practiced “Warning Out.” People arriving in town were scrutinized by the town leaders, who assessed whether they would be an asset or a burden to the town. If they were found wanting, the constable was charged with moving them along. They continued west until they found a community that was willing to take them. Failing that, they settled in the lands of the First Peoples, who lacked the resources to exclude them.

In addressing its need for manpower, the West is simply following the practices of its cultural antecedents, Greece and Rome. Both of those ancient states relied upon a regular import of population to sustain them. They dragged people back in chains. The contemporary West improves upon that system by forcing people to come, at their own expense, and often at their own hazard, by destroying the ability of their native lands to sustain them. This is accomplished by stripping those countries of their wealth by forcing them to become part of a global economy established to benefit the West. It does it by exporting advanced weaponry, which facilitates the violence that makes life in much of the less developed world unendurable. It does it through cultural imperialism, which destroys the native cultures that sustained peoples in their homelands for millennia and replaces them with a Western culture ill-suited to their history and ecology.

What seems inescapable is that any system that bases its existence upon raiding areas outside itself for people and resources is ultimately doomed. Like vampires that convert all those they encounter into versions of themselves, eventually there isn’t anyone left to feed upon. Like vampires, the established populations of the West consume the youth and strength of the rest of the world, while they seek to make themselves, or at least their culture, universal and immortal.

There is much overt compassion shown to immigrants by many in the West, but there seems to be little stomach among them for addressing the causes of the immigrant crisis. The West still pillories the nuclear family, which is the only reliable source of children. They continue to demand an endless supply of cheap goods produced by impoverished overseas workers. They continue their “missions to the heathen” to convert, through overwhelming military and economic force, every country on Earth to a Western progressive democracy.

There is an immigrant crisis in the world today, but it was created by the West, not by the countries whose populations are fleeing. It is naïve to say that the solution is the quick fix of open borders. Soon, those immigrants will become “Westernized,” and become part of the problem, and it’s cultural arrogance to say the solution is to keep the people in their own countries by forcing those countries to convert into progressive, capitalist democracies. That will only make those countries as dependent upon resources from beyond their borders as is the West.

Western societies need to do some serious soul-searching to discover why they can no longer support themselves, why their children aren’t having children, and the wisdom of forcibly converting the rest of the world into satraps of Westernized thought instead of recognizing and valuing the resilience inherent in a global diversity of social, cultural, economic and political systems.

We are told that there is no alternative to globalization, but if globalization is based upon the principles of the modern progressive western capitalistic democracies that have shown themselves uniformly incapable of sustaining themselves without exploiting other countries, it bodes ill for the human race because, in that global system, we will be left as a world of wealthy, powerful, aging vampires to wither and starve.

John Blasiak lives in Greenfield.