Earth at stake

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Harvey might, just might, be an anomaly. But the overwhelming likelihood is the massive load of moisture it dumped is associated with the rising water temperatures of the Gulf due to atmospheric changes we can measure.

Extreme weather events of all kinds are coming faster worldwide, as global temperatures rise, and they correlate with the build-up of gases from industry. OK, there is no absolute certainty about events with such complex causes. But there is likelihood and there is wise precaution, and a habitable Earth is at stake.

Sober precaution is calling us not directly to alternative energies, even, because of their many costs, but first and foremost to more modest economic expectations and behavior, with fossil-based industry not the basis of our lives. A welcome state of peace and belonging lies in that direction. It, too, is quietly calling us, our families and communities.

Jonathan Von Ranson