Councilor Sund language defended

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The controversy over Greenfield Town Councilor Vern Sund’s use of the word “colored” shows the absurd extent of the standards required for political correctness.

What is ignored in this controversy is the inevitable changes in these standards. I agree with Maure Briggs that the term “colored” is the old-fashioned term for referring to non-white. When I was young, it was the socially acceptable substitute for the derogatory N-word or other slurs. So how and when did “colored” become derogatory, offensive, and racist? How soon will it again become racist — only this time anti-white, implying that people lacking in colored skin are colorless, meaning dull? Who will make that decision?

The currently popular “Black Lives Matter” could certainly be considered racist because it implies that other lives — brown, red, yellow, and white — do not matter.

Language is living and evolving. If political correctness becomes a requirement, what happens as terminology changes its meaning?

John O’Connor