Preserving river hotspot

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Stillwater section of the Deerfield River is a great place to enjoy swimming, jumping, fishing and boating where locals come to have fun. Unfortunately, there is a bad stigma surrounding the river.

The Deerfield Police are aware of this and there is usually a cruiser parked by the bridge. Some of this is misconception, but the majority of these complaints are justified, and it is our job as locals to improve and maintain its positive reputation. I am there nearly every day with friends hanging out and jumping off the cliffs that run along the edge of the river.

When I ask people who haven’t been to the river, or have been there and had a bad experience, they usually complain about the trash that surrounds the area. The beaches and cliffs are scattered with empty bottles and trash. I can’t imagine that people will be allowed to swim there much longer if something isn’t done.

However, my friends and I do our part in picking up and keeping the river clean. And if others who go there do the same, we can keep the river looking nice and help it keep a good reputation that it deserves. All it takes is leaving with a little more than what you came with.

Benjamin Hamer

South Deerfield