Mahar Vice Principal: Class of 2016 is special

  • Class of 2016 marching in to be seated. For The Recorder/Mike Phillips

  • Carly Jillson photographs her friends, from left, Kaci Bradshaw, Emily Perice and Natalie Gorynon. for the recorder/Mike Phillips

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Published: 6/3/2016 11:19:40 PM


ORANGE — Carly Jillson said most high school graduates insist their class is special.

But she assured her Ralph C. Mahar Regional School classmates they have a legitimate reason to believe this. Not only because of the 179 of them sitting in the James S. Woodward Athletic Complex on Friday, but because of the one that didn’t make it.

Jillson, the class vice president, was talking about 12-year-old Miranda Berry, who would have graduated alongside the other members of the Class of 2016 were it not for her death in 2010 due to cancer.

“Graduation is both a time to begin and to reflect,” she told a crowd of loved ones on a cool, tranquil evening. “Those who have been here since the start know the impact that Miranda Berry made on our class. At the young ages of 12 and 13, we were faced with one of the harshest realities that life can dish out.

“Cancer is a vicious disease and we all experienced that on our first days here at Mahar,” Jillson continued. “The loss of Miranda shook our adolescent minds and emotions. Miranda’s death us gave the opportunity to come together for a unified purpose.”

There was a folding chair dedicated with roses and lime-green ribbon where Miranda would have sat on Friday.

Spirits were later lifted with the light-heartedness and humor of class-selected keynote speaker Nicholas Malo, who Mahar Principal Scott Hemlin said serves several roles (including assistant to the librarian and paraprofessional) at the school. He told the Class of 2016 there was one piece of advice he wanted to give them.

“Awesomeness is not accidental,” he said. “It’s purposeful. It’s by design. It requires effort. It’s intentional. ... People like to think it’s better to be lucky than skilled. I think those people are stupid.”

Scholarships given at Awards Night.

202 Street Hockey Association–James D. Rockefeller Memorial Scholarship to Clayton Richardson, John Richardson.

AARP Mt. Grace Chapter 3673 Scholarship to Caitlin Lacasse.

American Legion Auxilary Scholarship Franklin Hampshire District 2 to Taziana LeBlanc.

Athol Hospital Healthcare Scholarship to Margaret Bramhall, Brooke-Lynn Loseman. Athol Masonic Charity and Educational Society Scholarship to Taziana LeBlanc.

Athol-Orange Rotary Club Scholarship to Christopher Christiansen, Taziana LeBlanc.

C. Edward and VonDy Rowe Scholarship given to the student who achieves the highest grade for four years in English and exemplifies excellence in the use of the spoken word to Cailtin Lacasse.

Christine Lavigne Wallen Scholarship to Emily Perkins.

Disabled American Veterans Chapter 46 Scholarship to Pedro Mattos, Colleen Ward.

Dollars for Wendell Scholars Scholarship to Eli Smith.

Franklin County Bar Association Thomas W. Merrigan Memorial Scholarship to Abigail Greene.

Friends of Athol Hospital Scholarship to Caitlin Lacasse, Alexis McClure, Colleen Ward.

Friends of Mahar Music Scholarship to Meghan Doyle, Abigail Greene, Kiara Griffin, John Mannino, Kelsea Monette, Clayton Richardson, John Richardson, Kiersten Samalis, Alexandra Temple, Sophia Wetherbee.

Greater Athol Area Advocates for Families with Special Needs Scholarship to Matthew Maillet.

Janine Holston Memorial Music Scholarship to Kiersten Samalis.

Jeffrey Perkins Memorial Scholarship awarded through Petersham Lions Club to Emily Perkins, Hannah Perkins.

John S. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship to Emily Perkins, Hannah Perkins, Clayton Richardson, John Richardson, Sophia Wetherbee.

Kyle G. Flood Scholarship at the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts to Christopher Christiansen, John Mannino. Kyle G. Flood Theatre Scholarship to Christopher Christiansen, John Mannino, Allison Osborne, Emily Pierce, Clara Witty.

Mahar Key Club Timothy Donelan Memorial Scholarship to Meghan Doyle and Trina McNabb.

Mahar National Honor Society Scholarship in Memory of Harold Torstensen to Kiara Griffin, Allison Osborne.

Mahar National Junior Honor Society Scholarship to Kelsea Monette.

