Yet some more late season snow

  • Snow settles on tree branches and sap buckets in Shelburne on Wednesday. March 7, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz—

  • The First Congregational Church of Shelburne can be seen through falling snow in Shelburne on Wednesday. March 7, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz—

  • Graves Road in Conway is covered in snow, temporarily obscuring mud season on Wednesday. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • A march snow storm blankets this maple tree and out building in Shelburne on Wednesday. March 7, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz—

  • The Bardwells Ferry Bridge over the Deerfield River connecting Conway to Shelburne as it snows, Wednesday. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, March 07, 2018

GREENFIELD — As lunch-goers watched snow flurries softly fall outside the windows of Brad’s Place, with the Greenfield Savings Bank marquee flashing a temperature of 34 degrees, one patron joked with another about the looks of another bust of a snowstorm.

Last week the region braced for a nor’easter storm, closing town halls and schools, to only be greeted by a day’s worth of rainfall — and by midday Wednesday, it was looking like this might be the case once again.

Instead the storm moved into Franklin County late afternoon and by Thursday morning, there should be about a foot of snow in total, meteorologist William Babcock for the National Weather Service said.

“This storm, it’s a New England snowstorm,” Babcock said. While Franklin and Worcester counties received snowfall, areas around Boston saw mostly rain because of slightly higher temperatures. “Now that cold air has been moving east, that means eastern Mass. will share in the wealth for a little while, but not as much as Greenfield has gotten.”

The snowfall, given the temperature hovering just above 32 degrees, left a heavy and wet precipitation, or “something that is truly heart attack snow,” Babcock said.

The snowfall should taper off by 7 a.m. he said. There could be some snow showers headed this way for Friday, with a weather system currently over the Great Lakes, but that’s still up in the air.

By Wednesday early evening, around 6 p.m., Colrain and Heath led reported snowfall totals in Franklin County with 8 inches, followed by Rowe with 7.6 inches, Ashfield with 7 inches, Leyden with 6 inches, Buckland with 5.5 inches, Northfield with 4.5 inches and Deerfield with 3 inches.

After that, there could be another snowfall Monday, Babcock said, but that’s tough to predict at the moment. One forecast shows his fellow meteorologists a system coming up the coast staying on the coast, and leaving some precipitation behind, while another forecast says the storm will head out to sea.

“I think most folks would be happy if it just went out to sea and gave us a breather,” Babcock said. “Everyone wants to know about the weather a week before it happens, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate like that.”

For now the predictions look like they will hold up for the most part for Wednesday and Thursday’s storm. That expected snowfall ended up closing and delaying area schools and will do so again for Thursday.

Shelburne Barracks of the Massachusetts State Police reported a handful of people sliding off the road on Interstate 91, mostly between Greenfield and Deerfield from 4 to 6 p.m. Other than that it was a mostly quiet day for them regarding weather-related incidents.

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