Sirum Equipment in Montague closing its doors after 60 years


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Published: 09-02-2021 2:07 PM

MONTAGUE — After six decades of service, Montague’s Sirum Equipment is closing for good Sept. 4.

Owner Adam Sirum simply said that “it’s time” that he steps away from the family business. The latest in a line of successors that includes both his father and his uncle, Sirum said that work has become too stressful to continue any longer. He hopes that his decision will open up more opportunities for him to enjoy life.

Sirum still holds onto memories of growing up with his father, Anthony and his uncle, Ed working at the industrial equipment store, which began as a “tiny building” that sold gas in the 1950s.

“We’ve been here 60 years,” Sirum said. “My crib is still here.”

Now, as the store’s owner, he recognizes that his team is thin.

“It’s just getting harder and harder nowadays to get help,” Sirum said. “You deal with a shortage of help as people retire.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and an unsureness surrounding how his business might fare come winter, Sirum decided that it was time to close up shop.

“If it starts to become work, you’re in the wrong place,” he said, adding that he’d made this decision “a while back.”

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Sirum said that in addition to his job losing its luster, his decision was fueled by a desire to keep his personal life from doing the same.

“There’s a lot of things in life I want to do. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed,” he said. “I plan to spend more time with my wife and my daughter doing stuff.”

For these reasons, Sirum said that making this decision was “not at all” difficult. He also said, however, that he enjoyed the connections he’d made with people at Sirum Equipment.

“I’ll miss the people and the help I’ve had,” Sirum said. “It’s just been a joy to work with everybody.”

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