Moo-ve over! Cows close Adams Road

  • A cow faces off with a Greenfield police cruiser on Adams Road Monday morning. The cow was one of several that were in the roadway, causing police to close portions of the road for a brief period of time while they attempted to get them back to their homes. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/GREENFIELD POLICE via FACEBOOK

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, May 01, 2018

GREENFIELD — A cattle-corralling kerfuffle created congestion on snow-covered Adams Road Monday morning.

According to Greenfield Sgt. Todd Dodge, police received a report around 8:31 a.m. Monday that there were bovines wandering in the middle of the road. He said police were immediately aware of whose cows they were and notified the owners after they received the report.

Greenfield police responded, essentially ushering the group of around 10 animals from the road using their cruisers.

The cows were initially going the wrong way on the road, according to Dodge, so police were tasked with getting the animals to face the right way, which they did — for the most part.

According to Dodge, there was one cow that decided it wasn’t going to go the way of its bovine brethren.

“That one stopped and decided it wanted to face off” with a police cruiser, Dodge said.

The cow wasn’t aggressive, though. Instead, Dodge said he was able to get out of his vehicle and pet it.

“That one, we got some laughs out of,” he said.

Eventually, the owners of the cows came out with a tractor and a bucket of grain. Dodge said once the grain came, the cows “knew it was there, and knew what they wanted and without question followed him back to the property.”

Dodge said due to road conditions, including a rare snowfall in April, the department decided to close the road while they attempted to wrangle the cows.

The road was closed, according to Dodge, for five to 10 minutes.

The event was also captured on video from one of the Greenfield police cruisers and posted on the department’s Facebook page, where it has garnered more than 470 likes and 7,000 views within the first hour it was posted.

Dodge said while this does not happen daily, calls like this are not uncommon in Greenfield.

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