BBC report underscores important of data in climate science

Friday, September 01, 2017

A BBC Science and Environment investigation concluded “Dodgy greenhouse gas emissions threatens Paris accord.” (Aug. 8, www.bbc.com/news/science_and_environment)

Dodgy is the same as saying “dishonest or unreliable.”

The following are some of most surprising quotes from the article.

“The BBC investigation also discovered vast uncertainties in carbon emissions inventories, particularly in developing countries.”

“What they note is that methane emissions are about 50 percent uncertain for categories like ruminants, so what this means is that the emissions they submit could be plus or minus 50 percent of what’s been submitted,” said Dr Anita Ganesan, from the University of Bristol, who has overseen air monitoring research in the country.

Prof. Glen Peters from the Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo, said: “if you can’t track progress sufficiently, which is the whole point of these stock-takes, you basically can’t do anything.”

“So, without good data as a basis, Paris essentially collapses. It just becomes a talkfest without much progress.”

If the scientists can not trust the data provided by each country, according to the article some data could be plus or minus 100 percent, then the accord is worthless.

Let’s not forget; all you hear from global warming/climate zealots is “it’s an undeniable fact” ... “a certainty” ... “debate is over.”

Of course climate change is real, I have said this all along. The climate has changed for millions of years and will continue to.

However, I do not believe C02 is 100 percent the cause.

We humans have no control over the earth’s weather, climate or atmosphere.

Jim Bates