Mahar Teacher’s Association Scholarship to Colleen Ward.

Mahar Touchdown Committee - Kyle G. Flood Football Scholarship to Caitlin Lacasse, Taziana LeBlanc, Matthew Maillet, John Mannino, Allison Osborne, Clayton Richardson, Colleen Ward.

Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship to Ryan Arsenault.

Neil R. Burnham Memorial Scholarship to Natalie Gonynor, Emily

Perkins, Hannah Perkins.

New Salem Academy Scholarship to Owen Cook, Abigail Greene, Faith Latwis, John Mannino, Pedro Mattos, Emily Perkins, Hannah Perkins, Alexandra Temple.

New Salem Scholarship Fund to Owen Cook, Abigail Greene, Faith Latwis, John Mannino, Alexandra Temple.

North Quabbin Chapter 340 Vietnam Veterans of America Scholarship to Matthew Maillet, Pedro Mattos.

North Quabbin Cruisers Scholarship to Matthew Maillet.

Orange American Legion Post 172 Scholarship to Margaret Bramhall, Carly Jillson, Taziana LeBlanc, Brooke-Lynn Loseman, Emily Perkins.

Orange Elementary Teachers Association Scholarship to Carly Jillson, Taziana LeBlanc.

Orange Fireman’s Relief Association Scholarship to Margaret Bramhall, Emily Perkins.

Orange Senior Citizens Club Scholarship to Christopher Christiansen.

Parents for Mahar Students Group, Inc. Scholarship to Kaci Bradshaw, Kiara Griffin, Carly Jillson, Kelsea Monette.

Paula A. Joly Memorial Scholarship to Allyson Parker.

Petersham Agricultural Association Scholarship to Clayton Richardson.

Petersham American Legion Post 415 Scholarship to Emily

Perkins, Hannah Perkins, Clayton Richardson, John Richardson.

Petersham Branch Alliance Scholarship to Sophia Wetherbee.

Petersham Ethan Clark Memorial Scholarship to John Richardson Sophia Wetherbee.

Petersham Police Association Scholarship to Emily Perkins, Hannah Perkins, Clayton Richardson, John Richardson, Sophia Wetherbee.

Polish American Citizens Club, Inc. Scholarship to Joseph Geyster.

Rotary Club of Franklin County Scholarship to Sophia Wetherbee. St. Mary’s Women’s Club Scholarship to Colleen Ward.

Strength Through Adversity Scholarship in Memory of Shirley Hebert to Faith Latwis.

The Helen and Remo Cellana Charitable Scholarship to Margaret Bramhall, Ashley Ehlen, Caitlin Lacasse, Brooke-Lynn Loseman.

Tully City Council Club Scholarship to Shawn Dennis, Carly Jillson.

William F. Casey Scholarship to Pedro Mattos.

William S. Modzeleski Jr. Memorial Scholarship to Abigail Greene.

Women of the Moose Chapter 316 Scholarship to Morgan Bezio, Taziana LeBlanc.


Malik Terrell Adams, Shyla Angela Adams, Thayna Aguiar, Kelsey Marie Allaway, Justin William Alsip, Rebekah Amburgey, Arturo Aponte, Ryan Daniel Arsenault, Austin Maurice Babineau, Bella Ballin, Jacob Paul Bancroft, Taysia Rae Baronowski, Yasmin P. Barroso, Liam Burke Bashista, Kyle Patrick Bates, Marcus Cole Bean, Katriona Mary Bell, Rene Christian Bergeron, Tristan Jacob Bergeron, Andy Robert Bezio, Morgan Grace Bezio, Anders R. Bigelbach, Tyler David Bonazzoli, Nicole Boufford, Kaci Theresa Bradshaw,

Margaret Theresa Bramhall, Christina Rose Bruce, Levi A. Bushnell, Danielle Marie Caron, Josie Ann Carpenter, Kyle Anthony Carr, Shane Carroll, Elizabeth Rose Castillo, Angelique R. Chaput, Christopher John Christiansen, Nicole Marie Cibor, Calvin R Clinkscale, Owen Jack Cook, Emanuel Adrel Corbeil, Nicholas Anthony Cote, Mariah Courtemanche, Jordan Michael Coy, Holland C. Crane, Tailor Lin Crowley, Emmilly DeMatos, Shawn Allan Dennis, Ryan Joshua Deschaine, Lennart Leon Doiron, Mason Avery Dow,

