The glue between US and Israel

Published: 1/16/2020 11:14:07 AM
Modified: 1/16/2020 11:13:15 AM

I am fascinated and confounded by the close relationship between Israel and the party of Barry Goldwater and the Jonathan Birchers. My goodness, how did this happen? Yet here they are, cheek-to-jowl in Middle East policy-making and weapons development. But when you peel back the outer layer of rhetoric vis-a-vis creating democratic institutions and instilling Western values, you see the glue that holds this seemingly contradictory relationship together. Surprise, surprise: It’s money and power. The Israelis develop some of the most awesome state-of-the-art weaponry known to man and the U.S. wants a strong, faithful ally in the region to insure access to oil and key ports. Call it a classic symbiotic relationship between two military powers.

This love affair will last as long as conditions are mutually beneficial — and profitable — to both countries. In the meantime, it’s terribly important that we NOT let Israel drag us into a war with Iran for its own selfish and self-serving reasons.

Brad Brigham


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