Letters from Colrain Central School


Published: 7/2/2020 6:53:31 AM

Talia Miller, Service-Learning Coordinator/Fourth Grade Teacher at the Colrain Central School, writes: These are a couple of letters written by fourth-graders at Colrain Central School during the distance-learning period. Fourth-graders were learning about the Northeast Region.

Visit Franklin County

Hi, I am a student from Colrain and I think when this whole thing is over people should come visit Franklin County.

One thing you should visit is the mountains. The mountains you can hike them to.

Another reason you should visit Franklin County is that there is a lot of farms. I live on a farm and we have chickens and cows and two bunnies and one dog.

The last reason is that there are a lot of playgrounds you can visit which are really fun. That is why you should visit Franklin County.


Thanks to those helping to fight COVID-19

My name is Addison Shearer and I am a student at Colrain Central School. I am writing to you because I think that it is important that everyone say thank you to the people in Massachusetts who are helping fight COVID-19.

For my research I have learned that on May 19 there have been 88,970 people that have tested positive for COVID-19 in Massachusetts. I also learned about how there are so many different people and groups in our area who are working together to help slow the spread and to keep us all safe by taking care of each other. I have read articles in the Greenfield Recorder about people in Franklin County that are donating and passing out food to hungry families, people that are making masks for other people and farms that are delivering groceries to their customers.

In conclusion, I think it is really nice how people are working together to make sure we are all as safe as can be. I hope that things will get better soon but I think it is very important from now on that we always work together to like we do now. I also think it is very important that we all say thank you to everyone like Gov. Baker, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Volunteers and Neighbors for working together to keep us safe.

Addison Shearer

A beautiful place to live and visit

My name is Claire Johnston and I am a student at Colrain Central School. I am writing to you because the Northeast region is a beautiful place to live and visit.

For my research I learned that Mount Washington is one of the windiest places on earth. It could be a fun place to hike. It is also part of the Appalachian Trail. I also learned there are a lot of place to camp, bicycle and hike. In addition there are beaches with fresh seafood and cranberry bogs along the coast.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do outside in the Northeast. Within a couple hour drive you can decide to climb a mountain or eat lobster on the beach. The Northeast is amazing. What are you going to do?

Claire Johnston

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