Meghan Margaret Doyle, Rashad Hakeem Duncan, Jesse James Duteau, Ashley Marie Ehlen, Ryan David Emond, Deijah Monee Euvrard-Brewington, Lyndsey Leigh Flahive, Cheyenne Marie Fleming, Rachael, Marie Fletcher, Bailey Fluet, Coco Cosette Fortier, Amber Lynn Foshay, Michael Robert Frye, Alyssa Marie Fulton, Stephanie Love Garnhum, Alyssa Briiann Gaudet, Gregory Mark Germagian, Riley David Gervais, Joseph Anthony Geyster, Adrian L. Gietzmann Sanders, Chandler J. Giuffre, Natalie Christine Gonynor, Brittany Dawn Gray, Abigail Joy Greene, Kiara McKenzie Griffin, Caroline Elizabeth Grutchfield,

Cassandra Lynn Gurney, Courtney Anne Harty, Cassandra Jean Hesselton, Leshay Sydney Hicks, Christopher James Hicks, Bryce Anthony Hodge, Carly Ann Jillson, Adoria Kavumawinburn, Alyssa Marie Kazanowski, Monet Juliette Kendrick, Sara Khatija Khan, Mohammad Affaq Khan, Troy Robert King, Kaitlyn Rose Kipp, Olivia Theresa Kolodziej, Kevin Samuel Kowalczyk, Anthony Joseph LaBonte, Caitlin Amanda Lacasse, Jamison Tyler Lajoie, Faith Ann Latwis, Taziana Marie-Elizabeth LeBlanc, Margaret M. Linzey, Lisette Llapa, Rafaela Oliveira Sousa Lopes, Brooke-Lynn Elizabeth Loseman, Brandon Johnathan Lyman, Darien Teigh Mable, Audrey Elizabeth MacDonald, Matthew Joseph Maillet, John Edward Mannino, Gabriel Exavier Marcoux, Brianna Martinez, Sky Star Mason, Joshua James Matteson, Pedro Henrique Lobo Mattos, Hayley Ann McAuliffe, Alexis Cheri McClure, Kevin Raymond McGann, Tyler Paul McHugh, Trina Renee McNabb, Renata Gabriela Menezes, Kelsea Jeanne Monette, Caleb Paul Nutter- Truehart,

Allison Marlo Osborne, Christopher Michael Pace, Anastasia Panageotes, Allyson Kay Parker, Cody Allen Parker, Emily Faye Peirce, Camila Almeida Pereira, Raul Pereira, Emily Grace Perkins, Hannah Chloe Perkins, Haille Marie Picano, Nicholas Charles Powell, Tea Lin Preston, Michael Thomas Racine Jr., Clayton Joseph Richardson, Hunter Manuel Richardson, Jedathan Orrin Richardson, John Edward Richardson, Lucy Elizabeth Rivers, Lorena Simoes Megali Rocha, Christian Mario Rossi, Courtney Hannah Ruble, Amber Nicole Ruch, Kiersten Elizabeth Samalis, Dakota James Sarrazin, Kelsey Lee Schecker,

Alexander Michael Schilling, Selena Schilling, Lauren Scioli, Mya Adrianna Marie Shepard, Tiffany Marie Sheridan, Jacob William Sidilau, Milagros Silva Olivera, Brandon Lee Skiffington, Eli Benjamin Smith, Dawson Craig Softic, Jason David Soucie, Montana Rae Soucie, Rachel J. Stankaitis, Kamri Jean Sweeney, Constance Tazelaar, Adrian Alexus Tebo, Alexandra Elizabeth Temple, Nathan Dennis Thompson, Maria Emilia Torres Vallejo, Pablo Ezequiel Trillas, Dakota Robert Tucker, Bianca Rose Tusia, Joshua John Tweedie, Quinnten Avery Vescovi, James Michael Walker, Colleen Bridget Ward, Andrea Marie Washiek, Jasmine Welch, Sophia Mae Wetherbee, Kiana Marie Wheeler, Kianna Lynn Whitmore, Joseph Lawsel Williams, Elizabeth Jane Wilson, Beth Lynne Winters, Clara Elizabeth Witty, Christopher R. Zukowski.

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