Fixation on minor issue

Monday, September 11, 2017

Certainly Town Councilors Isaac Mass and Brickett Allis (as well as the state auditors and Town Council) have more important matters to which to devote their time than a minor squabble — especially one that is reportedly resolved — over $603.01 between the mayor’s office and Greenfield Community Energy and Telecommunications (internet provider).

At least, that is one conclusion that I reached after reading the report of these matters in Wednesday’s issue of The Recorder. As another conclusion, I determined we are remarkably blessed to live in this halcyon moment when the predominant concern of the Town Council, and a major story in the daily newspaper, is a trifling kerfuffle over a petty sum of money. Further contemplation, however, left me with concern that magnifying an inconsequential matter into a major issue, and engaging in the spectacle of an officious investigation of that exaggerated issue will unnecessarily detract momentum from the significant and anxiously-awaited endeavor of deploying broadband internet access throughout the Town of Greenfield.

As an alternative, I recommend that the Town Council applaud the mayor and GCET for resolving this dispute through their own initiative, set aside any notion of a superfluous investigation and direct its attention to matters of greater significance and benefit to the citizenry of Greenfield.

Bryant T. Morgan